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September 2, 2010 // 12:06 pm - Here is PS3 iSO2JB v0.5 which allows you to convert PS3 iSO files to PS JailBreak format, another good app for the PlayStation 3 homebrewed console!

Download: PS3 iSO2JB v0.5 Converter

Props to jd200 for the news, and from the author: Hello guys, I'm working on a tool called PS3 ISO2JB.

This tool will allow your backed up PS3 .iso images to be extracted properly and automatically, then played via Backup Manager.

More news coming once tool is finished. Our forum for it check


1. Run tool
2. Open your backup .iso
3. Make folder called GAMEZ in your external USB HDD
4. Extract ISO in GAMEZ (do not make any subfolders!)
5. Run Backup Manager on PS3 with USB HDD plugged in
6. Play


Required: Jailbreaked PS3 with backups enabled, External USB HDD.


This release is beta quality. If something breaks, review any
pertinent comments on, then email me as a last resort.
Include all log files and a detailed description of problem and
how to reproduce it.


Our community of course! Make sure you also check out our StarCraft2 and Red Alert 3 Progress!

PS3 iSO2JB v0.5 - Convert PS3 iSO Files to PS JailBreak Format!

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#85 - xplozion - September 3, 2010 // 6:18 am
xplozion's Avatar
Yeah IRS worth the try. I hope someone try this anytime soon hAha.

#84 - livpool - September 3, 2010 // 6:05 am
livpool's Avatar
i think eboot.bin is specific per game so that wont work, but then again i guess its possible that it could be generic too. worth a try.

#83 - xplozion - September 3, 2010 // 5:19 am
xplozion's Avatar
Can someone run the following test please. Using backup manager backup 2 games to external HDD.

Connect hdd to pc.
Delete eboot.bin from game B
Copy eboot.bin from game A to game B folder.
Connect hdd to ps3 and try to run game B that now is using game A eboot.bin

If this works then it should work from ISO downloaded from the Internet I guess.

Anyone test and report back thanks!

#82 - tonybologna - September 3, 2010 // 4:52 am
tonybologna's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Bishoff View Post
Why did TeknoGod go through all the trouble of writing this App when any number of ISO apps do the same thing already?

That's a good question. It really wasn't worth anything!

#81 - Bishoff - September 3, 2010 // 4:48 am
Bishoff's Avatar
Why did TeknoGod go through all the trouble of writing this App when any number of ISO apps do the same thing already?

#80 - tonybologna - September 3, 2010 // 2:25 am
tonybologna's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Yngwiedis View Post
Stupid typo error. I mean is NOT working.

Yeah! That one letter got ya!

#79 - Yngwiedis - September 3, 2010 // 2:19 am
Yngwiedis's Avatar
Stupid typo error. I mean is NOT working.

The procedure will be in this order :

Step 1. Take an "old" game ISO file.
Step 2. Extract the ISO with any compatible program in your PC.
Step 3. Delete the included Eboot.bin
Step 4. Take the PSJB dumped Eboot.bin from the same game.
Step 5. Transfer the game to your External HDD.
Step 6. Plug the External HDD to your PS3 and Play !!
Step 7. (Optional) Recreate the ISO with the "new" Eboot.bin and keep it somewhere for archive purposes.

So the conclusion is that you don't need ISO2JB at all !!!

#78 - tonybologna - September 3, 2010 // 2:18 am
tonybologna's Avatar
Working? I don't see any post that confirms this as "working". I know there's chat about injecting the EBoot.bin decrytped files but I see no confirmation this has worked or is working. If there is then please show me differently. It does make sense but I see no proof unless I missed something.

#77 - Yngwiedis - September 3, 2010 // 2:11 am
Yngwiedis's Avatar
But we said that the ISO2JB "method" is now working. Eboot.bin files are encrypted, and only the PSJB dumping method can decrypted them.

Thats why i said to gregl for his phrase "after using this iso2jb program" that he dont need it at all.

OK now ?

#76 - tonybologna - September 3, 2010 // 2:06 am
tonybologna's Avatar
That may be true but this is about getting actual downloaded ISO game files to work. Nothing to do with actual PSJailbreak game dumps. We already know actual rips from PSJailbreak games work from Backup Manager.

I think most true computer/gamers know that in ISO format you wouldn't need to use the ISO2JB program to extract the game files. The only ones that probably wouldn't know how to do this is the newbie computer people. Thanks!