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July 7, 2012 // 1:21 pm - Following up on the previous rumors, today news of a new DRM-infected PS3 USB JB2 dongle clone (still relies on TB EBOOTs) from the Matrix Team has leaked out with details below.

Download: Infinity USB 3.55 Dongle Custom Firmware V2 / Infinity USB V3.6C Dongle Firmware Update / Infinity USB PC Tools / MultiMAN v02.09.00 Base (20111006-205000)

To quote: This morning we got informed from our hacking stuff supplier that is Matrix Team is going to announce a new PS3 dongle in few days. It is named “Infinity USB” and runs existing and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers.

Unfortunately, their official site hasn’t updated any photos yet, but the product features was published, and I have got the games compatible lists, judging from the documents it can support around 300 games that’s really good news for all gamers. It was said that more function was in testing.

Official Site: /


  • No need to open your console, just plug and play.
  • Booting of games designed for PS3 system software v3.6 and above
  • Runs your existing games and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers
  • Does not require the power/eject trick
  • Custom v3.55 Dongle firmware behaves like OFW when INFINITY USB is not inserted
  • Further features to be added as they are developed
  • On board 4 MBytes SPI flash
  • Supports Fat and Slim PS3 consoles currently running any firmware up to v3.55 and any PS3 which can be downgraded successfully from v3.6+ to v3.55 (NOTE: requires other tools)
  • Enjoy PS3 games with files on external USB HDD (FAT32)
  • Supports all regions of consoles
  • Supports all regions of v3.6+ games
  • Report Features for improve INFINITY USB compatibility.
  • MCU firmware and flash firmware updatable using easy through PC update software.
  • Smart button for plug and play using PC.

Product Manual


Step 1

Make sure your PS3 is in V3.55 system, either OFW (official firmware) or CFW (official firmware). Which means if your PS3 is lower than V3.55, just update it to V3.55! If your PS3 is higher than V3.55, sorry, you can not use this item. please use E3 flasher to downgrade your PS3 to V3.55 first.

Step 2

When your PS3 is in V3.55, you need to install the PS3 INFINITY V3.55 CFW V2. Here is the method on how to install PS3 INFINITY USB CFWandMULTIMAN.The update method is just the same as update the official firmware via USB storage.

Prepare Custom Firmware V2

1. Download the INFINITY USB 3.55 Dongle Custom Firmware V2on Web page.
2. Extract the file, you will get "" folder, you can see "PS3UPDAT.PUP" inside.
3. Prepare a USB storage (300MB free space request), create a folder named "PS3"in the root of your USB storage, then create another folder named "UPDATE" under the "PS3" folder, put "PS3UPDAT.PUP" into “\PS3\UPDATE\” folder.
4. Double comfirm under \PS3\UPDATE\ folder in contant PS3UPDAT.PUP files.


1. Download the multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).zipon Web page.
2. Extract the file "multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).zip", you can see "multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).pkg" inside.
3. Put "multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).pkg" into mass storage root folder “\”.

Custom Firmware Install

1. Plug your USB storage into your PS3 USB Slot 1 and power on your PS3.
2. Select the system update option on Settings icon and choose update via USB storage.
3. Choose the PS3UPDAT.PUP and start updating. Wait until finish updating. (Don′t power off during the system update progress)
4. After Install complete, PS3 will display icon screen again. The INFINIT-3.55-CFW-V2.0 firmware store in PS3 now.
5. Power Off the PS3 and Plug the INFINITY USB Dongle onSlot 1 and Plug the mass storage on Slot 2.
6. Power On again, INFINITY USB Dongle LED will flash. After PS3 menu display. You can see two folder on Game Icon: * Install Package and */app_home/PS3_GAME/


1. Select the * install Package Files on Game icon and choose multiMAN via USB storage.
2. Choose the multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).pkg and start install. (Don′t power off during the install in progress)
3. After Installation, you will see MULTiMAN icon near to folder */app_home/PS3_GAME/

Step 3

After this step, you have installed the INFINITY USB. Let′s go and start playing a game. i will take "FEAR 3" as an example.

Notice: You need to replace the PS3 patched eboot for the V3.60+ games before you play the games.

It means you need to download the both FEAR 3 game file and also F.E.A.R.3_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_ PS3-PARADOX if you dont do this step,the screen will freeze and changeblack. ok i have downloaded those files and also have patched it, let′s go.

1. Before you power on the PS3, just insert the INFINITY USB on slot 1 and the your game HDD / mass storage on slot 2.
2. Config “Disc Auto-Start Off” on System Setting.
3. Insert official PS3 game (blue disc) on PS3. (Any official game)
4. Start Multiman and choosegame “FEAR3” on game List browser.
5. Press X to load the game, and than goto PS3 menu again
6. On PS3 menu you can see blue disc icon and it's label is “FEAR3.”
7. Select disc icon Press X.

Done, congratulations!

** Slot 1 USB on Left side of PS3 , Slot 2 USB on right side.

Update: To quote from LT-jerry: Well, we got this picture from our hacking stuff supplier this morning; but it just the beta packaging with transparent white. It was said that the user cheat function will be added finally. Their official site will update the new information in the following days.

PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team

PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team

PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team

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#23 - stanulkak - January 22, 2015 // 11:32 am
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#22 - Unk0wN - January 22, 2015 // 9:57 am
Unk0wN's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by xdreww View Post
I need help downgrading ps3 with matrix spi nand ..

can someone help me fix this?

This can not be done yet, you can not downgrade your PS3 using Matrix SPI NAND Flasher since this only work for Xbox360 consoles and PS3 NAND chips can not be dumped/flashed using SPI.

#21 - xdreww - January 18, 2015 // 3:33 am
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I need help downgrading ps3 with matrix spi nand ..

can someone help me fix this?

#20 - Unk0wN - January 6, 2015 // 4:53 pm
Unk0wN's Avatar
Multiman had no update for ODE since 4.55 version

#19 - ko2wn - January 6, 2015 // 4:27 pm
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does anyone have a download link the latest multiman for ode?


#18 - marquinhopsy - November 8, 2014 // 3:52 am
marquinhopsy's Avatar
January 2015?

Unfortunately I do not know the answer

#17 - ultramilk - November 8, 2014 // 3:30 am
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I wonder when Matrix ODE come out with upgrade ofw 4.6?

BADRO what you need is download MM for ODE in format .iso file just search it
after that make it online and update it and back to MM that you just install earlier and there you go

#16 - sinister123 - October 25, 2014 // 2:43 pm
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hi how do i go about jailbraking my ps3?

#15 - Acarius - October 25, 2014 // 2:38 pm
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#14 - josh1212 - October 25, 2014 // 2:24 pm
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Quote Originally Posted by killa187211 View Post
whoa sounds hard