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April 9, 2008 // 8:01 pm - Earlier last week, one of the PS3 Devs sent his PS3 Debug/TEST unit off to another resident Dev (who also successfully did a PS3 Retail Flash dump early last year) to have the PS3 Flash dumped.

Well, it has been done! In an amazing feat taking all of 10 minutes, Courier pulled the two PS3 NAND Flash chips from the PS3 TEST and dumped them. Nothing like a hot air rework station in the hands of a professional!

So, the PS3 TEST Flash has been dumped! We also had a chance to do a preliminary analysis on it as we have seen and catalogued nearly 15 seperate PS3 Retail Flash dumps- and there is only (1) constant string in the section we are examining in all of them.

But in the PS3 TEST, it differs!!

More information will be posted soon, but the plan is now to replace said data on a Retail PS3 system, and by doing so modifying its identity to pass the update verification so that Debug/TEST Firmware can be installed on it... along with all the goodies it allows of course.

PS3 Debug/TEST Flash Dumped!!

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#4 - IanJ - April 10, 2008 // 2:07 pm
IanJ's Avatar
As was said by someone on the news page. Only thing that would worry me would be losing the BR functionality. Debug units don't play BR.

Other than that this is excellent news.

#3 - doggydawg - April 10, 2008 // 8:40 am
doggydawg's Avatar
I agree with wicked insanity... the funny part is that i just had a dream of me playing downloaded games on the ps3 right before i read this.

#2 - wicked insanity - April 9, 2008 // 8:21 am
wicked insanity's Avatar
So we could soon be able to install Dev f/w on a retail unit?? thats sounds amazing. The possibilites from that are endless, the amount of users that would be able to use the Dev f/w to its full potential would increase exponentially. Then progress for the 'scene' would be made even faster.

#1 - Zoddi - April 9, 2008 // 5:52 am
Zoddi's Avatar
nice thing and hope it will be the way for future findings

good luck to you all guys!