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204w ago - Today we received word from mas that he and xorloser have made available a PS3 Cell BE (Broadband Engine) Secure Boot Process PDF document for other PlayStation 3 developers.

Download: PS3 Cell BE (Broadband Engine) Secure Boot Process PDF

Speaking briefly to xorloser, he stated mas recently contacted him with the chart for examination and from there some updates and corrections were made to the diagram until the revised public version was born.

Very cool PS3 developments indeed, and cheers for clarifying the exact PS3 boot process guys!

PS3 Cell BE (Broadband Engine) Secure Boot Process PDF Arrives

PS3 Cell BE (Broadband Engine) Secure Boot Process PDF Arrives

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#6 - xrayglasses - 204w ago
xrayglasses's Avatar
0m1kr0n is running both 3.55 and 3.61 loaders on a 3.55 CFW from what I hear.

#5 - sam hex - 204w ago
sam hex's Avatar
It's still accurate, just that they moved a lot of stuff to lv0 now and packed it as one file. That's like their last resort now.

#4 - GotNoUsername - 204w ago
GotNoUsername's Avatar
Is this one for newer FW's 3.60+?? I though the removed a lot of the level stuff exept level0.

#3 - elser1 - 204w ago
elser1's Avatar
can they change the boot process in these fw updates? i don't see how really, but since he asked makes me think.. i'd say no.. but i'm just a logical guy not an expert.. LOL

#2 - CodeKiller - 204w ago
CodeKiller's Avatar
Is it true for the latest firmwares too?

#1 - elser1 - 204w ago
elser1's Avatar
kool, this may help some "right" people..