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PS3 Multi Tool 0.2 Arrives, View / Extract PUP Files and More!

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232w ago - Just under a month ago stoker25 released a PS3 Registry xRegistry.sys File Editor, and today he has followed up on the PlayStation 3 utility and released PS3 Multi Tool version 0.2.

Download: PS3 Multi Tool v0.2

To quote: I decided that a registry editor wasn't enough, since I love to mess with file formats I thought I'd make a program that would (try to) open them all!


• PUP file viewer and extractor
• Registry (xRegistry.sys) editor
• SCE header viewer
• Homebrew unfself -- no need for SDK!
• anything else anybody wants to add!

Changelog: (Key: + = new, - = fixed, * = todo)


• + SCE header loading
• + UnFSELF (for decrypted SELFs only)
• * SELF decryption
• * Update PKG decryption
• * Reorganise SCEEditor form


• + Implemented xRegistry.sys Editor
• * new setting feature
• * change setting type


• + PUP loading
• + PUP extraction
• * PUP creation


• Registry - new setting feature
• Registry - change setting type
• PUPFile - PUP creation
• SCE - SELF decryption
• SCE - Update PKG decryption
• SCE - Reorganise SCEEditor form
• PDB file editor
• SFD system file editor

PS3 Multi Tool 0.2 Arrives, View / Extract PUP Files and More!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

Comments 11

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#11 - DaHandy - 15w ago
DaHandy's Avatar
Thank you!

#10 - lionsfan420 - 75w ago
lionsfan420's Avatar
Talk about knockin the dust off

#9 - AustinK - 75w ago
AustinK's Avatar
Is there anyway to compile some of these files? That way we could look at the source or at least the language they use to write them in?

#8 - johnnyknt - 185w ago
johnnyknt's Avatar
thanks man

#7 - truce69 - 187w ago
truce69's Avatar
Great program! I am an introductory level programmer and this is interesting to see the file types that make up this file.

#6 - slow123 - 232w ago
slow123's Avatar
Could you please take a look at .rif files. Stored at hdd0\home\user(0000001)\exdata. Think they are licenses for dlc.

What I did find with these files is if you open them with notepad and find the set of title characters (ie. xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx_00-xxxxxxxx) The 1st character from that title is the 2nd to last character from your username. Dont know if that means anything.

Could do with a .rif file from someone else who has the same dlc game just to compare the files. But i'm guessing these files will be signed as well.

#5 - datalogger - 232w ago
datalogger's Avatar
This has the same bug reading some registry files as the xregistry program did.

It trys to pass a null when the registy doesn't have an entry it expects, causing an unhandled exception.
I posted a message to stoker25 about this, after reading posts from others with the same problem, but I guess he didn't read the post..

it sets
public object Value;
but should set
public object Value=0;

#4 - tjay17 - 232w ago
tjay17's Avatar
Ok so with this we can hopefully use this to figure out a way to play 3.42 games.

#3 - robsteph0217 - 232w ago
robsteph0217's Avatar
ok thanks, i just thought this might let us bypass the requirement for the new games that run on 3.42 fw.

#2 - ChaseHammer - 232w ago
ChaseHammer's Avatar
pretty much just lets you read what's in the files. you can't change it because you can encrypt it back so its pretty much useless except for gaining knowledge about the files themselves.


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