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May 22, 2012 // 4:48 pm - Following up on the previous PS3 EDAT File Name Restorer utility, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developers Snowydew and KDSBest have made available some PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools.

Download: PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools / PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools (Mirror #1) / PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools (Mirror #2) / PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools (Mirror #3) / PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools (Mirror #4)

To quote: Over on gotbrew irc we were dropped off some stuff from snowydew.

The tools allow for decryption and re encryption of edat, can perform iso.bin.edat extraction, can further decrypt eboot.pbp's / eboot.bins for further game modifiying.

Decryption of act.dat and rif keys, the re encryption part however isn't 100% since we are missing a variable or two, but we can resign them as free npdrm without Sony tools.

A large portion of npdrm right here. It "CAN" do it, it's not implemented just yet. It requires testing though. The encrypton process is a PoC until bytes 0xb0 - 0x100 are figured out.

There is some goodies in the files, check it out if interested in PSP, PS1, etc on your PS3.

[@Snowydew] so very well yes, if you can use the key, find the way to decrypt what's in them, then you could very well sign it with a seperate key / patched ldr to read it as a "proper" signing, and play other ps1 games off the hard drive. It's possible, but i'm currently not seeking it out atm. However all the tools are available to the public to do so
[@Snowydew] "if anyone wants to figure out what the bytes are for 0xb0 to 0x100 that would also massively help us since we've been a bit too busy, or if someone wants to test some things we might be able to go a bit further.
[@Snowydew] so the decryption as it stands right now, an do iso.bin.edat, requires idps, rif and act.dat for the games. re encryption I believe it needs the “fake” signed ones, as well as an idps (not sure on the idps) however the second method only requires the idps and the .rap file. This does not cover licenseing games i believe (It could, but we haven’t tested it). The re encryption algo is in the encryption one, but again haven’t been able to test it completely (reason I was asking around on twitter awhile back).

From Twitter: Welp, time to stop sitting on projects. Multiple versions KDSBest thanks for porting it over and helping Binaries and sources included for all decryption and encryption processes. It's a PoC, but usable.

According to Snowydew, it could leave to people resigning PS1 games into the eboot.pbp's to run PS1 games , but the iso.bin.edat still needs studying:

We haven't fully documented much of it (because the need for "Examples" to see what are in there for a variety of tests). However sandungas might be able to help if he still has that txt file from way back somewhere, there are other smaller things we haven't fully documented, however we would like that if anyone does, please post it on the wiki for others.

The only things I have personally looked at with the few others were the iso.bin.edats and that they're .cue files with a header, which is the most likely the decryption key for the eboot.pbp / bin (depends from what I've actually seen) and the rest calls the emulator with flags, for what exact I'm not sure just yet.

As juan said, currently this only fully supports decryption of PSOne games (Simple fix to add others through klicense keys). the encryption process isn't 100% tested, but if people want to help we can go from there. the headers from 0xb0 to 0x100 as kdsbest said. We currently don't fully know what these are so if anyone wants to help with that, that would be awesome.

From JuanNadie: Congrats snowydew and KDSBest. Good job (specially for providing source code).

I ran the app and there is no text field for klicensee so I assume that this release is only for PSX games.

For those asking this tool (once improved) will allow you to do what EXE.trim.ALL did months ago... freeing DLC, PSX, PS2 and some PSN game. However my favorite use is SDAT. A lot of developers encrypt resource files on SDAT... now we can do our own mods/translation

BTW if you have a RAP you don't need the IDPS nor act.dat nor RIF...

PS: For devs, if any of you knows how an isolated SPU reads the config ring please contact me.

From sandungas: Its poorly explained in the thread, but this tool is not focused in psn, but in rebuilding PS1 games in ps3 format from a copy of the original disc.

The fact is there is an .iso inside all "ps1 classic" games and "psp minis" games... and probably "ps2 classic" games. There are firmware modules (the ones labeled 9660) that can read this .iso format that is an standard of the industry.

So theorically, if you can provide an .iso in the correct format (with the extended track info)... and with the ability of recreating his header and the rest of his structure you have a way to boot any ps1 game in any ps3 model.

*obiously there is no 100% compatibility in the emulators itself, so some games will not run, but expect a big number to work

With "PSP minis"... there is no use because there are no minis discs to make a backup in .iso format.

With "PS2 classics" probably has some things in common with PS1... but also some different things... can be a bit more complicated (and compatibility very low with ps3 slims).

The file structure of a decrypted iso.bin is divided in "blocks" and "clusters":

[Register or Login to view code]

First you have the header (1 block) <--- this header can be considered "patched" to the start of the file, doesnt count as part of first cluster... clusters are used only inside the "discs" areas.

Then the "disc 1" starts (1024 blocks, 64 clusters)
Then the "disc 2" starts (another 1024 blocks, 64 clusters) etc...

Inside the first clusters of each disc (this cluster can be considered another header specific for this disc) you have the "magic" PSISOIMG0000 that is different for "psp minis" (I don't remember)... and probably another for "ps2 classics" (speculation)

Also the "game_id"... "number of clusters"... some unknown counters... (probably blocks used or similar). But the most important area of this cluster is the 32 bytes (seems to be a key) displaced 0x800 bytes from the start of the cluster.

Then there is a block of padding, and in the second cluster it begins the "file_table"... this table last to the end of the "disc 1" (and not-used clusters contains a checksum of 16 bytes)

The file_table is composed of entries of 32 bytes each. In each entry you have... the displacement from start of table, file size ?, cluster number (inside the iso) ?... etc...

Well... this file_table is pointing to the disc in iso format, and probably to "sectors" of the disc... it can be a TOC. And here is where is important to take in account the track data mode of the old ps1 discs, because it had an special track (known as MODE2)

The positions are always fixed, so for a game with 4 discs the important stuff is at this offsets:

[Register or Login to view code]

I just created a new wiki page:

All the iso.bin offsets are mapped, some of them are still unknown, but his positions are clear. With this tables can be done a program to "read" iso.bin files to give an output list of all the positions, information, etc... (in a semi-human-readable format)

Now its needed to identify the "unknown" areas by understanding the relationship with the real .iso structure. The next step is to be able to generate this iso.bin files. Feel free to help updating the page if you find something.

The names i used for the tables or areas... are a bit confusing (if anyone understand this better feel free to clarify them) But because i don't know exactly what they are... i found no better names

All that i added to the page is from a iso.bin.edat decrypted from a retail game... i just removed the extension .edat to difference it from an encrypted one

And well... in resume... this iso.bin is pointing to areas of another .iso file. This areas obviously are "sectors of a disc"... and probably related with the TOC of the disc (table of contents)

And for the decryption of each disc (or each disc header)... i think the key is the one i marked as "disc_key" (doesn't seems to be a checksum, and is the only one with 32 bytes) At the end of the file there is an area of 40 bytes a bit strange that i have no idea if is related with encryption.

From PatrickBatman comes a Tutorial to Decrypt NPDRM as follows:

Well I guess I can tell you how the EASY WAY (After figuring this out I saw moogie figured it out also). This the easy way so ill tell you how to do that (I haven't looked for extensively/found the latest NPDRM keys like what duplex uses or whatever)

Basically you can make ebootMOD do this (this is the easy way instead of cygwin or linux)

1) Get deank's ebootMOD
2) Keys: get app-iv-102f, app-key-102f, app-pub-102f, app-priv-356, free_klicensee-key, klic-key, npdrm-const and rif-key
3) Get the unself that is 139KB allows NPDRM decryption
(to get items 2 and 3 search for PS3_Tools_NPDRM_v3)
4) Put keys in ebootMOD's .ps3 folder
5) Replace ebootMOD's unself (132 KB) with the 139KB unself (allows NPDRM decryption)
6) Drag and drop NPDRM eboot over ebootMOD icon
7) EbootMOD will make MODIFIED_EBOOT.BIN at the same location as original NPDRM eboot

Also, you can use the tools with PS3_Tools_NPDRM_v3 to unpkg update pkg files but you need working knowledge of cygwin/linux.

Or the easy way: get Unpkg GUI by Team SOS (I just extracted Skyrim 1.03 update with this, but of course can't decrypt eboot cause its using higher NPDRM keys or has EDAT, haven't checked anyway EDAT uses several keys,

[Register or Login to view code]

Finally, from zecoxao comes some precompiled tools for Edats in general (Minis and PSX Classics ONLY!) and the executable is located in the bin folder of each VS project. He also recently set up a ps3_decrypt_tools GIT for interested PlayStation 3 developers.

To quote: In case you haven't noticed, is more complete because i have had some help in decrypting the stuff. There's also a new thing i've found. They are some differences between a 1 CD PSX Classic like Abe's Oddysee, and Multi-Disk PSX Classics like FF VII and FF VIII. I would appreciate if someone took the care into documenting those differences.

PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools Are Released

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#24 - PS4 News - July 22, 2012 // 4:56 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on the PS3 EDAT NPDRM Decryption / Re-Encryption Tools, recently Quake of SubZero Dezigns has released a PS3 Make Package NPDRM GUI homebrew application for those uncomfortable with Sony's command-line version.

Download: PS3 Make Package NPDRM GUI v1.4.1025 / PS3 Make Package NPDRM GUI (Source Code) / COMDLG32.OCX (Required) / Sony NP DRM Package Requirements English (PDF)

To quote: SubZero Dezigns brings you; Make Package NPDRM GUI

Used to make PKG files with make_package_npdrm

Known issues:

Q) My pkg's are missing?
A) make_package_npdrm doesn't support an output folder right now.
S) Try doing a *.pkg search or, Opening the App Path.

Simple Public License (SimPL) 2.0

The SimPL applies to the software's source and object code and comes with any rights that I have in it (other than trademarks). You agree to the SimPL by copying, distributing, or making a derivative work of the software.

You get the royalty free right to:

1) Use the software for any purpose;
2) Make derivative works of it (this is called a "Derived Work");
3) Copy and distribute it and any Derived Work.

If you distribute the software or a Derived Work, you must give back to the community by:

1) Prominently noting the date of any changes you make;
2) Leaving other people's copyright notices, warranty disclaimers, and license terms in place;
3) Providing the source code, build scripts, installation scripts, and interface definitions in a form that is easy to get and best to modify;
4) Licensing it to everyone under SimPL, or substantially similar terms (such as GPL 2.0), without adding further restrictions to the rights provided;
5) Conspicuously announcing that it is available under that license.

There are some things that you must shoulder:

1) You get NO WARRANTIES. None of any kind;
2) If the software damages you in any way, you may only recover direct damages up to the amount you paid for it (that is zero if you did not pay anything). You may not recover any other damages, including those called "consequential damages." (The state or country where you live may not allow you to limit your liability in this way, so this may not apply to you);

The SimPL continues perpetually, except that your license rights end automatically if:

1) You do not abide by the "give back to the community" terms (your licensees get to keep their rights if they abide);
2) Anyone prevents you from distributing the software under the terms of the SimPL.



  • Added: Menu's to DrmType, ContentType, PackageTpe buttons.
  • Added: PackageType


  • Leaving the PackageType Blank it will not be used in make_package_npdrm
  • Theme package is not implemented.
  • Added: Target-Directory Frame - See button >..
  • Added: Target-Directory Controls


  • Removed: Input Text on KLicensee
  • Added: Edit button to ContentID, KLicensee.
  • Added: Edit to ContentID, KLicensee buttons. - See text Box's
  • Added: Text Box's to ContentID, KLicensee. - KLicense Default Char' Limit = 34(0x00000000000000000000000000000000)
  • Fixed: PackageType - Used with Target-Directory
  • Added: Theme package - Working!
  • How to: To make a pkg of a Fixed Sample.p3t.edt
  • Select Fixed Edat theme in File List
  • Change ContentType to Theme
  • Press theme Button.
  • Install PKG in Install Package Files
  • Scroll to Theme and Apply Theme
  • Changed: Icon menu to File menu


  • Fixed: Execute Themes All


  • Removed: Right Click Input Text on DRMType, ContType, PackageTpe
  • Added: Right Click Edit on DRMType, ContType, PackageTpe
  • Added: Menu Options to DRMType, ContType, PackageTpe
  • For the more user control freaks(Like myself)
  • Added: ListView control
  • Added: Execute's


  • Removed: Message's Listview

More PlayStation 3 News...

#23 - lordv - June 5, 2012 // 11:56 am
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It should be easy now to make a PSP game launcher.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2.

#22 - PP2000 - May 26, 2012 // 9:49 pm
PP2000's Avatar
could we use this to mod the ps3 backup, maybe to restore on someone elses system or install pkgs throught restore, because of the .dat files

#21 - JW117 - May 25, 2012 // 4:39 pm
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I downloaded a ps1 game but its a que file how do i extract that?

With a que splitter i thought that it is only for music albums.

#20 - jabberosx - May 24, 2012 // 1:35 pm
jabberosx's Avatar
never frikking mind.. I must be going blind, second time double posting today.. arrghh..

The executable s are in the rar. Just dig deeper in the bin folders.

-- thanks Boss.. I see you caught my miss too seriously sometimes its just awesome how excited i get that i stop reading mid way just to drool over the goods.. and panic..


#19 - PS4 News - May 24, 2012 // 1:32 pm
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See this post, it may help:

#18 - jabberosx - May 24, 2012 // 1:31 pm
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any chance of getting a compiled version of these ?

#17 - miandad - May 24, 2012 // 11:22 am
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Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
New games working without dongles... I believe it's only a matter of time, how much time it ends up being may be a lot. I wouldn't be surprised to see work released after the PS4 is out.

bro there is a news about console hacking legalize that we have a chance 60% .. waiting on 5 June decision what will happen
do you think still dev sleeping ! or we don't need tools to decrypt anything ?

we are missing you graf chokolo

Quote Originally Posted by Takavach
i can't find re encryption tools , can anyone help me ? it only has decryption tools

bro its on 1 page plz check.

#16 - Takavach - May 24, 2012 // 1:45 am
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i can't find re encryption tools , can anyone help me ? it only has decryption tools

#15 - Neo Cyrus - May 23, 2012 // 5:46 pm
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
New games working without dongles... I believe it's only a matter of time, how much time it ends up being may be a lot. I wouldn't be surprised to see work released after the PS4 is out.