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November 22, 2010 // 7:44 am - The PS3 E3 Card Reader is a normal card reader for the PC, but with additional firmware installed on it you can turn this device in a PS3 JailBreak clone mod-chip.

Hello and welcome to another review I am making for!

This time I will be reviewing the E3 Card Reader from Team E3.

First some details from the product:

Flash size: 128K
Flash memory onboard: 4 MB
Dual-Firmware support: Yes
Easy use: Yes
LED: 2 blue and red


• The production is from a high level
• Quality Built Hardware
• Easy To Upgrade
• Dual-boot option inside


• 4Mb flash is very small, but you can overcome that with another normal USB stick inserted with the packages on it!

Features from the E3:

• 32bit processor with 128k flash
• MicroSD SDHC supported
• Multi-System supported - (WinXP/vista/Win7/MacOS/Linux)
• 4M programable onboard FLASH - (Accessed as 4M USB drive)
• Support Multi-System - Super-Drag-Drop Upgrade -Nothing more than a file copy

Shipping info:

The package was sent with DHL Express mail. The envelope was funny enough checked for my safety?! (see picture). It took 6 days to reach me. The text on the package said: 1x E3 card reader sample

Shipping is ok here - 8/10

Package info:

There was no package inside the DHL envelope. Only a small sack with a E3 Card reader inside. I don't really care if it comes in a nice box or if it's just in a sack, but compared to the other clones it gives me a cheap impression. Also no manual is inside.

It gets a 7/10. Minor here is the lack of a manual.

E3 Card Reader unit itself.

The stick looks a lot like an i-device with its little grey circle (which is not a button what many may think)

When you hold it, it feels from good quality and doesn't look cheap. On the back there are some pictures about the units compatibility with all the different operating systems. Further are there some logo's like CE, FC and RoHS.

9/10 Good stick nothing to say...

E3 working itself. And Upgrading

The E3 stick comes with NO firmware installed on it so you need to download that from their site. When you go to you get their site and you are able to choose from 2 sets of firmware.

1. 2010-11-04 - Dual boot firmware
2. 2010-11-04 - Single boot firmware

I chose 1 and installed it on the stick. You ask how to update the E3? Very simple! When you plug the unit in to your computer it shows 2 or 3 drives, depending whether you inserted a SD or not.

When you would like to upgrade you copy the downloaded .bin file on the E3Upgrader disc and the light from the E3 stick will go from red -> Blue. Wait 5 seconds now and safely remove the stick from your computer. That's it! Simple as can be!

When you insert it in your PS3 make sure the power is off. Switch it on and immediately push eject. The E3 stick lights up blue and your good to go.

Only down side is when I want to shut down my PS3 it gives me 2 warning beeps (which means something is wrong...)

Dual boot

The dual boot option allows you to choose what firmware to use. Whit no SD card inserted it will automatically choose for Hermes 4b. But if you insert a SD card (even a blank one will work) you get KaKaroto firmware.

8/10 Again. Upgrade feature rocks!


Very nice and satisfying product.

8 + 7 + 9 + 8 = 32 / 40 * 100% = 80 total score.

PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed

PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed

PS3 E3 Card Reader PS JailBreak Clone Mod-Chip Reviewed

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#18 - bitsbubba - November 29, 2010 // 3:48 am
bitsbubba's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
bawwhh - my review is the best though.

good review I enjoyed it, but I still prefer P3Go.

#17 - BwE - November 29, 2010 // 3:36 am
BwE's Avatar
bawwhh - my review is the best though.

#16 - PS4 News - November 29, 2010 // 3:34 am
PS4 News's Avatar
This was already reviewed here, so I will merge it shortly:

#15 - BwE - November 29, 2010 // 3:21 am
BwE's Avatar
Ok, the story begins with me wanting to find the most legal jailbreaking device I can get. I wanted something I could sell anywhere without any hassle and import in mass ammounts without fear of losing everything.

So, I discovered the E3 Card Reader - From appearances it simply looks like a TD card (microSD) reader. The box proclaims only the following:

  • 32bit processor with 128k flash
  • MicroSD SDHC supported
  • Multi-System supported
  • 4M programmable onboard FLASH, accessed as 4M USB driver
  • Support Multi0System Super-Drag-Drop Upgrade, Nothing more than a file copy

No mention of playstations or jailbreaking so far which is quite swell.
It could from a legal/customs view seem unnecessary to have a programmable flash when its only a card reader, but hey!

My clandestine purpose to own this is rather clear.

OK SO! I begun like any rugged man would and ignored any manuals. I plugged the device into my PC to discover 3 (one inaccessible) drives.

1. E3_4M_STICK
2. E3Upgrader
3. Removable Disk (obviously for the microSD which isnt inserted)

I decided without hesitation to drag and drop (as they say) a teensy++2 into the current most obvious drive, the E3Upgrader which has the space of 128k.

I eagerly sprint to the other side of the house and plug it in!

Red flashes... No unknown USB error message... aaaaannddd... nothing.

I spend about 30sec searching to discover I needed to name it as h.hex seeing as this device can support dual payloads (h.hex being hermes and k.hex being pl3). I renamed it and tried again and subsiquently failed again.

More searching ensues and I place the file into the E3_4M_STICK drive.

I fail again.

I go onto the official website to see if theres any firmware for the device im missing out on... the site's download section is completely down. 45sec later I discover: e3fw hermes and kakaroto 3.5spoof psn 2in1fw for 3.41 11.19.rar on the companies EU distribution website.

I place the .bin provided in this rar file into the E3Upgrader drive and I make sure the h.hex is named properly and in the E3_4M_STICK drive.

I run back to my ps3 and try again. Red light comes on for a bit then it stays on blue! Success!

Unannounced I placed an open manager .pkg in the same drive and that appears to be accessible also. All is well!

Upon reading their official manual things become a lot clearer (well kinda):

Now download e3 card reader firmware from internet (they are free), and copy into E3Upgrader DISK, 1 second fininsh program, and blue light lighting. Then can break ps3 with e3 card reader, same way as other chip..

^^^ Silly me.
How to use Dual Boot Mode
After upgrade E3 with e3 firmware, it boot ps3 with Hermes V4B FW.
If you insert Micro SD into e3, even a blank SD, it will boot ps3 with Kakaroto FW.
How to use free PSGROOVE
After upgrade E3 with e3 firmware, then do as following:

1: Download any PSGROOVE, if it is hermes fw, change name into h, so will be h.hex , and copy into E3_4M_STICK, then can break ps3 with free hermes fw (any version hermes fw works)

2: If it is Kakaroto fw, change name into k, so will b k.hex , and copy into E3_4M_STICK, then can break ps3 with free Kakaroto fw (any version Kakaroto fw works) be careful need change into small letter.

How to copy backup manager. Download and copy into E3_4M_STICK.
E3 Card Reader have lots of other function, it will make public later.

Ok now what do I think overall of this lovely device? I think its lovely!

Its undetectable as a jailbreaking device which is AWESOME.

It looks like the company found some old fake ipod shuffle cases and used them instead of making a nice fancy case. But still, aesthetics aside its FINE.

Price wise? Well check THIS out.

E3 Card Reader - 500pcs at $7.50/ea
PS3USBJailbreak - 50pcs at $7.80/ea
X3Max - 50-100pcs at $18/ea
P3Go - 100pcs at $18.40/ea
PS3Stinger - 100pcs at $15.25/ea
PS3YES - 50pcs at $8.50/ea
PS3YES-Pro - 50pcs at $16.00/ea
PS3Jig - 50pcs at $13.45/ea
PS3Break - 10pcs at $25.00/ea
Eclipsemod - 100pcs at $17.00/ea
Tinyavr - 100pcs at $9.71/ea
PSJailbreak - 250pcs at $70.00/ea
PSDowngrade - 250pcs at $24.00/ea
PSJailbreak/PSDowngrade Combo - 250pcs at $88.00/ea

Its the cheapest!!! Comparatively and technically it doesn't have a 128k max payload like the size leader X3MAX its actually 4000k so it kinda beats the competition in that sense. This combined with the dual boot payload feature is very interesting!

Oh and the 500 min order is only so you can be an official distributor, the company will let you order less

So, what are you waiting for? (A better looking case? LOL) Buy this jailbreak I hope you guys enjoy my collages

#14 - DeViL303 - November 22, 2010 // 9:17 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
Ha, ya it does look a bit like one, but real ipod nanos do work too so he was right!

I've ordered one of these too as I want to be ready if hex come out that require 128kb flash, also the dual boot thing will be really handy if psgrade works out, we could use one for downgrade, one for jailbreak, all in one ps3 hacking device!

#13 - B4rtj4h - November 22, 2010 // 8:51 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
my dad was fooled right away ... he said: Wow Bart, can you hack your PS3 with a iPod nano?

#12 - SlipNut - November 22, 2010 // 8:43 pm
SlipNut's Avatar
right on, thanks for the quick reply,guess gotta take good with the bad, definitely after this post I gonna buy one, only way to find out for sure is to try myself, gotta teensy anyhow as backup, was just looking to get something with lil more umf and size for the future.. plus it kinda kewl lookin, lol nm jk.

#11 - B4rtj4h - November 22, 2010 // 8:15 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
For the time being we need to rely on them. The problem is that the last update is dated 10-11-2010. But it does not support much features though.

There are some .bin editors around. But i haven't tried them yet.

#10 - SlipNut - November 22, 2010 // 7:55 pm
SlipNut's Avatar
kewl review, I`ve been looking at this one for a week, was hoping to get some user nfo on it before making my purchase, still a little confused though on the updating. I take i you are still reliant on downloading their updates only? no puting your own .hex files or compiling your own bin files?

#9 - viewtonic - November 22, 2010 // 5:10 pm
viewtonic's Avatar
cool, Thanks might order one tonite!