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83w ago - Following up on the recent PS3 DEX & SDK leaks, today some more PS3 Debug / Test Firmware versions have surfaced from anonymous for collectors including 3.71, 3.72 and 3.73 updates.

Previously, a PS3 Debug 3.72 Patch Update surfaced between PS3 Debug 3.70 and PS3 Debug 3.74 revisions, but now the missing full DEX PUPs are available.

Download: PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.71 Update (171.5 MB) / PS3 Debug / Test 3.72 Firmware Update (171.5 MB) / PS3 Debug / Test 3.73 Firmware Update (171.5 MB)

Changes in Release 371.001

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Changes in Release 372.001

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As always, it's important to note that these PS3 Debug / TEST updates will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so it is intended for examination and comparison purposes only unless you own a Dev unit.

For those curious, running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 3.71, 3.72 and 3.73 Surface

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#39 - hoangduchi - 26w ago
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thank you.

#38 - stefano947 - 28w ago
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#37 - loicalmerich - 29w ago
loicalmerich's Avatar
there are french.. play about gta 5 ?

Download 4.60 sen enabler would you ?

#36 - mediacenter - 29w ago
mediacenter's Avatar
hy guys is there anyway to get 4.60 jailbreak firmware?

#35 - ViggyYT - 29w ago
ViggyYT's Avatar

Better process response?

#34 - tmactx4ever - 30w ago
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#33 - Creepz - 30w ago
Creepz's Avatar
Very thorough on the instructions thanks!

#32 - sunrise777 - 30w ago
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#31 - Jatworks - 30w ago
Jatworks's Avatar
My Debug DEX PS3 does not have Test written on the top like in the photo or phat models. It has it etched in the bottom like the PS3 logo on the top. must be more that 1 variation.

#30 - petexxx - 31w ago
petexxx's Avatar
this is actually good news ... been waiting for this for a long time...