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October 25, 2012 // 10:02 pm - Similar to Shark Week, this appears to be PS3 Key week with the latest additions being the PS3 3.70 Appldr (VSH.elf) Keys surfacing while a list of the PlayStation 3 version 3.65 to 4.30 Appldr Keys in SCETool format is also in development.

Download: PS3 3.70 Appldr Keys (VSH.elf) Decrypted by ItsKamel / PS3 3.70 Appldr Keys (VSH.elf) Decrypted (Mirror) / PS3 3.70 Appldr Keys (Mirror #2) / PS3 3.70 Appldr Keys (Mirror #3) / PS3 4.25 Keys by razorx / PS3 lv0 key + 3.60 + 3.70 key by Mistawes / Battlefield 3 EBOOT Decrypted by lewy20041 / Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (REORC) Decrypted by windrider (Password: SupLeechers) / multiMAN 3.70 [EBOOT_FIX] by slarty1408

This adds to the recent PS3 LV0 (Bootldr) Keys leak, the PS3 4.25 / 4.30 Decrypted APPLDR Keys, the PS3 LV0 and Encapsulated CEX 4.30 Loaders, the PS3 4.21 LV1 and lv2_dump from 4.21 acquired by zadow28 when the Sycall table was found at offset 0x346390, the PS3 LV0 4.25 / LV2 4.25 / LV0 4.30 dumps decrypted and the PS3 4.25 Keys for MFW Builder.

Today's update begins with dosjuanes posting the PS3 3.70 Appldr Keys on Spanish site Elotrolado (linked above), followed by Chinese hacker Luckystar (via developing a PS3 Appldr Keys 3.65 to 4.30 list in SCETool format as outlined below.

From dosjuanes on the PS3 3.70 Appldr Keys, roughly translated:

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From razorx: Here's the .ps3 keys i've put together (linked above) for you all just extract the zip into your .ps3 folder and your done the zip contains:

  • lv0-ctype-425
  • lv0-iv-425
  • lv0-key-425
  • lv0-priv-425
  • lv0-pub-425

From slarty1408: Hi ppl, Just thought i'd add the 3.70 keys to deank's multiMAN[EBOOT_FIX] tool (linked above) so you can fix your own eboots/games. i will add more keys as i get hold them... I have only only tested it with 1 game by the way so any feed back would be great.

From cory1492: None of the keys are decrypted. The ERK/RIV of all keys (app/npdrm/spp) in the raw decrypted appldr are decrypted before use by appldr at runtime. Look at the working 3.70 posted earlier (or any of the previous keys) pub and search it out.

From Luckystar comes a PS3 3.65-4.30 Appldr Keys WIP, roughly translated: Appldr 4.30

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The extracted from appldr 4.3 from 000248A0-000260F0. The PUB is right. erk and riv incorrect. The estimated or anergistic, send a sce header to the ok.

From aldostools on Mistawes keys dump (above): 1. make sure you have this added to keys file:

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2. make sure that the key revision of your SELF is 0x0016 and that it is not a NPDRM self.

I tested the keys with Saints Row The Third, and it decrypted the ELF... shift+Enter.

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Key Revision [DEBUG] means that your file is a FSELF. You just need to unfself it and sign the ELF with the keys that you want (eg. 0x01)

These 3.70-3.73 keys are just for retail SELF files signed with keys 0x0016. SELF files from PKG use NPDRM keys (unless they are custom made PKG created using make_package_npdrm). Yes... there used to be a tool that resigned your FSELF just pressing Ctrl+Enter on the eboot.

The current "3.70 keys" are only for key revision 0x0016 and self type = APP (retail eboot). If you have an "update/patch" eboot 3.70, it will not be decrypted with these keys, because they are self type = NPDRM and use a different key. Key revision 0x0016 is used by apps signed for 3.70, 3.72, 3.73 and 3.74.

Most of these have been confirmed by users including EussNL and ItsKamel and added to the PS3 wiki here: As always, we will update this article as new PlayStation 3 Keys are discovered and posted publicly.

PS3 3.70 Appldr Keys Surface, 3.65-4.30 Appldr Keys in Development

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#235 - natex - June 27, 2013 // 12:36 am
natex's Avatar
Hi, i have a PS3 Fat CECHL-01 board VER-001, it is Full Bricked, nor erased...

It is possible to recover the LV2 from HDD with this tool and rebuild the NOR?

#234 - PS4 News - June 26, 2013 // 1:36 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on the previous PS3 SDAT / EDAT v3 and v4 Keys, today PlayStation 3 developers flat_z and naehrwert have shared some PS3 3.60+ Loader Keys and Phat HDD Encryption tools (including a full EncDec Emulator to encrypt or decrypt game discs) with details below followed by the Lv1ldr Crypto Keys as well.

Download: fckscramble_421.7z / lv1ldr_rsk_crypto.7z / slim_phat_encdec.7z / slim_phat_encdec.7z (Mirror) / Lv1ldr Crypto Test Files by Abkarino / ps3hdd_poc.7z by NiceShot / ppu erks and / / by zecoxao / LV0 Extractor/Injector / LV0 Extractor/Injector (Mirror) / LV0 Extractor/Injector (Mirror #2) / LV0 Extractor/Injector Source Code by TehUnkn0wn / PS3 4.46 Keys by Acid Burn1 / franzes80

Key Scrambling

Starting with firmware version 3.60 loader keys have been encrypted. Look here for a tool that decrypts them. Besides that, there is an implementation of the cryptographic algorithm which is used to encrypt/decrypt lv1ldr from lv0 and root scramble key at the SPU side.

Root scramble keys

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Scramble keys

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Scrambled keysets

[Register or Login to view code]

EDAT keys

[Register or Login to view code]

From flat_z (via

Phat Consoles

  • On the PHAT consoles AES-CBC-192 is used for HDD encryption and AES-CBC-128 for VFLASH encryption.
  • So no tweak and tweak key here. Each sector is encrypted with the same zeroed IV.
  • VFLASH is encrypted once with ENCDEC key and zeroed IV!
  • Data key is of size 32 bytes but only the first 24 bytes are used for HDD and 16 bytes for VFLASH.
  • See also (contains scripts of ENCDEC emulator for both types of consoles).

From naehrwert ( The "Y U NO" picture I posted before

Btw. this means we might know now how cobra and 3k3y got their drive emulators working on latest consoles..

From zecoxao: First thing are the scrambled keys. Sony obfuscated the keys in order to make hard our access to them. those are called scrambled keys. Second thing is hdd encryption by glevand was incomplete. partially because he only had a slim and not a phat. now it's complete. Third thing is supposedly how cobra and 3k3y takes care of the drive keys on newer consoles. they basically don't even grab the keys, and all that's needed are sv_iso keys.

naehrwert already knows how that works. hence that meme. all you need is sv_iso keys lol

The keys should be these ones:
2A F9 18 23 CE 38 59 8E 8D 66 24 5F 69 8A B5 72

#233 - Ps3scener - June 7, 2013 // 6:13 pm
Ps3scener's Avatar
found these but not sure, 3.60 and 3.61 Private keys

if you grabbed all the keys from gitorious. including 4.40 and 4.41 you should be able to make some sort of a jailbreak. unfortunately i can't patch lv 1 on 4.41. so anyone who can, feel free to try.

dunno why its a little bit bigger in size but these are lv 1 private keys by the way

#232 - PS4 News - June 7, 2013 // 6:13 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Here are some more PS3 SDAT/EDAT v3 and v4 Keys from kongen12 (via

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From aldostools: According to ( the "keys" above are edat-key-0, edat-key-1, and edat-hash-0, edat-hash-1. sdat-key is different.


edat-key-0: BE959CA8308DEFA2E5E180C63712A9AE (SHA1: 84E9FC3574EAA11A9462FFA53D5EA46B4D0003BF)
edat-hash-0: EFFE5BD1652EEBC11918CF7C04D4F011 (SHA1: 8A721A06ABC7BB9BF398C5EF5D6F1FD997BC0A56)
edat-key-1: 4CA9C14B01C95309969BEC68AA0BC081 (SHA1: 6ECDFEC0A11890C1F2A689062D3EFE562317B2FB)
edat-hash-1: 3D92699B705B073854D8FCC6C7672747 (SHA1: F7B2917B1FA260FD51D37716A91036651F6F42F2)


sdat-key: 0D655EF8E674A98AB8505CFA7D012933

#231 - kaito kid - June 7, 2013 // 9:03 am
kaito kid's Avatar
Hi everyone, I want ps3keys up to 4.41 or 4.40 because I have 4.31 keys.

#230 - GlobalTroll - April 15, 2013 // 7:04 pm
GlobalTroll's Avatar
Scrambling and unscrambling obfuscated keys from loader (PS3 FW 3.60 - 3.61)

from LV1LDR.ELF FW3.61

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Unscrambling script:

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Scramling script:

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#229 - nintendo1516 - March 29, 2013 // 5:11 pm
nintendo1516's Avatar
very cool news

#228 - PS4 News - February 21, 2013 // 7:17 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Here are some more purported PS3 keys for Firmware 4.31 from MARKUS++:

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Also below are unconfirmed PS3 RSA KEYS from haleskinn and via

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#227 - phuqt - December 25, 2012 // 7:58 pm
phuqt's Avatar
What are these keys?

#226 - cfwmark - December 24, 2012 // 11:01 pm
cfwmark's Avatar

FILE NAME: ps3key.txt