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October 21, 2011 // 7:51 pm - A few months back a PlayStation 3 Waninkoko Brick Fix and tutorial were released, and today the Gitbrew Team have released a PS3 OtherOS++ NAND Brick or PUP Updater Error Fix BETA and guide of their own.

Download: PS3 Brick Fix Lv2diag.self / PS3 Brick Fix PS3UPDAT.PUP / PS3 Brick Fix PS3UPDAT.PUP (Mirror)

Below is a brief guide from their site, as follows:

PS3 Beta Brick Fixing

This is a beta tool. It has only be tested on otheros++ nand bricks and some pup updater file errors. This hasn't been 100% tested, though we're looking for people to try it to see what bricks it will actually fix.


1. Put both files into the root directory of a flash drive.
2. Put the dongle into the ps3 while it is off and start it.
3. If the flash drive is activated it can be fixed using this.
4. If it however does not, the only fix for it until a software side is found is a hardware flasher.

Please note this will ONLY work on 3.55 and lower, and in only a small amount of cases.

PS3 OtherOS++ NAND Brick or PUP Updater Error Fix BETA Guide

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#7 - rottenrotten - October 22, 2011 // 11:49 am
rottenrotten's Avatar
Anyone has a alternative link for the pup?

Download is very slow of gitbrew..

Thanks in advance!

#6 - anulu82 - October 22, 2011 // 11:11 am
anulu82's Avatar
i have only microsd cards here

#5 - residentour - October 22, 2011 // 10:34 am
residentour's Avatar
Maybe it can be used over a MemoryStick port on PS3 card reader section. It is the only active port after Waninkoko brick.

#4 - anulu82 - October 22, 2011 // 6:33 am
anulu82's Avatar
i have tried now on my Wanikoko bricked 60GB PS3.. not working

#3 - elser1 - October 22, 2011 // 3:20 am
elser1's Avatar
good stuff for them that needs it.. i wonder, as it says other errors, if this may help those with the hdd upgrade error? doubt it but worth a try if you have that problem

#2 - CJPC - October 22, 2011 // 3:17 am
CJPC's Avatar
Yep, keep the files on the root of the usb stick!

#1 - spawnofjago - October 22, 2011 // 3:13 am
spawnofjago's Avatar
Will try this tomorrow on my 60GB CECHA with waninkoko brick. Just to be clear (root/PS3UPDAT.PUP & Lv2diag.self) or (root/PS3/ PS3UPDAT.PUP & Lv2diag.self).