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236w ago - Update: AVCHD and Game Manager (by Dean) [20101015-202531] is now available, with the changes posted HERE.

Here is my latest release of OBM that is now PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager, which for those who haven't been following is an Open Backup Manager modification for JailBreak users on the PlayStation 3 console.

Download: PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean

Its features include (among the regular stuff):

• User configurable options.ini (for game backup/search paths)
• Copy/backup progress bar
• Copy/backup speed improvement
• Test game major speed improvement
• AVCHD content management

Finally, some screen pics are below. Enjoy!


PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean Arrives

PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean Arrives

PS3 AVCHD and Game Manager Mod of OBM by Dean Arrives

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#325 - Zentsuken - 236w ago
Zentsuken's Avatar
If anyone should have their own section, I definitely agree that Deanrr should be the one.

Wow, I must be behind with the times, I'm still on the first version of AVCHD/Game Manager, I'm probably in need of an update, especially with all these juicy sounding upgrades that have been done.

Thanks for all the efforts deanrr!

#324 - revo75 - 236w ago
revo75's Avatar
Awesome will test out with latest PL3. Dean you should really get a sub forum dude. I just downloaded over 10 releases lol It makes tracking the latest version difficult. I just keep a tab open and refresh after I get back from work. I like to read the thread and find out what happened. I am sure the Boss will have no qualms hooking you up!

#323 - deank - 236w ago
deank's Avatar
Here is the latest full package with all the fixes + motion background in the last 2 modes. Check them out (although under development).


#322 - almoront - 236w ago
almoront's Avatar
must i copy the games to the internal drive or can they boot direct from usb hdd? as well i have a game splitted with commgenies program on the usb will it boot up or must it be copied first and will this manager do that for me?

#321 - asakopowa - 236w ago
asakopowa's Avatar
Thank you Dean.

It's work fine on my ps3 fat, with Ps3Key V.3.0

#320 - d0gn1 - 236w ago
d0gn1's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
JB method? syscall35 or syscall36

Kakarotos PL3 sysycall35 . I will check the new update posted by Dean to see if it works now .

#319 - deank - 236w ago
deank's Avatar
It was posted some time ago that not all games work in these modes. Also they may depend on some kernel patches provided by your payload. The manager simply MOUNTS the game - it doesn't patch the kernel.

Here is the one a change for you to check.


#318 - Sk8ergrl - 236w ago
Sk8ergrl's Avatar
ok just an update I changed the mount_point to /app_home and now it sees the game on xmb but direct boot is still black screen with my backed up games on the internal hdd: Pes 2010, Dead Rising 2, Gta 4 both black screen.

#317 - deank - 236w ago
deank's Avatar
Hmm... Let me take a quick look and I'll post update to check with.

#316 - d3adliner - 236w ago
d3adliner's Avatar
# syscall35 source_path (/dev_bdvd or /app_home or /app_home+/dev_bdvd)

Can someone please explain the differences in the the three options?