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PS3 Homebrew Stealthing Utility 1.4 Released by TeamSOS

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204w ago - Today blazie151 of TeamSOS has released Homebrew Stealthing Utility version 1.4 for the PS3 console.

Download: PS3 Homebrew Stealthing Utility 1.4

To quote: Today, I'm releasing version 1.4 of the Homebrew Stealthing Utility. I have changed around some functions on it to make it more compatible with homebrew without losing features.

It now automatically looks recursively in sub directories to find any and all ini files, reads them into memory, and changes all references to the original homebrew gameid to the one its being stealthed as.

I have also added some extra features specific to MultiMan, such as removing log cleaning and turning of FTP, both user choice. Just as the last release was, this one was tested thoroughly on multiple machines and even a couple virtual machines.

Added Features Include:

  • Automatic ini (options) file modification, processes all ini files
  • Turn off auto log cleaning in MultiMan
  • Disable FTP on startup in MultiMan
  • Some rarely occurring bug fixes

Known Issues:

  • Some homebrew has a static call back to a specific folder, still working on that. Dev_Blind is an example of this.
  • Some computers don't have their .net installations done right. If you get an error message saying that MSVCR100.dll is missing, please download this: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=a7b7a05e-6de6-4d3a-a423-37bf0912db84 - Thanks xim2
  • Some virus protection programs don't like this application. It's because all required dependencies are built into this application. I did this so that an installation was not required and it could be a stand-alone exe file. If your virus protection program doesn't like this application, simply add it's folder to your anti-virus exclusions list, or dis-able it while running this app. The only culprit I have confirmed so far has been Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

PS3 Homebrew Stealthing Utility 1.4 Released by TeamSOS

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#12 - kostas1891 - 15w ago
kostas1891's Avatar
hi i'm new here, and thanks.

#11 - Zack5449 - 15w ago
Zack5449's Avatar

#10 - ehsan7413 - 15w ago
ehsan7413's Avatar
I have not heard about this , can anyone give me some information ?

#9 - DoBa NiBlGr - 15w ago
DoBa NiBlGr's Avatar
very nice

#8 - nam678910 - 17w ago
nam678910's Avatar

#7 - PS4 News - 99w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is another update to UngPKG from element which includes a 2GB fix, as follows:

Fixes below are for fail0verflow’s ungpkg.c ps3 dev tool. Ungpkg supports now files larger than ~1.5 GB and PSP packages.

Hello, I am a great fan of the ps3tools ... but I have seen that the tools cannot support files which are larger than ~1.5 GB.

The reason is fairly simple ... there are no more continous heap left to map the entire file.

Therfore I have adapted the ungpkg tool, that this will read the file and make a decryption slice by slice.

Hopefully somebody enjoy the release:


Finally, from element comes an EDAT Tool - PS3Tools style, who states the following:

Download: edat_beta_1_0.7z

Hello ... it is me again, with a small release. I "partially" ported the edat tool from snowydev to plain c in ps3tool style... Currently it is only possible to encrypt ISO.BIN and MINIS.BIN (what I have tested so far).

Thanks to all which have developed the base versions of all the tools.

Just to say again: I have just decompiled the base tools and make a "new" one out of it, SO ... BIG THANKS TO flatz, snowydev

#6 - m00dy - 203w ago
m00dy's Avatar
has anybody stealthed the rebug selecter? i tried but get errors

share plz!

#5 - pjmiller435 - 204w ago
pjmiller435's Avatar
has some nice additional features other than stealthing, always welcome them.

#4 - Xalies - 204w ago
Xalies's Avatar
I remind you that not everyone uses them, this would mostly be aimed at people that install PSN-like.

#3 - Brenza - 204w ago
Brenza's Avatar
I remind you that backup managers erase the log file when you run them, no need to worry about this!


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