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February 4, 2011 // 6:32 pm - Today Heden of DeLiGhT has released PS3 ELF Builder v0.9 RC1 which can be used to rebuild ELF files from Graf_Chokolo's PlayStation 3 SELF Decrypter payload followed by some revisions below.

Download: PS3 ELF Builder v0.9 RC1 / PS3 ELF Builder v1.0 (Windows and Linux) / PS3 ELF Builder v1.2 (Windows and Linux)

To quote: Please note, to rebuild the ELF you will need the original encrypted SELF file. The tool is currently Linux only, but should run under Cygwin, on Windows machines.

- Windows GUI
- DEBUG symbols now kept (IDA & Xorloser's PS3 Loader)
- Error management with return codes

- Build ELF from DEBUG SELF

- Initial Release
- Windows & Linux Versions


V0.9 - Release Candidate
Windows Version coming soon - Should work on Windows/Cygwin

Use this tool to rebuild an ELF file from Graf_Chokolo's SELF decrypter

Howto :
Once decrypted by Graf's payload, a SELF/NPDRM file will give you 2 parts:
- xxxxx.0 Decrypted code segment
- xxxxx.1 Decrypted data segment

To rebuild the ELF file, you will need the original SELF file
The result ELF file will be ready for your preferred disassembler (ie. IDA)
It also enables to feed tools like MAKESELF, ...


[Register or Login to view code]


[Register or Login to view code]

This is a RC version, please send email for remarks, bugs or improvements heden_delight AT


.oO Heden / DeLiGhT'2010 Oo.

Next up, qdps3gud has made available a Quick and Dirty PS3 Game Update Downloader. To quote from the ReadMe File:

Quick instructions

1. Select base path of your PS3 games. A list of games and updates available will show.
2. Select game from list and click download update.
3. You can rename the game folder "BLESXXXXX - Game Name" with Rename Game Folder Key.
4. Updates will be in "BLESXXXXX - Game Name\UPDATES"
5. Copy Link will copy update link to clipboard so you can use thrid party download managers

Finally, in related PS3 homebrew news today superfurry has released Noobi3 v0.1 to v0.4 PS3 Reference Tool, which is aimed at newcomers to the PS3 scene and people who just need a quick reference of what's available for them... with his goal being to turn this into a PS3 Encyclopedia/Wizard.


Added: Every Compatible Media Format
Fixed: Firmware Reference Clean up, making it easyer on the eyes


Added: Every PS3 Error code
Added: All Homebrew availible to date (maybe a couple of very very new ones missing)
Added: Error sounds
Added: Fixed bug


Added: device list, every known device or dongle to jailbreak with
added: a bit of colour


Firmware refrence

PS3 ELF Builder v0.9 RC1 by DeLiGhT is Now Available

PS3 ELF Builder v0.9 RC1 by DeLiGhT is Now Available

PS3 ELF Builder v0.9 RC1 by DeLiGhT is Now Available

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#11 - Gagulja - February 6, 2014 // 10:01 pm
Gagulja's Avatar
how to download from this site?

#10 - TheBlack - February 14, 2011 // 9:18 pm
TheBlack's Avatar
someone post me this help by graf_chokolo via IRC. I think that actually there is a way to run his payload.bin without ethernet and in a easy way.

[Register or Login to view code]

#9 - pjmiller435 - February 13, 2011 // 11:34 pm
pjmiller435's Avatar
Finally a nice little app thats in English, haha. Not too familiar with chok payloads though. Never used them whatsoever.

#8 - TheBlack - February 13, 2011 // 3:18 pm
TheBlack's Avatar
great job, now the tool (version 1.2) it is more simple. the problem is the Graf_Chokolo's SELF decrypter payload. no info about it, so for me the utility is useless.

I hope someone explain something about payload for using this great tool.

#7 - TheBlack - February 7, 2011 // 5:50 pm
TheBlack's Avatar
anyone kown how to use Graf_Chokolo's SELF/NPDRM decrypter payload? I think it only work on 3.41 using the dongle, I don't know about 3.55... the nfo says: Dedicated to GRAF_CHOKOLO - Greetings to BELMONDO (BETA tester)

I don't know if he is the same user of PS3 news... I hope so someone can explain us.

#6 - PS4 News - February 6, 2011 // 10:45 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I added v1.0 to the first post, which now includes both Windows and Linux support.

#5 - Mad Wolf - February 6, 2011 // 7:26 am
Mad Wolf's Avatar
can this helps to run ps2 elfs on ps3 somehow ?

#4 - Blackotoo - February 5, 2011 // 5:01 pm
Blackotoo's Avatar
How about a tut on the Decryption process?

#3 - longhornx - February 5, 2011 // 1:06 pm
longhornx's Avatar
works for the self of split second velocity?

#2 - DeViL303 - February 5, 2011 // 4:05 am
DeViL303's Avatar
Nice, This is what I like to see. More tools like this please DeLiGhT.

- DeViL303