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PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application is Released!

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234w ago - With the start of the real PS3 Scene, people sharing what they have - I decided to code up this little, horribly buggy PS3 FTP server homebrew app.

Download: PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application / PS3 FTP Server Homebrew Application (Mirror)

It is an FTP Server for the PS3, with it, on a retail with your choice of "hack" to enable unsigned code it allows:

• Full Read/Write access to all of "dev_hdd0" (including save areas, games, VM etc)
• Full Read/Write access to "dev_flash2" and "dev_flash3"
• Full Read/Write access to connected usb devices
• Full Read access to "dev_flash"
• Full Read access to "dev_bdvd"

To use:

Connect with your choice of FTP client - Prefered is the old "ftp" from the command line, however Filezilla seems to work, allowing only one connection, and disabling PASV support.

Furthermore, the Server does not support some commands (like rename, of all things!) so make sure what you do counts!

Use the IP shown on the screen - make sure to have your net connection up and running before hand (wired is so much faster)

Connect to that IP, port 21, use the username: FTPD12345, and whatever password you like. I could have removed the username check in the library, but I'm lazy!

Be careful, some of the flash contents ARE writable , nobody is responsible for what you do to your PS3 but you!


• Can not write to dev_flash
• Can not rename files
• Buggy as hell (randomly crashes, blame Sony!)
• Files > 4GB increments show as the difference, for example a 6GB file shows as "2gb", or a 11gb file shows as 3gb - It will download, well past 100% , just let it keep going!

Finally, this app was coded quickly, by someone who can't code for the life of him. It mostly uses provided API's, and the GUI is based off of a sample - but, it gets the job done.

Furthermore a tiny, tiny, super tiny bit of editing was done to the library to allow full access to the entire system, and the hack enabled the rest! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#401 - 4218kris - 232w ago
4218kris's Avatar
has this file been updated or is it still super buggy ??

#400 - id10terror - 232w ago
id10terror's Avatar
MY PS3 FTP server stopped working randomly today.. I'm getting this:

[Register or Login to view code]

I've tried using WinSCP and FileZilla.. both get the same result..

#399 - Fr33m4n - 232w ago
Fr33m4n's Avatar
This is a neat program but I'm experiencing a lot of dropped connections. Might be cause I'm using Wifi, but still. Any chance that there will be an update and a more stable release?

#398 - SatanX2112 - 232w ago
SatanX2112's Avatar
WS-FTP has worked perfectly and fast. Any fails and it re-attempts the file upload. They have a 30-day eval...

#397 - lando786 - 232w ago
lando786's Avatar
Well for the FTP Server Errors I found that deleting the application from the XMB and reinstalling it from USB makes it works again. SO I guess this could be a temporary work around for users experiencing this error.

#396 - lusal - 232w ago
lusal's Avatar
Filezilla works fine. PASV mode OFF and 1 connection at a time. I'm getting speeds of around 12MB/sec on most larger files.

It's not too bad considering I'm using an old IBM T61 laptop to transfer files.

#395 - B1oH4z - 232w ago
B1oH4z's Avatar
it is acceptable if you are using a wifi-connection (12MBit/s), for lan you should have something between 12MByte/s (100MBit) and 30-120Mbyte/s(GBit, depending on the HDDs involved)

#394 - dennis1 - 232w ago
dennis1's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Fusseltuch View Post
I'm using Filezilla with my Laptop (100 Mbit's Network Adapter) and i have 11 MB/s

Wow!!! Thanks your tip!

#393 - Fusseltuch - 232w ago
Fusseltuch's Avatar
I'm using Filezilla with my Laptop (100 Mbit's Network Adapter) and i have 11 MB/s

#392 - dennis1 - 232w ago
dennis1's Avatar
I am a Total Commander use the ftp-server, 800-900 kb / s.

You go faster? This is acceptable?


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