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PS3 JIG Pictures Surface, PlayStation 3 Service Mode Tests Begin

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284w ago - Recently Dutch user Sinnerman has leaked some new PS3 JIG pictures on the QJ.net (linked above) forums, and has revealed that PlayStation 3 Service Mode testing is underway with SKFU.

The application pictured below is used to create registry files required to finalize the PlayStation 3 JIG (SVC-H3A606SS) process, which must contain a valid e-mail address as they are authenticated with the SCEI server.

While we await the test results (and hopefully some PS3 JIG internal pictures), some related articles on both Sony's elusive PS3 JIG and PS3 Service Mode are as follows for those who may have missed them: PlayStation 3 Service Mode JIG Set-Up Files Leaked, Some PlayStation 3 Service Mode Details and finally PS3 Controller EEPROM Dumped And Service Mode Information.

Finally, the big question.. what if PS3 Retail consoles could be converted to PS3 Debug consoles through the PS3 JIG? Well, depending on the post-modification differences if it ended up working at a certain Firmware level then you could always convert at that level, assuming that you can get around it being verified on SCE servers.

The PS3 can tell what type it is from a syscall, one particular configuration of which is "Arcade"... to date though, nobody has been able to successfully flash Debug Firmware to Retail consoles so only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#35 - DSpider - 282w ago
DSpider's Avatar
Someone mentioned capitalization here and it got me questioning. Why DIDN'T they use capitals for Name, Company, etc ? Why did they capitalize the E in "E-mail" ? Have you even read the description ???

"You must send this name of file in your PC to your HQ by E-mail that you will get..."

Whoever coded the GUI sounds just like cfwprophet struggling with English. No offence, man. English isn't my native tongue either. But I'm studying it whenever I get the chance.

Thing is, I really started to wiggle my tail when I saw the combination of "PS3" and "JIG" but soon after reading a few posts I came to my senses... I truly hope this is real and not some Belazar scenario to get our hopes up in vain.

#34 - footylad - 282w ago
footylad's Avatar
Unfortunatly, I bricked mine at 1.85 Firmware, well before Recovery mode was even coded for....


#33 - fst - 282w ago
fst's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by footylad View Post
I have a bricked PS3 as many of you know for use with tests on the JIG if need be...

Hay footylad, I don't know much about test/debug firmware, but you should try putting your ps3 into recovery mode to try to fix it. download firmware 3.01, and on root of hdd of your pc make a folder called PS3 then inside of that folder make one called UPDATE and then put the file in it called PS3UPDATE.PUP (firmware file).

You will need powerISO program to burn it to CD so that you can burn it with the folder setup. In powerISO go to ACTION then go to ADD FOLDER then go to the PS3 and click OK and burn the CD. this video from youtube shows how to use the CD after.

#32 - zabbyh - 282w ago
zabbyh's Avatar
Hope this leads somewhere..

#31 - ST0RM53 - 283w ago
ST0RM53's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by footylad View Post
I have a bricked PS3 as many of you know for use with tests on the JIG if need be...

Hehe, too bad that you'll probably wait a loot of time.. I think without internal "help" (leaks) from $ony, they can't do much about it. Reverse engineering, and especially software encrypted like PS3 OS, is not a toy.

#30 - footylad - 283w ago
footylad's Avatar
I have a bricked PS3 as many of you know for use with tests on the JIG if need be...


#29 - PS4 News - 283w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
The reference tool is off-topic for this thread, and will only be discussed in our PS3 Dev area. I'm sure CJ will post some updates as time permits, but right now he's quite busy.

As for this JIG stuff, yesterday SKFU told CJPC that he's also been busy with work (I believe meaning real-life work, not JIG-related) so unless the leaker tests or leaks more (pics, files) it's probably not going anywhere fast.

What we really need, that would bring forth a lot more progress than the JIG stuff, is a PS3 CECHL Service Manual. We have many of the older ones, but are currently seeking that one. If anyone has access to it contact us, as several of the lead PS3 Devs would LOVE to get hold of it. This is currently the #1 priority internally for the resident PS3 Devs... which is why I was asked to mention it publically.

#28 - SCE - 283w ago
SCE's Avatar
Any news on this or the refence tool?

#27 - PS4 News - 284w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ionbladez View Post
Sorry if I ruin the fun guys, but that picture of the application looks fishy.

If anyone can prove to me otherwise, I have my idea and it will stay like that.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

That being said, mine is that it's 100% legitimate based on other (non-public) material I've had access to... however, there is currently no way to prove it as you mentioned (until the source wishes to leak more publically) so for now I'd say it's best to just let them do their thing and see what develops.

Keep in mind though, even if the best-case scenario ever happened (converting Retail PS3 consoles to Debug consoles) it would essentially be no different than buying them now...

Debug consoles have sold as cheap as $500 on our BST Forum recently, and the reason they dropped so much in price is because most have now realized they are not all they are cracked up to be unless you have access to lots of Sony $DK stuff and can actually code yourself.

Edit: LOL that idiot Pirate just stole (without crediting the source) the JIG ID that was 1 digit off we posted.

#26 - ionbladez - 284w ago
ionbladez's Avatar
Sorry if I ruin the fun guys, but that picture of the application looks fishy.
Sony wouldn't use incorrect capitalization on their programs, and on top of that, it wouldn't be that simple as 4 boxes.

Matter of fact you'd have to write in your PS3 Model, Serial #, etc in order to create the right jig.

All PS3's don't have the same hardware info, so the program would be HIGHLY more complicated than that. That looks pretty fake, and there are no actual jig pictures to back it up, so I'm not buying it.

If anyone can prove to me otherwise, I have my idea and it will stay like that.


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