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February 3, 2012 // 2:55 am - Shortly after the PS3Jig v1.00 PS3 Factory / Service Mode Jig Modifications project news comes a PlayStation 3 FactoryServiceMode Tool v0.1 from homebrew developer CrashSerious that offers users PS3 Service Mode access without a JIG device!

Download: PS3 FactoryServiceMode Tool v0.1

To quote: Operation: Mongoose has a special message for Cobra / TB Team:

"That cobra is $%#@$%!!! We roll deep .. do you Max?" -- Operation: Mongoose

Look ma, no Downgrade Dongle

In keeping with our Red Valentines theme this month... we release another red themed app. Tonight, in our second release we bring you a second handy app that continues our commitment to the removal or the need for ANY dongles. A simple app that should likel make it into everyone's PS3 tool set. An XMB application that places the PS3 into factory service mode. Now, You can now throw away that downgrade dongle! Also, as an added bonus we've included CEX and DEX versions of the pkg.

Psgrade was ported to all sorts of devices, even calculators ... none of those external devices are needed any longer! You may now re-purpose them!


When you run the app it will beep once and reboot if successful. Three beeps indicates a failure, report the contents of factory.txt in this thread for help. (Factory.txt will save to the USB flash if you put on in the right most USB port of the PS3.) At this point you will come back up in Factory Service Mode (FSM). Place the Lv2Diag.self on the USB the Lv2diag.self will perform its intended purpose automatically. So be aware of that feature should you not be expecting the PS3 to boot back into the non-FSM XMB.

This app will not work on any of the "reDRM" firmwares, aka Cobra or TrueBlue CFW.

1. Install the appropriate pkg for your system; FactoryServiceMode.gnpdrm.pkg for CEX and FactoryServiceMode.pkg for DEX.
2. Run the app and listen for the beeps, you should enter FSM automatically.
3. Place the desired Lv2Diag.self files on a USB flash drive. The one included with this release simply exits FSM. Do NOT use the RSOD Lv2Diag released earlier unless you have RSOD.
4. Place the USB Flash Drive in the right most USB port of the PS3.
5. Restart the PS3. When it boots up, you will be out of FSM.
6. Enjoy sticking it to the dongle makers in your own little way.


The app detects the firmware you are running on so it should work on all the firmwares supported by "one" previously. (3.15, 3.41, and 3.55. Basically, Ones that are lower than 3.56.) During creation of this tool, the open-source ps3toolchain, and a slightly modified make_self were utilized. All code is original and makes use of no previously released or copyrighted code, this Lv2diag.self is made 100% with the PSL1GHT SDK so it can be shared freely and without concern for breaking any laws in your country. So, "no sony code inside!"


Q: Can I use this with the RSOD fix self you released earlier?
A: You should only use the RSOD fix Lv2Diag.self to repair a RSOD PS3. Use the suplied Lv2diag.self packaged with this release to simply get out of service mode.

Q: I'm having problems... help!!!!?!?!?!?
A: Post the contents of the factory.txt, which is stored on the root of the USB flash drive where you put Lv2Diag.self, along with a detailed explanation and we will try to help you out. Without the contents of the factory.txt file... we will not be able to help.

Q: Why didn't you just name the release .self file Lv2diag.self and save us a step?
A: We intend to release more fun tools for you at some point, this just helps you keep them straight from the start.

Q: I get a 80010505 error in factory.txt on the USB drive sometimes. HELP!?!?!
A: We noticed this on one Phat CECHG system in testing. but could not replicate it on other PS3's and it only occured after the initial run from a power on of the PS3. In this case, every time we ran it a second time the application worked with out fail. Try again and post the factory.txt if the problem persists.

Q: Could you have made this just a little easier to use?
A: Nope!

PS3 FactoryServiceMode Tool v0.1 Arrives, No PS3 JIG Required!

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#171 - landon - February 4, 2012 // 10:42 am
landon's Avatar
That is the problem, even if this could work on OFW 3.7+/4.00 & the PS3 go to the factory mode, you cannot get out from that mode !!! you'll need an E3-Flasher & an old dump. But if it's real & this work on new firmwares it will be a very very good progress.

SONY block using USB Dongles since the OFW 3.56 but who know may be it will work with the PSP or the PS-VITA (the day when we could launch unsigned code on it of course)

OK, it's clear now but tell us more about this test of syscall ?? what is your objectif ? what you want to do clearly ?

Thanks in advance nabnab

#170 - Nabnab - February 4, 2012 // 9:45 am
Nabnab's Avatar
If you take Test4.0 with a PSP, this don't put you into a service mode, it's simply a syscall that the PS3 answer...

actually it's more than that because on the firmware 4.0, i try something different and the firmware 4.0 recognize the USB device as a device know (not anymore unknown device)

#169 - rashid1996 - February 4, 2012 // 9:43 am
rashid1996's Avatar
okay everybody if i tried on 4.00 i will get stuck on factory/service mode?

and if i not get stuck how i can exit

#168 - Nabnab - February 4, 2012 // 9:39 am
Nabnab's Avatar
Ok i'm confuse, apparently when PS3news put the program of CrashSerious and mine together on the same thread, the PS3 users one of the program and have some problem.

Just to clarify, my program don't put you in a stuck service mode, you can ask to the people who tested with a PSP and PS3 4.0 etc...
My program don't put you in service mode ever, it's based on it only and with the source of the program PS3Jig to make something different

Crashserious = Factory Tool Program -> that put you into Factory Mode/Service Mode under the XMB (in software way) (you also need a USB Stick with the Lv2diag.self to get out from this mode)

Me = PS3 Jig testing purpose only work with a PSP for now-> that put you on nothing, it's just a test of syscall that can work on every PS3 and can lead a new way to exploit the PS3 (including retail to debug)

have 2 version, one compatible PS3 under 3.60+ and one compatible 4.0

Please Crashserious program and mine, it's not the same

Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
No - this will not work for anyone past 3.55. Testing on 4.00 won't do a thing but get you stuck in service mode, unfortunately.

For the program of Crashserious Yes

For mine No

Actually you can't install Crashserious program on a Firmware 4.0
And mine don't put you into a service mode

It's just so confuse that PS3news put both program together.

#167 - FortyThieves - February 4, 2012 // 9:29 am
FortyThieves's Avatar
thanks a lot

Quote Originally Posted by mchartier105 View Post
I just tried this today and I didn't get stuck on Service Mode I'm on 4.00

you mind sharing your method?

#166 - catalinuxm - February 4, 2012 // 5:49 am
catalinuxm's Avatar
So, my friends, this method is working or Not ??

#165 - Bartholomy - February 4, 2012 // 4:16 am
Bartholomy's Avatar
Could be fun if a psp will give us the future hehe

#164 - hawkY - February 4, 2012 // 4:11 am
hawkY's Avatar
Thank you man, we are with you and good luck !!

#163 - BigGC93 - February 4, 2012 // 3:47 am
BigGC93's Avatar
Nabnab, I think the problem was that I accidentally installed the Dex pkg, when I should have installed the Cex pkg on my retail PS3. Is there any way possible to get out of the FSM or am I stuck permanently?

#162 - teorouge - February 4, 2012 // 3:46 am
teorouge's Avatar
As of now, how could you downgrade? E3 Flasher?