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December 26, 2012 // 10:16 pm - Following his initial releases, today PlayStation 3 developer Flat_z has updated his PS3 Disc Key Dumper, Klicensee Dumper and Secure File ID Dumper for 4.21 CFW with details below.

Download: PS3 Disc Key Dumper, Klicensee Dumper and Secure File ID Dumper Updates / PS3 Disc Key Dumper, Klicensee Dumper and Secure File ID Dumper Updates (Mirror)

To quote: Finally I was able to find the time to port my dumpers on 4.21 CFW. There were some problems while porting from 3.55 to 4.xx and hopefully all of them were fixed.

These dumpers are not required to work with previous tool called Data Ddumper because they just write all data directly to the corresponding file on /dev_hdd0/tmp. All dumpers were tested on 4.21 REX and should works fine if you do the process correctly.

Example from KDSBest in REX 4.21:

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Dishonored Save Game Hack by KDSBest:

I ported XB36Harzard's XBox 360 Dishonored Save Game Editor to PS3 and modified it. His was detected as virus and I know why. Mine shouldn't get detected.

Download: XBox 360 Dishonored Save Game Editor For PS3

  • You have to use pfdtool to decrypt PAYLOAD of your Dishonored Save.
  • Enter the Stuff the SaveGame wants to know.
  • Play till you got at least 1 rune to be save.
  • Backup the savegame it uses a heuristic method since the positions of coins and runes are not fixed. It will warn you if it came to trouble and it backups your old PAYLOAD file.
  • If no warning comes (even sometimes if one comes) you should have more coins, runes and 65000 of most of the bullet types.
  • At the end you have to encrypt the PAYLOAD file with pfdtool again.
  • To the SaveGame it uses some strange modified zip algorithm to zip and unzip the save.

XB36Harzard uses offzip and packzip to manage the zip algo for him. So do I! I just ported his stuff and modified it and wrote it in C#... VB really sucks. Have fun, KDSBest

PS: If autosaves save failing press circle to cancel and normal. That works for me!

From whitezombie:

Here is FFXIII-2. I resigned a save, successfully copied, and loaded it. I don't know if it works on the US version but someone can test it. Add the following to your games.conf. I used the 3.55 version and keam to dump it from memory. Loaded it on another console with the latest Rogero.

[Register or Login to view code]


  • I recommend to use the FTP client from multiMAN to patch sprx files.
  • Don't forget to make backups of sprx files before patching them.
  • Don't use two or more dumpers at once - this will definitely not work).

PS3 Disc Key Dumper, Klicensee Dumper and Secure File ID Dumper

PS3 Disc Key Dumper, Klicensee Dumper and Secure File ID Dumper

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#13 - StanSmith - October 8, 2012 // 2:59 am
StanSmith's Avatar
Thats what I was talking about. A link to the actual files. Thanks guys.

#12 - Foo - October 7, 2012 // 5:27 pm
Foo's Avatar
It's Mateo

#11 - MateoGodlike - October 7, 2012 // 4:57 pm
MateoGodlike's Avatar
KLicensee Dumper:


#10 - justev - October 7, 2012 // 3:27 pm
justev's Avatar
Here's the files:

#9 - StanSmith - October 7, 2012 // 2:42 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
ALL of them. I can't get any of the files to download. There are too many popups and pages to open.

How about someone put them on a fileserver that actually has the files instead of links to other pages with more links.

#8 - Blade86 - October 7, 2012 // 2:30 pm
Blade86's Avatar
Can't be. There are sooo many mirrors.

Which one you can't find??

#7 - StanSmith - October 7, 2012 // 2:04 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
Anyone got better links? I've opened up about 30 popups and new pages and still nowhere near downloading the files.

#6 - Blade86 - October 7, 2012 // 1:21 pm
Blade86's Avatar
Nice, thank you so much for sharing

So only DEX-MFW-3.55 (like rogeroV2) i think... Anyone knows if this needs peek&poke? probably

Perhaps Deank can change the syscalls? I mean, you are able to copy/paste files on DEX4.21OFW with MM (without peek&poke)

If someone manage it to run on DEX-OFW,... hmmmmmmm NICE


#5 - niwakun - October 7, 2012 // 8:20 am
niwakun's Avatar
really? if this can be executed on DEX, I cant say this is not useless anymore.

#4 - kalberto - October 7, 2012 // 7:59 am
kalberto's Avatar
useless tools CAN NOT decrypt 4.xx

OMG, this is old !