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PS3 Backup Explorer v1.0 Homebrew Game Manager is Released

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216w ago - For all of you who want to manage your PS3 games located at your PC or at your internal or external PS3 hard disk here is PS3 Backup Explorer version 1.0.

Download: PS3 Backup Explorer 1.0 / PS3 Backup Explorer 1.0 (Includes FTP Version Check)
Requires: .Net Framework 4.0

PS3 Backup Explorer features:

  • Loads games from local drive or internal/external PS3 hard disk via FTP
  • Currently only supports OpenPS3FTP 1.3 for ftp transfer
  • Lists all informations about a game from param.sfo
  • Shows avatar in list and background image as application background (see screenshot)
  • Export game list in sorted order to text or excel

PS3 Backup Explorer v1.0 Homebrew Game Manager is Released

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Comments 23

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#23 - davbr - 65w ago
davbr's Avatar
thanks for the download.

#22 - rsa84 - 212w ago
rsa84's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ninjanutta2 View Post
on win 7, try running in xp compatibility mode.works for me, wouldn't even open otherwise.

Not working even in compatibility mode error detail below, how many games do you have in the directory? it worked fine hen i had just a few of them then started to change folder because program only looks for game in the first dir and i had \GAMENAME\BLESxxx\ and did not find those games now all games with \BLESxxx starts creating list then crashes

[Register or Login to view code]

Found the problem, it was a faulty game folder (incomplete) that caused the crash. Sugestion to author: isn't it possible to add a option to look for bigfiles so we can know witch one are not able to external? thanks for the app.

#21 - BlaZingPenguin - 216w ago
BlaZingPenguin's Avatar
this explorer desperately needs to add recursive checks for games.

#20 - tHeCuTtEr - 216w ago
tHeCuTtEr's Avatar
This doesn't work because my application uses Microsoft .Net WPF which is not supported in Mono (Open Source .Net Framework). Sorry!

#19 - Skaven - 216w ago
Skaven's Avatar
do you have any plans to make a linux/osx version of the app?

maybe make java version so can run on linux and windows and osx?

#18 - tHeCuTtEr - 216w ago
tHeCuTtEr's Avatar
Sorry, I have my standard settings as default.

With the next version I will write a readme and add some hints in the ftp window.

#17 - Skaven - 216w ago
Skaven's Avatar
i most say it took me some time to understand the ftp folder structure i needed to put in to the app my settings is


can't you please update or make readme file explaining to noobs how to put in ftp structure please

and if somebody need to haw standard confg you only need to remove the folder (thecutter) C:\Users\acount user name\AppData\Local\thecutter

#16 - ninjanutta2 - 216w ago
ninjanutta2's Avatar
on win 7, try running in xp compatibility mode.works for me, wouldn't even open otherwise.

#15 - tHeCuTtEr - 216w ago
tHeCuTtEr's Avatar
Did you use OpenPS3FTP 1.3 or OpenPS3FTP 1.3 V2? Yesterday jjolano twittered: "perhaps i should test my stuff before i package and upload it #fail" - I don't know if he means 1.3 V2... I only tested it with 1.3 (V1).

If I got some time the next days I try to support Multimans FTP too and implement some logging to easily find bugs.

Do you have some good ideas for new features in PS3 Backup Explorer?

#14 - Jes03 - 216w ago
Jes03's Avatar
Yea, but after you've renamed then you don't need any game managers to see what games what. I've used just about all the game managers there are and I still think explorer is the easiest and best.

All Backup Managers work fine with naming like this. I've always done it since my first backup all those months ago and still to the latest backup which was 2 days ago and still all work fine.

If you want you can name the dirs, 1, 2, 3, A, B, C or whatever you like. It doesn't go on the dir name it goes by the PARAM.SFO. If you rename it in the PARAM.SFO then its renamed in the BM.


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