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December 11, 2013 // 4:05 pm - Following up on my previous release and Habib's 4.53 PS3 Downgrade Patches for Rogero CFW, today I (proskopina) have released PS3 Flash Auto Patcher Tool v4.53 for v4.53 PS3 Firmware.

Download: PS3 Flash Tool v4.53.rar

Below are the changes, as follows:

PS3 Flash Tool v4.53 by Swizzy & Rogero - 11/dec/2013

How to use:

Drag and Drop any PS3 Nor or Interleaved NAND Dump onto the "PS3_Dump_Tool_v1.0.exe" it will verify the dump, detects its type and patch it accordingly with Rogero CEX_4.46 patches.


v 4.53

  • Added Rogero CFW 4.53 patches to allow for OFW 4.53 Downgrading.

v 1.00 (initial release)

  • Merged Swizzy's PS3DumpChecker Tool with Rogero's AutoPatcher v4.46
  • Both NOR and Nand (Interleaved) Flash Dumps are supported.
  • Easy operation, just Drag and Drop the Dump over "PS3_Dump_Tool_v1.0.exe".
  • The dump will be checked to verify all sections are valid.
  • When a Dump is checked and found Valid it will Proceed to Patch it.
  • It have 2 operation Modes: Auto and Normal (can be toggled with included Registry Files).
  • Auto Mode : will check and Patch a valid dump in less then 2 seconds automatically.
  • Normal Mode : will check the dump and if found valid it will ask if you want to patch it.

Maybe can be in front page.

PS3 Flash Auto Patcher Tool v4.53 by Proskopina is Released

PS3 Flash Auto Patcher Tool v4.53 by Proskopina is Released

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#120 - windrider42 - April 4, 2015 // 4:45 am
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Good Job.. Wonder why he calls it Starbucks.

#119 - didiezella - April 4, 2015 // 4:35 am
didiezella's Avatar
wow! great work!


#118 - iDareYou2BanMe - April 4, 2015 // 4:02 am
iDareYou2BanMe's Avatar
great stuff and useful

#117 - MaliqFaber - April 4, 2015 // 3:51 am
MaliqFaber's Avatar
Very good to hear!

#116 - kurochickensoup - April 4, 2015 // 3:13 am
kurochickensoup's Avatar
That was a very helpful piece of information.

#115 - PikoXsin - April 4, 2015 // 2:27 am
PikoXsin's Avatar
Thanks for this app!!

#114 - q00p - April 4, 2015 // 2:12 am
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thanks for sharing this

its being a great help

#113 - PS4 News - April 4, 2015 // 2:01 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Following the release of Habib Cobra 4.70 v1.01 CEX PS3 CFW, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka SMHabib) made available Starbucks NOR Manager v1.00 for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) users with details and a video demo below.

Download: Starbucks NOR Manager (11.8 MB) / (11.84 MB) by littlebalup / by Habib / reverse.exe / by No0bZiLLa

From hax0r via YouTube: Starbucks NOR Manager PS3

  • Fastest EVER byteswap
  • AIO tool for PS3 NORS
  • Patches dump, byteswaps, states check (metldr.2 and minimal nor checks)
  • Included in is src since some people asked me for byteswap src

From Smhabib on ps2_netemu: After busy life with girls and stuff, i got time to reverse netemu a bit.

Everything is related to bootparam.dat, the patch to use internal mem card is a ufs_stat stat->st_size. netemu requires a min of 0x774 and the normal is 0x26f4. Cobra does 0x4f0 and patch which forces st_size to 0x774

Since 4.50++ a register is set according to size, 0x774-26f3=r27 being 0x204 else 0x2184.. in the same func after its done ufs_read(fd, 0x4f0+r27, &buf, r27); 4f0+2184 effectively gives us address to location to the address of savedata vmc (never being used on 4.46) forced val is 0x774 so r27 would be 0x204.

This is the reason even the classics use internal mem card and only maintaining one wireless sync due to read limitations and param limitations (the buf sent to the func has its param set from the values above)

VSH arg snatched from disc icon is not good, a lot of info missing and crap so if we disable this patch and do some snitching from inside the emu we can successfully run iso/enc from classic placeholder so i have made the size 0x774 for the bootparam for disc icon (fixes upscale).

There are most pros and some cons but the emu has now been perfected. I have also removed the need of classic_ps2 (read on)


1. share same savedata between enc and iso
2. wireless sync fast and all the controllers
3. more natural way
4. no more need of classic_ps2 flag (if iso mounted, you can run iso from the placeholder icon if not mounted, classic enc will run)


1. ps2 from disc icon cant use mem card, and you know disc icon either way cant run wirelessly since we rely on vsh to prepare sm args

Sooo, how does it look? I could have done it long ago but laziness took over me, everything is now bug free.


From No0bZiLLa: That's pretty quick , here is my reverse tool: reverse tool (linked above). It's not as fast as '0.015' but its still pretty quick

Here's an output from reverse tool: This script took 0.71604084968566 seconds to execute. Here's the script too (linked above).

Also, it seems the bwe I have takes way more than 1.2 seconds. Just rough estimate for my pc it takes about 8 seconds and I have 4gb ddr3 intel i5 and ssd.

From Joonie: I modded those files based on ofw 4.70 xml / old rebug xml, and playstation home app is not "Re-added". Maybe you were looking at old 4.66 xml I gave you.

Op says it's happening on all rebug cfw revision, I don't think it has to do anything with what I added. but I'll take a look on his case and try using your xml.

sandungas just tried yours, it also makes the same bug.. =_=..

kokotonix now I see what is doing when using debug vsh

It redirects pkg folder's path to app_home, but app_home is completely removed from xml due to prevent from double listing.. and sandungas's xml doesn't work at all with mm's pkg installation.

kokotonix I was able to fix the issue by readding app_home query in the xml back.. but this will possibly make that pkg double listing bug again.

Download: category_game_rbg.rar

Try this xml, this should fix your issue:

[Register or Login to view code]

Here you go fellas, MANY THANKS TO Smhabib who worked hard on reversing.

Tested on REBUG 4.70.1

New improved ps2_netemu by habib.

From sandungas: The XML files you sent me i have them labeled as "XML joonie 470 cfw"... so not sure if it was you or me but there was a confusion there because are the ones with the problems i mentioned before.

I'm pretty sure the files i made are fine (though im human and i was not able to test them, but im very picky with certain things)... and the file you just posted is fine too because it has the missing:

[Register or Login to view code]

This was missing in previous rebugs, and i thought this was the cause of the problem... but if you tested them and this didnt fixed the problem.... the only possible explain is the problem is in other place, not in the xml's

I'm uploading the XML's i made here for people to see:


I had certain interest in rebug to use them to standarize things, specially how the package manager is added as an external .xml (is rebug package manager "classic" version linked to resources inside rco's but separated as an external .xml), the comments in the custom entries, and the new "key" names.

Because rebug is like a reference in some things, but because has not been added in rebug 4.70 (and joonie gave me his approval to publish in public) now i post them here for people to take a look
I know are not so important, but is a good cleanup, and works as a reference to know how to modify the .xml's for the newer firmwares that will be released in the future.

The files was intended for being released with rebug, but now im publishing them this way is better to consider them experimental because final users are not supposed to install them manually.

Please haxxxen , kokotonix self_slaughter , etc... take a look, experiment with them and feel free to use them.

From Mention: I was looking at some of the icons of this firmware and i thought that they need a few improvements, so i did improved them as well as created some "new" ones, like these for example (pictured below).

So this is the list of all the changes/additions i made.


  • tex_Sign_In.gim (This is a new icon and it's the psn login icon. On 4.70.1 the same icon is used for both psn signup and login)
  • tex_Signing_In.gim (This is also a new icon)
  • tex_psn.gim (The one included in rebug 4.70.1 is 48x48 while the OFW icon is 46x46 so i made a new rebug red 46x46 icon based on the original one)
  • item_tex_ps_store.gim (Remade the icon to remove those green pixels around the bag handles or whatever they are called)


  • item_tex_ps_store.gim (Remade the icon to remove those green pixels around the bag handles or whatever they are called)


  • tex_Sign_In.gim (This is the non-ingame version of the one from explore_category_psn.rco)
  • tex_Signing_In.gim (This is the non-ingame version of the one from explore_category_psn.rco)
  • item_tex_online_storage.gim (A little bit less pixellated and more centered icon)
  • tex_psn_big.gim (A little bit less pixellated and also removed a bluish pixel on the left of the logo)
  • tex_psn.gim (The one included in rebug 4.70.1 is 48x48 while the OFW icon is 46x46 so i made a new rebug red 46x46 icon based on the original one)
  • tex_go_store.gim (This is a new icon, the one from 4.70.1 has the blue psn shopping bag)
  • Italian.xml (Improved a bit the package manager italian translation)


  • tex_psn.gim (Removed a bluish pixel on the left of the logo)


  • tex_category_psn.gim (Removed a bluish pixel on the left of the logo)

Also i've made a coldboot from the Rebug scorpion logo and i think it looks way better than the default one.

Download: Rebug.rar

Update #1: Removed all the cons.. beta testers can kick in to test the method:

I have updated savedata patches according to 4.50++ optimization so now NO CONS!!!!!

PS2 from disc icon will use decrypted mem card.

Finally, from Mention: This is meant to fix a few graphical issues with rebug firmware so i have included only the rco's that needed to be fixed.

If by "main PSN logo on XMB" you mean the one on PlayStation Network Column, it still blue on your system because it's stored in xmb_plugin_normal.rco which i haven't included in my files. Same for explore_category_video.rco, the icon doesn't have any issue so i didn't change it.

Download: Bitstbubba.rar

If you want to complete your system with those 2 icons i've uploaded them for you, although i think there are more rco's to be changed to have a complete "rebug graphical experience".

Update #2: From Smhabib: Some of the people were having saves trouble because of the fixed method. i think joonie should have added empty mem card in the launcher. anyways here it is classics launcher r3 with empty mem card.. same klicensee, no new rap activation and crap.

Download: ISO LAUNCHER 1.01 PS2.pkg (16.7 MB)

Just install this and it will add mem cards for you.. its not been tested yet but should be fine (2:44 am).

From STLcardsWS: You need a new ICON0.png and also a new PIC0.png as they are a bit misleading referencing just ps2 classic.. here is a ICON0.PNG i made real quick. Here is a quick PIC0:

Download: ICON0.PNG / PIC0.PNG

From bitsbubba: This is the simplistic icon I've been using lately: ICON0.PNG.. my new ICON0.PNG.

ok newer ICON + PIC0 I've included them in this pkg along with the PARAM changed to read "PS2 ISO & Classics Launcher".

Download: PS2 ISO & Classics Launcher (PSX-Place Edition).pkg

Note: This is the full release from the first post with only the icon, pics & PARAM changed

From hekel: If anyone's interested I've included the .xcf and some mockup PNGs here:

Download: ps2-iso-launcher-mockup-images.rar

I'm not aware of all the specifics related to PS2 ISO Placeholders for Non-Backwards Compatible systems and in my examples I'm assuming it would support all the image formats webMAN-MOD does.

If it's completely wrong and I'm a big dumb-dumb, I'm offering an XCF to make it easy to change. The PS3 and ESRB icons and text objects are layers, so they can be edited, moved, or deleted as one sees fit.

From jjkkyu: I also recommend place a small converted ISO.BIN.ENC in the launcher, or people need to convert one before using the launcher.

Here is a one made by myself, the game is Contra Arcade.

Download: ISO.BIN.ENC

Finally, from Smhabib: Its just an icon guys. I just added cex memory cards (I have told joonie the method for rebug for next revision)

This men card will remove the need of mounting game through multiman to create memory card. Basically now its backward compatible to previous method

The game works fine yeah? Can you test this?

Download: ISO_LAUNCHER_1.02.pkg (51.9 MB)

Here, the simplest instructions:

1. Install this pkg
2. Run psnpatch and do unlock c00 demos
3. Run this pkg and maintain wireless sync
4. Quit and enjoy

From now on when you mount PS2 iso, run through this icon.

P.S: If anyone can create a new icon, it would be appreciated. now no iso.bin.enc method required.

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#112 - jfc66468 - April 2, 2015 // 4:15 am
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just what I needed!

#111 - Bubbaroy4 - March 21, 2015 // 4:46 pm
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Darkjiros awesome work on a great utility for those of us who like to tinker with hardware and software.