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238w ago - Today blackb0x, the same team that released the LV2 Dumper, has now released their PS3 FTP Server v1.0b followed by version 1.1 with a changelog HERE and version 1.2 with the changes detailed HERE!

Download: PS3 FTP Server v1.0b / PS3 FTP Server v1.1 / PS3 FTP Server v1.2

To quote from PSGroove: "I have just tested this and it is stable, bug free, and FAST (11MB/sec for me). Also thanks blackb0x for the shout out, it seems our site is becoming quite popular "

PlayStation 3 FTP Server 1.0b:

Well since no one has released a bug free, speedy, easy to use FTP server we decided to take the reigns on it. Introducing FTP Server 1.0b, it doesn't crash, it doesn't byte shift, and most importantly, it doesn't suck. Oh, and its threaded for speedy transfers


Install the pkg to your ps3 (you should know how to do this by now) then run blackb0x FTP. You can now connect to your PS3 via the PC FTP client of your choice. Just fill in your PS3′s ip, port 21, and leave username, and password blank. To quit the app either press X, or quit via ingame XMB.

Tested with FileZilla, FlashFXp, CuteFTP, and WinSCP.

Expect more tools from us in the future for the PS3.

PS3 FTP Server v1.0b from blackb0x is Now Available!

PS3 FTP Server v1.0b from blackb0x is Now Available!

PS3 FTP Server v1.0b from blackb0x is Now Available!

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#10 - F1R3WALL - 238w ago
F1R3WALL's Avatar
That is a nice find lol Maybe that screenshot is old?

#9 - esputer - 238w ago
esputer's Avatar
Wow, Nice find there guy!

#8 - theguy99 - 238w ago
theguy99's Avatar
In the first picture is he signed into psn??

#7 - namdlo - 238w ago
namdlo's Avatar
It's too late in the night for me to test this and I have to get up early in the morning for work.

Can someone please let me know if this one reports the correct file sizes for files larger than 4gb?

#6 - F1R3WALL - 238w ago
F1R3WALL's Avatar
Definitely was an awesome release by CJPC so full respect to him. Nice work Blackbox +rep

#5 - ramx2 - 238w ago
ramx2's Avatar
Thank you for the hard work, but we can't deny CJPC first release

#4 - mckarlsson - 238w ago
mckarlsson's Avatar
i'll test it later, but very nice release

#3 - Bishoff - 238w ago
Bishoff's Avatar
Other one worked great for me, and as fast as this one. No mention if we can do more than 1 connection at a time though.

#2 - BwE - 238w ago
BwE's Avatar
the previous version JUST corrupted my hard drive.. typical this comes out right after lol insane badluck.

#1 - gear323 - 238w ago
gear323's Avatar
Sweet! gonna try it soon. BTW. First!


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