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February 17, 2010 // 9:32 pm - I have just finished a little 010 Editor script to display clearly HTAB PTE entries in PS3 Mem Dump HTAB at @0x00500000 like you can see below.

Requirements: 010 Editor, script and PS3_Memory_Dump.bin.

See also the source of the script in attachment.

Little how to for 010 Editor:

1. If you do not already have 010 Editor -> Download and install a free 30-day trial for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 of 010 Editor.
2. Unzip the archive ( in attachement in your documents path for example C:/MyDocuments/SweetScape/010 Templates/
3. Start 010 Editor.
4. Click on shortcut Ctrl+O (menu File -> Open File...) and choose the file PS3_Memory_Dump.bin.
5. Click on shortcut Ctrl+F5 (menu Templates -> Open Templates...) and choose the file
6. Click on shortcut F5 (menu Templates -> Run Template on File).

Well done now the template appear like on attached picture... Feel the power of the best hex editor 010 Editor with this script ;-).

I wish more little tool like that will happen in future (the syntax of script easy).

Best Regards


PS3 Memory Dump HTAB and PTE Tools Available

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#21 - cryxtal - May 11, 2012 // 12:09 pm
cryxtal's Avatar
hey is that ps3 to pc ??

#20 - titanmkd - February 18, 2010 // 7:41 pm
titanmkd's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TUHTA View Post
Well FIRST GREAT WORK INDEED MAN! titanmkd +Rep to you man!

Second well what cool we can do with it?

For the moment it is just a part of the puzzle, but soon when other piece of puzzle will come it will be useful.

The HTAB is is where virtual to real addr is mapped and it is very important to know details about internal mapping translation (to write hypervisor code which is in real addr mode).

Best Regards


#19 - JesusFMA - February 18, 2010 // 6:16 pm
JesusFMA's Avatar
Interesting tool, let's see what can do it with dump now that it's easier to read.


#18 - TUHTA - February 18, 2010 // 5:40 pm
TUHTA's Avatar
Well FIRST GREAT WORK INDEED MAN! titanmkd +Rep to you man!

Second well what cool we can do with it?

#17 - ModderFokker - February 18, 2010 // 4:49 pm
ModderFokker's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by NaTaS69 View Post
Noob here... What this does?

Is only to view better the dump?

Yeah its only to view the dump better..

#16 - thijzzy - February 18, 2010 // 3:56 pm
thijzzy's Avatar
hehe got it (the .bt file) i was at school when i tried to open it

nice work! I've tried it and it worked

#15 - adrian6184 - February 18, 2010 // 2:55 pm
adrian6184's Avatar
Wow, lately the scene of the PS3 is getting interesting.

#14 - NaTaS69 - February 18, 2010 // 12:44 pm
NaTaS69's Avatar
Noob here... What this does?

Is only to view better the dump?

#13 - titanmkd - February 18, 2010 // 12:35 pm
titanmkd's Avatar
I'm sure you have not follow all steps explained here

Retry and give better feedback (what you have do step by step to produce this error). For me it is like you do not have load the full PS3_memory_dump.bin and it is why it reach end of file and display this error.

Maybe you have run the script on an other file or so...

#12 - ModderFokker - February 18, 2010 // 12:14 pm
ModderFokker's Avatar
i just got smarter...
guile·ful (glfl)
Full of guile; deceitfully or treacherously cunning.

*ERROR Line 12: Template passed end of file at variable 'Reserved1'.

010 editor not working for me..