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January 10, 2011 // 8:37 am - Update: This method ended up failing because the LV2 address range is protected by Sony on PS3 with Firmware v3.55, so Netkas and flukes1 are now working on a patch for LV1 instead.

Today Netkas and flukes1 have successfully managed to patch the PS3 lv2_kernel in v3.55 Firmware to allow peek and poke syscalls, meaning PlayStation 3 backup managers and Custom Firmware (CFW) will also be able to make use of them!

Download: PS3 3.55 LV2 Kernel Patched with Peek/Poke / PS3 3.55 Custom Firmware with Peek/Poke / 3.55 Peek-n-Poke Patcher GUI and 3.55 Peek-n-Poke Patcher GUI v2 by Quakes69

From the ReadMe file:Patch to add peek and poke syscalls to PS3 firmware v3.55 by flukes1 and netkas ( #ps3test)

To create the patched PS3UPDAT.PUP:

1. Use bspatch to apply PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff to Sony's official 3.55 PUP, which is available from their website.
2. Run this from command line: "bspatch PS3UPDAT.PUP PS3UPDAT-NEW.PUP PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff"
2. Ensure that the md5sum of the resulting PS3UPDAT.PUP is: 337831fac6a9b05074f73710c4bb7c86

Simply install the patched PS3UPDAT.PUP onto your PS3, then install geohot's jailbreak.

Our PUP can be installed over any firmware version, including 3.55-geohot. If you install over 3.55-geohot, you must reinstall geohot's jailbreak afterwards.

For developers: peek is syscall 6, poke is syscall 7 (same as PL3 dev payload)

Props to mastag22, lastExile, Killer_In - our testers with balls of steel.


- flukes1, netkas

PS3 LV2 Kernel Peek / Poke Patched, Backup Managers and CFW!

PS3 LV2 Kernel Peek / Poke Patched, Backup Managers and CFW!

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#65 - mindfreak - January 11, 2011 // 12:57 pm
mindfreak's Avatar
I don't care of getting bricked for now so i don't know if it is dangerous or impossible to downgrade.

#64 - bitsbubba - January 11, 2011 // 12:57 pm
bitsbubba's Avatar
this is what I meant by using Kakaroto's CFW.

#63 - acelove - January 11, 2011 // 12:56 pm
acelove's Avatar
I'm not expert, not saying that I could do it myself, but maybe someone could edit Geohots update to remove the crap he's put in it?

Easier said than done, obviously - but so much easier

#62 - xynuerz - January 11, 2011 // 12:53 pm
xynuerz's Avatar
i don't think it will work on this way.. we have to know the way of the psgroove payload.

remember the first release was without BDEMU support so the BM doesnt work. what make the payload in the first point its patch the HV so let injekt mem pach without the HV patch you cant injekt anythink into RAM. and ther is the point they have look for not make a peek and poke first is patch the HV to inject MEM patches then they can put a peek and poke.

and then the BM not will work because of not enable BDemu support.

there is more then peek and poke to make on the kernel but i don't know if the HV patch is in mem or not.

#61 - bitsbubba - January 11, 2011 // 12:29 pm
bitsbubba's Avatar
just wondering if someone tried installing this but instead of installing Egohot's CFW, install Kakaroto's CFW, I would but I'm still on 3.41 Rebug and want to stay until this is all worked out as there still is no downgrade from 3.55.

#60 - Noldor - January 11, 2011 // 12:21 pm
Noldor's Avatar
Multiman for 3.55 removed syscalls so DOESN'T work yet. However Geohot did something to lv2 calls on his patch so actually any call put the PS3 to sleep. Actually the update from flukes and netkas is useless, we have to wait.

#59 - crud26 - January 11, 2011 // 12:19 pm
crud26's Avatar
Hey Guys , Fluke 1 confirmed that there is a problem with this patch, the problem stems from patching LV2.They should be releasing a patch tp LV1 later today. In the meantime do not use this patch; it's buggy as hell!!

#58 - mindfreak - January 11, 2011 // 12:12 pm
mindfreak's Avatar
Everything went ok. Installed it and then GH 3.55. Just wanna clear one thing.

MULTIMAN is ready for 3.55 but needs lv2 patching. This is what is written.

But this Peek/Poke patches syscalls right ? So multiman should work.

Please clarify if you can.

Thank You

#57 - lorddusk - January 11, 2011 // 9:00 am
lorddusk's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bubbadk View Post
i know that mdf should match, and it does with the US PUP file. but it doesn't match with the EU PUP version. what do i do then ?!?!?!

It should match with the EU version, because i used it and it gave the same md5 hash back after the patch...

#56 - bubbadk - January 11, 2011 // 8:34 am
bubbadk's Avatar
i know that mdf should match, and it does with the US PUP file. but it doesn't match with the EU PUP version. what do i do then ?!