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May 23, 2011 // 11:41 am - Today anonymous PS3 hackers who call themselves No_One have released a Dual Firmware PDF document that may bring 3.6x+ Key Decryption and new CFW to Custom Firmware fans.

Download: PS3 Ed2.pdf / PS3 Ed2.pdf (Mirror) / PS3 Ed2.pdf (Mirror #2) / PS3 Ed2.pdf (Mirror #3) / PS3 Ed2.pdf (Mirror #4) / PS3 Ed2.pdf (Mirror #5) / PS3 Ed2.pdf (Mirror #6)

To quote: 05/23/2011 For Immediate Release: The beginning of dual-firmware PS3: PS3_Ed2.pdf The technique outlined in the .PDF will help people learn more about 3.6x firmwares.

The solution relies on the implementation of a second NOR/NAND Flash. Some technical limitations have been identified. But time will help us to remove them.

The information in the document is still theoretical for the moment, however please post results from your testing.

We believe knowledge and information wants to be free. Learn what you can and help contribute to making the PS3 scene a better place. Released by No_One.

PS3 Hackers Dual Firmware to Bring 3.6x+ Key Decryption & CFW

PS3 Hackers Dual Firmware to Bring 3.6x+ Key Decryption & CFW

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#41 - NTA - July 25, 2011 // 4:55 am
NTA's Avatar
Epic update.

People saying "3.6x jb pls" on forums and fake cfw vids might feel like their efforts have paid off lol.

#40 - saaqi - July 25, 2011 // 2:43 am
saaqi's Avatar
Wow the good news just keep coming, first the CFW with PS2 backups and PSN access and now 3.60 keys what can a Jailbroken PS3 owner want more?

#39 - TheShroomster - July 25, 2011 // 1:37 am
TheShroomster's Avatar
Great news... But the 3.6xx keys, wouldn't they only be the public key? Only good for decryption? Isn't the private key needed to sign a CFW?

#38 - PS4 News - July 25, 2011 // 1:08 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on his previous update, PlayStation 3 hacker No_One has now announced that the PS3 3.60 Slim NOR Flash has been dumped via PNM board socket and the 3.6x keys may be coming soon.

To quote: Hi mates, I'm going to be on vacations for 3 weeks. I just wanted to tell you that PNM project will be stopped during this period.

But, i've some great news for you. I successfully dumped a 3.60 NOR flash using one of the socket ! The second socket has been validated too. We are not far from our main goal : "jailbreak again the PS3" !

Here are some snapshots:

  • host console with a new feature (NOR FLASH details...)
  • PNM with a NOR Flash on Socket #1
  • an extract of the 3.60 NOR dump as a proof



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#37 - Maihkyz - July 21, 2011 // 11:49 am
Maihkyz's Avatar
Very cool

#36 - costocart - July 21, 2011 // 1:19 am
costocart's Avatar
be careful coz that 'someone' could go to prison

ps: no i'm not from the FBI

#35 - dyceast - July 20, 2011 // 11:39 pm
dyceast's Avatar
Holy Moly...

I hope someone local can do this for me, haha...

#34 - daveshooter - July 17, 2011 // 2:38 am
daveshooter's Avatar
ow my god look at the wiring, lol. thanks for the image it looks worse than it really is tho I hope.

I reckon this is something that any home user can do, even tho people may not have all the tools to do it but its worth getting them, maplins or radioshack is a good start. before i continue i must say its 29 past 3 in the morning here in the uk and I have drank way to much to post but hay who cares it the weekend.

Anyway this is something I am going to try and film right from the start and hopefully show how I believe is easy diy home electronics hopefully.

Soldering is so easy anyone can do it, if you have the right tools, and the know how,and there is no reason not to be creative and make your own duel boot jig once people can see how straight forward it can be. it really is not that hard. The hard part is getting the chips i thinks.

one thing to do is get yourself a weller iron and try de soldering old pcb boards to practice on, if your a noob that is, electro static is a must to read up on and take seriously, and keeping everything Short and sweet, and that means the links between the jig and the ps3 pcb as well.

I hope that people take an interest in this, and share there tricks because it will repair things that would generally have be thrown away because of crashed os pasacly.

Once again I have been drinking, and wish all members a happy weekend and enjoy.

#33 - HeyManHRU - July 17, 2011 // 1:02 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Good news guys, Spanish developer DosPiedras was able to make a device that enables dual nand booting. That means you're able to play backups and run homebrew on 3.55 CFW whilst you are able to go on 3.66 OFW to play the latest games and use PSN.


This may lead to the 3.60+ Keys and it only works on NAND consoles at the moment, according to DosPiedras. He is still working out minor kinks. Expect a full Tutorial in a couple of days.


Here is a direct quote from the source:
cfw 3.55 y ofw 3.66 a la vez Solo cambiando un switch

Noticion! En las proximas horas podremos tener cfw 3.55 para jugar backups y 3.66 para jugar online a la vez!

Which translats to:
Breaking News! In the next few hours we could have cfw 3.55 to play backups and 3.66 to play online at the same time!

#32 - dtwaling - July 16, 2011 // 6:56 pm
dtwaling's Avatar
This could get me into trouble at home, this kind of stuff is more for people who can't stand leaving a good puzzle alone, but my kids and wife would get impatient with the game downtime. I just need to save for another console to hack on in my office. ...fake or not I am always curious to see where these things go.