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October 18, 2010 // 11:22 pm - Update: Test 2 is now available, with complete details on the changes outlined HERE.

Here is what I call PS3 Acid CFW, an XMB custom firmware XML hack pack for the PlayStation 3 console.

I spend the last days in playing around with PS3 FW files and have modified some of them and hopefully unlocked nearly ALL Debug options.

I mainly have edited the RCO's and their XML's. It's phenomenal what can be done with a simple XML file.

Download: PS3 Acid CFW - XMB Custom Firmware XML Hack Pack

The Wii works on the same way, but anyway we can change the whole XMB via the XML's. It was a childs play to add some paths from one XML to another and add additional download paths for contents that before was only download able into one path. (eg PS3HDD or PS3 only games).

In my country nearly all chips that can be used to make a PSGroove are sold out. I still have some ATmega8 chips at home but I need to modify the source to get the thing running.

The LUFA software USB LIB doesn't support ATmega8 so I'm trying to use a other smaller soft USB but I will need some days more until I can compile the first hex.

Therefore, I am putting out these modified FW files for PS3 to let other guys test if you wish.

Be careful what you're doing and don't UPDATE. I tried to block every update option but as I said it's the first time and it's not sure that every thing works like it should. But together we will find it out.

• First download a PS3 FW Dump first (THIS is the one I used) so you can replace the files with the PS3 Acid CFW file linked above, and put only the folders from "PS3 Hacked FW files" on your USB stick into the dev_flash folder. Make sure to not have any additional files on it !!

• Extract the contents of dev_flash2.rar on your desktop. Use the xRegistry app (or PS3 Multi Tool) to edit the your own one and activate the debug options. I have set a bit flag but don't know if it will work in case that every reg file I have don't include one single bit flag. But as SKFU told us I have set a flag instead of a value.

• After that is done, put the xReg back on your PS3. Now insert the USB stick with our CFW and load the files with USB Firm Loader.

Let me know if it works and play around a bit, tell me what is working and what not. Currently only English and German should display ALL Debug options. Support for other languages will follow soon.

Below are a few things of what would be changed:

PS3 Debug Options activated:

• Hax_Home/PS3_Game/
• Install PKG
• Check
• Lock
• Unlock
• Chancel Purchase
• Delate
• Update via HDD
• Delate Update from HDD
• Title Store Preview (Store)
• Title Store Preview (In Game)
• Import
• Export
• Quick Sign Up
• Performance Bar
• No Memory Limit
• Quick Preview
• Owner Information
• Fake HDD Size
• CORE Dump
• Game Debug

PS3 System Hacks:

• Block Updates
• Block Online Updates
• Block Game Updates
• Unlocked Secret Debug Options
• Unlocked PSP Only (now you can copy PSP only tiles on any media)
• Unlocked Pocketstation
• Unlocked PS2
• Unlocked System Driver Pocketstation
• Unlocked System Driver PS2

I will now continue working on the ATmega8 mod and hope that I can get it small enough.

PS3 Acid CFW - XMB Custom Firmware XML Hack Pack Released

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#151 - cfwprophet - November 29, 2010 // 8:40 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Don't know about the otheros.First i need a dump of 3.00 or 3.15 FW.

I have a dump of a fw what seams to be a 3.15 but i cant find one single deffination for otheros.

Anyway have made some progress and we now have a Image for our ACID CFW.

AND... i'm proudly present the ACID CFW signing in the system-software FW version

ps. Forgot to say that the img for the cfw is made from our very owen DeViL303 !!

#150 - DeViL303 - November 27, 2010 // 4:53 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
Yes it is working on 3.41. To be more exact its made specifically for FW3.41 and probably won't work on any other firmware.

CFWprophet, Can you be more specific about the xregistry flag edits for enabling debug options you mentioned at the start of this thread, I have looked through the registry file but doesnt seem to be obvious which values/flags to change and what to change them to?

I know Ive mentioned this before but Ive been thinkin about the CFWload1.0 App again, if its possible to modify the source so it also mounts Dev_hdd0 and Dev_Flash2 to a second USB stick it should be possible for people on 3.15 to run 3.41 of USB, Then in theory they would be able to play newer games requiring 3.41 keys , this would be a very cool feature for some who dont want to lose otherOS but also want to play 3.41 games. (only thing I can see stopping this working is if CFWload1.0 wont work on 3.15 or if the game decryption keys are stored somewhere other than dev_flash) , also it should then be possible to run 3.15 of USB while on 3.41 really, maybe get back the ability to boot into otherOS for 3.41 users!

Anyone any thoughts on this?

#149 - bitsbubba - November 27, 2010 // 7:21 am
bitsbubba's Avatar
is this working on 3.41 now?

#148 - DeViL303 - November 27, 2010 // 5:19 am
DeViL303's Avatar
Ok, Replacing the xml located at "ACID_CFW_002\vsh\resource\explore\xmb\category_network.xml" with the one attached below will change the install packages icon to the one I posted if anyone is interested!

All I did was change one line of text, ie - instead of:

[Register or Login to view code]

I wrote:

[Register or Login to view code]

The App home icon is not changing for me so easily, must be linked to another xml somewhere.

#147 - DeViL303 - November 27, 2010 // 4:00 am
DeViL303's Avatar
Nice 1, Been looking forward to this, thanks. testing it out asap! I wonder how the TV category can be made to appear, anyone know? would be handy to have another category to playaround with.

Have fun Partying, it is cold over here in ireland now so no more outdoor raves for a while, its the season for indoor house parties!

I've a few Small ideas for icons, How about change The Hax_home icon and Install package icon for these ones, just to spruce up the new options!

#146 - cfwprophet - November 27, 2010 // 12:06 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
Ok peoples found some time to work on the ACID CFW and have updated it to version 002.


Whats new?

* Kicked out Network category and merged with the psn category
* Network category renamed to HAXXX so now it is the HAXXX category
* Debug Option like Install_pkg_file and Title Store preview are putted in the Haxxx category
* Some other secred tweaks i dono want to spid out yet

To day its weekend and i wasnt out since weeks so... i have to go out and make party. Will work again and finish this mod next days.

-peace cfwprpht-

#145 - oVERSoLDiER - November 10, 2010 // 8:08 pm
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Here you go, I attach a *.PUP decrypter.

#144 - bitsbubba - November 10, 2010 // 6:36 pm
bitsbubba's Avatar
how so it goes out of GameOS to play the game then restarts on game exit, have tried with both PS2/1 games.

#143 - ravenous1981 - November 10, 2010 // 3:58 pm
ravenous1981's Avatar
You dumped the dev_flash from yours and all is the same :-) its not a multiple to people but every men dumped youre own dev_flash with his settings :-)

#142 - bitsbubba - November 10, 2010 // 1:44 pm
bitsbubba's Avatar
nXBM only works once before having to re-JB because because it resets the XMB to play PS1/2 games.