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February 9, 2010 // 10:10 pm - Today the PS3 hack exploit SX28 hardware arrived, so we can begin work on dumping the PlayStation 3 Hypervisor to examine!

Up to now, both GeoHot and xorloser have successfully performed the PS3 hack while a few others simply obtained GeoHot's PS3 Hypervisor dump to study privately.

Needless to say, the rest of the PS3 scene including most of us here, have been waiting to take a peek at the unencrypted bootloader and Hypervisor lv0 and lv1 dumps.

We started by writing a Ubuntu Guide (as did titanmkd HERE) and attempted to use a 555 timer to obtain the 40ns pulse required to trigger the exploit, but like many others who attempted this we too had no such luck!

Luckily xorloser shared some propered code to trigger a 40ns pulse using an SX28 chip. They are a bit harder to find, and a little more expensive (as you need a programmer) but the method is sound.

That brings us to today, and our SX28 chips and programmer arrived - so we will be recreating the hardware, and giving this a go soon!

PS3 Hack Exploit SX28 Hardware Arrives, Bring on the Hypervisor!

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#27 - e1ace - February 10, 2010 // 8:50 am
e1ace's Avatar
Things are starting to heat up I see. I really didnt expect it to be moving this fast. I guess there is still loads to do - but all we need is one lucky break for an exploit to be made.

#26 - Scrapy - February 10, 2010 // 8:49 am
Scrapy's Avatar
very nice news indeed, have fun playing with that CJPC

here's to hoping something is found in the dumps

#25 - B4rtj4h - February 10, 2010 // 8:36 am
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Good going Boys!

I wish you all the best in the world! If there is anything we (end-users) can do to assist you please let us know!

Again good work!

#24 - Siggy12 - February 10, 2010 // 7:37 am
Siggy12's Avatar
This is really the news that I was waiting for a long time ... now finally the hardware is arrived and CJPC will have his own dump of the hypervisor .

CJPC know very well the PS3 hardware architecture and he also own the PS3 test and the object of the desire of everyone in this community, the FAMOUS DECR-1000A OFFICIAL PS3 DEVELOPMENT TOOL ... it will be now very interesting see how this will go , for sure now will be possible have a dump also of the hypervisor of the test console and (maybe to much risk) PS3 TOOL and compare .

in poor word the REAL SHOW (After the GREAT GEOHOT SHOW) is coming .

#23 - tavueni - February 10, 2010 // 7:23 am
tavueni's Avatar
Slow, steady and consistent progress. Keep it up guys. Wish I had one iota of technical ability to be able to help

#22 - Corradoc - February 10, 2010 // 7:15 am
Corradoc's Avatar
Good job guys! Hope this will open a new scenary !

Have fun and enjoy

#21 - Preceptor - February 10, 2010 // 7:15 am
Preceptor's Avatar
@inginear : Mate, the code made for the cell (like the HV, lv0, lv1 and lv2) was compiled for it's native assembly, as you said, so, by definition it doesn't interpret those codes

According to GeoHot, the HV was natively written in C++. The remaining code probably used the same language as well.

#20 - chrykel - February 10, 2010 // 6:06 am
chrykel's Avatar
it would suck to hack ps3 and it gets banned..

#19 - inginear - February 10, 2010 // 5:09 am
inginear's Avatar
excellent news! i can't wait to learn more about programming (besides defining classes, using pointers and arrays) to help with stuff like this in the future. by the way, what language does the cell interpret? c? c++?

i know that sony, ibm, and toshiba had to implement an assembly language for the new architecture. just wondering if it can use a higher level language also. i'm sure they didn't write the ps3 os in pure assembly, or did they?

#18 - livpool - February 10, 2010 // 5:02 am
livpool's Avatar
awww yeaa!

good work guys can't wait to see what you find!