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216w ago - Today an anonymous PS3 developer has released a PS3 K_License Extractor Python Script for PlayStation 3 PKG files.

Download: PS3 K_License Extractor Python Script for PKG Files / PS3 K_License Extractor Python Script for PKG Files (Mirror)

To quote: An anonymous developer has released a K_License Extractor for use on retail and debug PKGs.

The k_license is a unique license string generated and embedded in PSN and other PKG files. The script will retrieve and display this k_license when ran.

Please note the app is in the form of a python script and meant for experienced devs.

PS3 K_License Extractor Python Script for PKG Files is Released

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#15 - catalinnc - 130w ago
catalinnc's Avatar
this tool is useful only if you have a genuine debug pkg (from $0ny)...

#14 - haze67 - 130w ago
haze67's Avatar
any change you can reupload this tool PS3 NEWS

thx anyway nvm.. found it script:

#13 - PS4 News - 185w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now added a Mirror to the first post of the file.

#12 - stefunlive - 185w ago
stefunlive's Avatar
link dead !!

#11 - NN33NN - 185w ago
NN33NN's Avatar
Link is down

#10 - thugnit1019 - 185w ago
thugnit1019's Avatar
Can someone help me use this, i've got it up but how do i extract to k license?

#9 - RMnTnA - 215w ago
RMnTnA's Avatar
If in any dev out there can make Netflix work without having to login to PSN, That would just make my day!

#8 - tonybologna - 216w ago
tonybologna's Avatar
Anxious to see what developers can do with his tool! Thanks for the post!

#7 - BigSpot - 216w ago
BigSpot's Avatar
^^ what he said I simply want to backup what I rightfully paid for and share it between my OWNED systems.

#6 - shummyr - 216w ago
shummyr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Mbb View Post
Hopefully scene groups will now release DLC's to, that would be awesome.

Hopefully this will lead to those of us who have multiple machines being able to sign content that we have bought for all of our machines, instead of it being locked to one machine.