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July 26, 2014 // 7:53 pm - Following up on his previous releases, today PlayStation 3 developer Rudi Rastelli has made available PS3 ISO Tools v1.98B followed by v1.982B, v1.983B, v2.0 and PS3 ISO TOOLS v2.1 for PS3 ISO converting with details below.

Download: PS3_ISO_TOOLS_V1.98B.rar / PS3_ISO_TOOLS_V1.982B.rar / PS3_ISO_TOOLS_V1.983B.rar / PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.0.rar / MissingDLLs.rar / PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.1.rar / PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.1.rar (Mirror) / PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.2.rar

To quote: Update PS3-ISO-TOOLS v1.983B

  • Now it patches games requiring FW-Version > 4.60
  • If a FAT32-drive is selected as target for converting to ISO the resulting ISO(s) will now be automatically splitted
  • Bug fixed which leads to a program-freeze in some rare cases when extracting a splitted ISO
  • It's no longer needed to start PS3 ISO TOOLS as Admin under Win8(.1) when patching ISO

Update PS3-ISO-TOOLS v1.982B

  • Fixes a small bug which froze program when trying to extract a non-existing ICON0.PNG from some rare isos (Happened 2 me only on Okami HD, that has no ICON0.PNG)

Update PS3-ISO-TOOLS v1.98B

  • Fixed bug which deleted whole ISO when trying to only extract PARAM.SFO and game-icon via "Modify ISO(s)"

Note: If you have problems/crashes with the patch functionality under win8(.1) try running PS3 ISO TOOLS as admin.

PS3 ISO TOOLS V1.97B - by Rudi Rastelli

Credits: Estwald for "makeps3iso", "extractps3iso" and "patchps3iso" *

Description: "PS3 ISO TOOLS" is an all-in-one tool for a complete PS3-ISO handling and contains:

  • ISO-Generator to convert PS3-Folder-Format-Games 2 PS3-ISO-Format-Games (splitted big-files will be joined)
  • ISO-Extractor to convert PS3-ISO-Format-Games 2 PS3-Folder-Format-Games (big-files will be optionaly splitted)
  • ISO-Splitter to split single PS3-ISOs for use on a FAT32 device ("*.iso.0", "*.iso.1", ...etc)
  • ISO-Joiner to join splitted PS3-ISOs into single PS3-ISOs
  • ISO-Modifier to rename single or splitted PS3-ISOs according to game-info found in "PARAM.SFO"-file to hide/un-hide parts of splitted ISOs ("*.iso.1", "*.iso.2", ...etc) to extract and save "PARAM.SFO" and "ICON0.PNG" as "[ISO-name].SFO" respectively "[ISO-name].PNG" within ISO-folder
  • ISO-Patcher to patch single or splitted PS3-ISOs to a lower firmware version (down to 4.21)

Usage: Pretty self-explanatory... read the tool-tips


  • You can batch-convert all of your PS3-Folder-Format-Games, when you select your game-archive as source-folder(eg "X:\GAMES" or "X:\GAMESZ")
  • All other tools, with the exception of ISO-Patcher, support batch-operation as well. Just multi-select the ISOs you like to process.
  • As default ISO-names will NOT contain special ASCII-characters 0-31, 126-255 and also NOT /\:*?"<>| ... This is to avoid problems with webMAN (You can allow usage of special ASCII-characters 126-255, like 'TM' or 'R' in "ISO-conversion-Options")
  • After conversion/extraction a log-file will be shown, which compares size and number of files/folders. An eventually existing firmware-update-file 'PS3UPDAT.PUP' will be left out of the ISO. Because of this log-file reports that the generated ISO about 256MB less than the source game-folder. This is no problem and status in log-file will be 'OK' in such a case.


  • While converting to ISO-format "PARAM.SFO" and "ICON0.PNG"(Game-Icon) will be placed (hidden) as "[ISO-name].SFO" and "[ISO-name].PNG" at target-folder. If you use webMAN copy these 2 files(per game) to "/dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/". This will save you the effort to mount each game at least once to make webMAN display it's game-icon.
  • Aborted batch-conversions could be continued. Already finished conversions will be skipped.
  • To patch ISOs under Windows 8(.1) click right on "PS3_ISO_TOOLS.exe" and choose "Run as administrator".

PS3 ISO TOOLS v2.0 - by Rudi Rastelli

Here's a new version... README:

[Register or Login to view code]


[Register or Login to view code]

Thx to Estwald, Rip Cord, erbse68, Dennis S., masa3108

PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.1 (ODE-Compatible)

Hi ! I would like to introduce latest version of my PS3 ISO TOOLS to the ODE-community. Hopefully it should have all functionality needed to patch newer games to work on a below-actual-firmeware-ODE-system with just a few clicks.

Here's the Readme:

[Register or Login to view code]

I must admit I don't have an ODE myself but found someone who tested it on an 4.53 ODE. So pls feel free to give it a try... but... for safety make sure you have a backup of your games if anything went wrong.

And... pls report back any bugs or problems you might find. Any suggestions are welcome as well.

1st off ODE users SHOULD/MUST use 'genps3iso', because i've been told that ISOs created with 'makeps3iso' does not work for them... so atm if you select ODE as ur system in PS3 ISO TOOLS main window 'makeps3iso'-option is grayed out.

Can't confirm this myself because i don't have an ODE. Are there some ODE-users out there who can confirm this ?

Regarding the decision between 'makeps3iso' and 'genps3iso' for CFW-users i have to go somewhat further into details:

While testing with 'genps3iso' i've run across a strange thing i still don't know what i should think about... PS3 ISO TOOLS uses cli-version of 7zip to count number of files and folders inside the ISO and compares it to number of files and folders in source-game-folder as a simple check if everything is ok with the created ISO. On all games i've tried so far number of files were equal, but on a lot of games number of folders were different.

So... I've opened and/or extraced some of those ISOs with windows-version of 7zip and i've found some folders have empty mirrors 1 level deeper into subfolder structure of the ISO(hard to describe as a non-native-english-speaker).

Now for the really strange things... If i open and/or extract such an ISO with WinRAR mirror-folders are not there and everything looks like it should. Extracting ISOs with the 'Extract ISO(s)'-function of PS3 ISO TOOLS, which uses estwalds 'extractps3iso', also gives no sign of a problem. And also, which is most important, ISOs work well on PS3 !

So... what's the conclusion of all this ? Does 'genps3iso' has a bug ?... Or 7zip ?... or both ?... I really don't know. But, as stated above, it will work without a problem on PS3 as far as i can tell and that's what counts from my point of view.

PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.2 Changelog

  • Bug fix: Fixed the sometimes strange behaviour of the patch-checkbox ('Create ISO(s)')
  • Selectable firmware range is now up to 4.76 (Main menu & 'Patch ISO')
  • '[auto]'- and '[online]'-tags could now be added to ISO-filenames ('Create ISO(s)' & 'Modify ISO(s)')


From aldostools on the advantages of using ISO format:

  • No need for "BD MIRROR" on certain games. BD Mirror moves the /PS3_GAME to the root of disk and if the manager does not return it to the correct place you can get your game corrupted.
  • Files are read/transfer faster, specially on USB. A single physical file is opened, vs. hundreds or thousands of files on JB format.
  • It's easier to test the integrity of your game (just get the MD5 of your ISO, instead of MD5 of thousands of files)
  • Most managers support ISO via Cobra or Mamba
  • No need to cache files to play games with large files >4GB on FAT32
  • PS3 games are supported only in ISO format on NTFS drives

It also has disadvantages:

  • It takes time and require lot of free hdd space to convert your all games
  • If you made a split ISO to make it fit on FAT32, you have to rebuild the ISO to make it work on NTFS or with netsvr
  • Once you created the ISO, it's hard to add files to PS3_EXTRA

My suggestion: convert only the problematic games (the ones that require BD Mirror or that only work as ISO), the games with thousands of files and the ones that have large files.

Finally, Rudi Rastelli has also made available PSN Liberator v0.9B followed by v0.91B, v0.92B, v0.93B, v0.94B and v0.95B with details below, as follows:

Download: PSN LIBERATOR V0.9B.rar / PSN LIBERATOR V0.92B.rar / PSN LIBERATOR V0.92B.rar (Mirror) / PSN LIBERATOR V0.93B.rar / PSN LIBERATOR V0.94B.rar / PSN_LIBERATOR_V0_94B.rar (Mirror) / PSN_LIBERATOR_V0_94B.rar / PSN LIBERATOR V0.95.1B.rar / PSN LIBERATOR V0.95.2B.rar / PSN LIBERATOR V0.96B.rar

Hi ! Here's the first beta of my new project: PSN Liberator v0.9B. To get an idea of what it does and to get some useful tipps to get startet pls read the "ReadMe":

[Register or Login to view code]

This is a first beta version and i guess it will be not perfect. Therefore i would really appreciate any kind of feedback to sort out problems you might come across with it.

PSN Liberator v0.91B Changelog:

  • Fixed a small bug in gui

PSN Liberator v0.92B Changelog:

  • Some bug fixing

PSN Liberator v0.93B Changelog:

  • Added option to select 3.55- or 4.21-resigning

Regardless if it makes sense or not (and it wasn't that much work at all) I've added the option to select between 3.55/4.21-resigning. Whoever will try it: Please let us know the results if you use it with some problem games.

PSN Liberator v0.94B Changelog:

  • Now you can add (dev_)klicensees you've found yourself to "my_klics.txt" in "Tools"-subfolder

PSN Liberator v0.95B Changelog:

  • Bug fixing... Should improve success rate slightly

PSN Liberator v0.95.1B Changelog:

  • Bug fixing

PSN Liberator v0.95.2 Changelog:

  • Removed some debug code
  • Workaround for 'PKGView' path-length restriction

PSN Liberator v0.96B Changelog:

  • Exchanged 'PKGView' and 'pkgtool' with 'PS3P PKG Ripper' to speed things up


PS3 ISO Tools v1.98B for PS3 ISO Converting By Rudi Rastelli Out

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#17 - 98818767 - December 27, 2014 // 4:26 am
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very good

thank you

#16 - wlxx - November 29, 2014 // 6:07 pm
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Thank you so much, in need of this.

#15 - redalias - November 28, 2014 // 12:20 pm
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Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
Perhaps try the latest version PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.0.rar (article has been updated a few times), unless the issue is with the latest update itself.

There is also a v2.1 Update now as well for those following.

thanks for the v2.0 update.

#14 - emekeret - November 28, 2014 // 12:15 pm
emekeret's Avatar
thank you.

#13 - PS4 News - November 27, 2014 // 5:38 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Perhaps try the latest version PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.0.rar (article has been updated a few times), unless the issue is with the latest update itself.

There is also a v2.1 Update now as well for those following.

#12 - ducacs - November 27, 2014 // 5:30 am
ducacs's Avatar
I don't know what happened... The program used to work here, 2 weeks ago all worked flawlessly, but now when I try to create a ISO it crashes. Tried last 3 versions, Run as admin and even tried to create ISOs for games I know it worked before! What can I do?

#11 - misiozol - July 29, 2014 // 4:04 pm
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#10 - beanbaggins - July 28, 2014 // 8:06 am
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After coming from DEX I had to re-patch the psn store and it worked fine. after the new update, i can't use it. Will this by chance fix that?

#9 - azoreseuropa - July 27, 2014 // 12:29 pm
azoreseuropa's Avatar
Thank you so much, misiozol. Cheers!

#8 - misiozol - July 27, 2014 // 12:15 pm
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That is correct