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February 14, 2011 // 3:54 pm - Here is a PS3 Custom Firmware I made using the recently released PlayStation 3 Modified Firmware Builder known as PS3MFW Builder v0.1.

I call it 3.55 PS3 CFW ZEROMX and the features are detailed below.

Download: PS3 CFW ZEROMX links removed at the request of zeromx.

MD5 Checksum: 00D13A414DB3FFB0FD734A979892BAC6
SHA-1 Checksum: 530B359CB38D15C6C836AB9AA5A7FE00E329BAEC

3.55 PS3 CFW ZEROMX Features:

  • Added new icons to the XMB Game category
  • Patch LV1 hypervisor
  • Patch LV2 kernel
  • Patch package installer
  • Patch application launcher

PS3 CFW ZEROMX PS3MFW PS3 Modified Firmware 3.55 Arrives

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#71 - severusx - February 18, 2011 // 4:21 pm
severusx's Avatar
Any updates on this? Confirmed?

#70 - Jes03 - February 17, 2011 // 3:26 am
Jes03's Avatar

After installing a MFW I made with NOTHING removed, only the patches turned on when I go to SAVEGAMES I no longer have the USB devices there. I can still copy savegames to USB but I cant see the USB drives to copy savegames from.

#69 - hawk188 - February 17, 2011 // 2:44 am
hawk188's Avatar

I have a question for devs. Since Cinavia was implemented into FW 3.0x and above , Is it possible to have a 3.55 MFW to maybe exclude or remove the cinavia implemetation? Please, my undestanding with FW is absolutely zero so yes, a total noob question...


#68 - theone1982 - February 17, 2011 // 1:43 am
theone1982's Avatar
I am interested in this disable log output feature... :-)

#67 - hakz - February 16, 2011 // 1:31 pm
hakz's Avatar
Can someone explain to me if they wanted to stop an influx of cfw from random users, as someone put it earlier in this thread, why did they release a tool that enables just that?

Or am I missing something here?

#66 - ukdan2k - February 16, 2011 // 2:55 am
ukdan2k's Avatar
just a suggestion if possible for a feature on the next firmware builder could an option be added to bypass blu-ray updates during the update process, for peeps with knackered blu-ray boards.

#65 - PS4 News - February 15, 2011 // 10:36 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
This is our designated Forum for them, but if enough users start making and sharing their own CFW/MFW builds then sure we can add a Sticky thread with them all.

#64 - severusx - February 15, 2011 // 10:26 pm
severusx's Avatar
How about we have a sub-forum/sticky where users can post MFW variants as long as they provide a list of the options they chose? We don't need to have 1000 different variants, but we could pick a few and just have them available to users who do not want to try to do it themselves. Sort of like the EBOOT mods sticky.

#63 - zeromx - February 15, 2011 // 9:24 pm
zeromx's Avatar
Thanks boss!...

#62 - PS4 News - February 15, 2011 // 8:33 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I have removed the "3.55 PS3 CFW ZEROMX" download links at zeromx's request.

When users post CFW/MFW's, whether made with PS3MFW Builder or other means, we generally do frontpage the news so keep that in mind when sharing things.