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July 16, 2008 // 12:01 am - To quote from xorloser's Web site linked above:

This is a PS3 loader for IDA, it lets you open PS3 elf/self/prx/sprx files in IDA. I highly recommend you use this with the PPC-Altivec plug-in also available on this site.

Download: PS3 ELF/SELF/PRX/SPRX PPU Loader v1.1 for IDA v5.2

THIS DOES NOT DECRYPT ANY FILES !!!! That means that for now this loader will ONLY work on unencrypted files. There are a few such files "in the wild" that have been found on Sony update servers and such.

As well as loading the supported PS3 filetypes in both 32bit and 64bit vesions of IDA this also resolves and sets up all imports, exports and syscalls. It also only supports PS3 PPU files as the PS3 SPU CPU is not supported by IDA at this time.

PS3 ELF/SELF/PRX/SPRX PPU Loader v1.1 for IDA v5.2 out!

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#2 - PS4 News - July 16, 2008 // 7:48 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Yep, he said he could also make it recognize encrypted PS3 files too, but since they're not supported he makes it ignore them.

He is currently looking into why the newer PS3 games don't run from HDD... apparently the problem may be due to either new Sony libs, game development house code, or possibly even using "havok" SDK.

If any Devs here have info on "sgs" or "sgsfile" please let us know here.

#1 - RexVF5 - July 16, 2008 // 7:41 am
RexVF5's Avatar
Well this seems such a very nice and useful tool that could provide a lot of insight to those understanding some assembly and knowing a bit around in IDA. Also can help analyzing binaries (unencrypted this time) to try to find some unchecked buffers leading to ... (we all know what