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November 24, 2010 // 10:48 pm - Following PS3 FTP Server and PS3 FTP Server v1.2, today stoneMcClane has introduced the third PS3 FTP homebrew application called simply PS3-FTP for PlayStation 3 JailBreak users, this one being made with the PSL1GHT open-source SDK.

Download: PS3-FTP v1.0 / GIT

To quote: The first legal PS3 ftp server has arrived, courtesy of stoneMcClane. The previous ftp servers for PS3 used the Sony SDK. However, PS3FTP is coded with the PSL1GHT Open SDK, making it completely legal.

Please note during our testing of PS3FTP, it crashed several times. It appears this new project still has some bugs to work out.

Finally, from the ReadMe file:

A minimal PlayStation3 FTP server written with the help of PSL1GHT (

1) To start the FTP server, just run the PS3-FTP.self via ps3load/wiiload or install the PS3-FTP.pkg and run it directly from the XMB on your PS3.

2) Configure your FTP Client to use passive mode and only one FTP connection at a time.

3) Connect to your PS3's IP on port 21 with an FTP client of your choice. If you don't know the IP address of your PS3, go to Settings -> Network Settings in the XMB, it is listed there along with other network settings.

PS3-FTP has been tested and should be compatible with the following clients:

• Filezilla
• FlashFXP
• CuteFTP
• WinSCP
• Windows Explorer
• BSD/UNIX FTP shell client

4) To stop the server once it is running, you have to be connected to your PS3 with your FTP client. Press and hold down the X button on your controller and terminate the connection of your FTP client or just close the FTP client on your PC completely.

The PS3-FTP server should then shutdown and your PS3 should return to the XMB.

If you are a developer, you can also stop and restart PS3-FTP via telnet. Simply connect to the FTP Port (21) of your PS3 via telnet and type "QUIT!" or "QUITR". If you are running Unix and have the "expect" interpreter installed, you can use the "stop" and "restart" scripts that are located at the repository's root directory.

(Remember to close the connection of your FTP client before trying to connect via telnet)

PS3-FTP v1.0 Homebrew App Arrives, Made with PSL1GHT SDK

PS3-FTP v1.0 Homebrew App Arrives, Made with PSL1GHT SDK

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#16 - polly316 - November 29, 2010 // 12:45 am
polly316's Avatar
Flashfxp is the way to go, i also had problems with using different clients.

#15 - michaelstone - November 28, 2010 // 2:03 pm
michaelstone's Avatar
ok thanks i'll try updating my filezilla...

#14 - FMAranda - November 28, 2010 // 2:08 am
FMAranda's Avatar

I'm using the latest version.

#13 - atlask2 - November 27, 2010 // 7:08 pm
atlask2's Avatar
PsFtp doesn't work on my 60go. BbFtp have some problem with Filezilla since v1.2.

No problem with FlashFtp ...

#12 - michaelstone - November 27, 2010 // 3:02 pm
michaelstone's Avatar
which version of both are you using? i have issues with the 2 of them as well....

#11 - FMAranda - November 27, 2010 // 1:54 pm
FMAranda's Avatar

I'm using blackb0x with Filezilla and i never had a issue, but you can try FlashFXP.

#10 - givemethefile - November 27, 2010 // 12:54 pm
givemethefile's Avatar
All blackb0x releases, apart from the first (1.0b) have issues with filezilla. Anyone know of a good FREE ftp client that is compatible with blackb0x v1.2?

#9 - modmate - November 27, 2010 // 11:01 am
modmate's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by polly316 View Post
How exactly is it an improvement if it doesn't blinkin work.

Well, it's not. Its just another FTP server app. And well, yes it's not working fine. Stay with Blackbox Ftp and you're fine.

Greets Modmate

#8 - polly316 - November 27, 2010 // 10:59 am
polly316's Avatar
How exactly is it an improvement if it doesn't blinkin work.

#7 - Aba - November 26, 2010 // 9:15 pm
Aba's Avatar
Funny stuff, I was gonna say if anything this one is way more unstable.

Hell i've yet to use something coded with the PSL1GHT Open SDK that doesn't have problems coming out the ying yang.

Which I think all the problems are all coming from.