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85w ago - Following up on PS3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.46 by Rogero, today I have released what I call PS3 NOR and NAND Flash Auto Patcher by proskopina for v4.50 PS3 Firmware.

Download: PS3_Flash_Auto_Patcher_v4.50.rar

Below are the changes, as follows:

  • Added new HABIB CFW4.50 v1.00 patches to support OFW4.50 downgrading.
  • Added Windows XP compatibility.

Maybe can be in front page.

PS3 NOR and NAND Flash Auto Patcher v4.50 by Proskopina is Released

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#110 - KIRQKA1 - 10w ago
KIRQKA1's Avatar
yes this is a very good news

#109 - herve1967 - 10w ago
herve1967's Avatar
Very good news and nice job for 4.70

#108 - KirinXHell - 10w ago
KirinXHell's Avatar
Nice, thanks for the the link!

#107 - zazza93 - 10w ago
zazza93's Avatar
great thanks

#106 - wildsoft - 10w ago
wildsoft's Avatar
just what I needed!

#105 - rorona94 - 11w ago
rorona94's Avatar
Thanks for the link guys

#104 - bysalih - 13w ago
bysalih's Avatar
good work. Thanks

#103 - PS4 News - 13w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now main paged the news with the fixed version too and +Rep for the update darkjiros

#102 - darkjiros - 13w ago
darkjiros's Avatar
Following up on PS3 NOR and NAND Auto Patcher v4.66 and Sony's PS3 Firmware 4.70 Update, today I (darkjiros) present PS3 NOR and NAND Auto Patcher v4.70 followed by a fixed version with details below.

Download: PS3_Nor_and_Nand_Auto_Patcher_v4.70_By_darkjiros.rar / /PS3_Nor_and_Nand_Auto_Patcher_v4.70-Fixed_By_darkjiros.rar / CFW470lv2_kernel.elf (DARKNET 4.70 CFW LV2 kernel.elf) / PS3DumpChecker.exe / new_symbols_4_70.h

PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v4.70 By darkjiros

  • Support for OFW 4.70

PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher_v4.70-Fixed_By_darkjiros

  • Fixed : CORE OS (LV2 kernel)

Screen Shot


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#101 - stanulkak - 18w ago
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