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August 21, 2010 // 9:30 pm - This weekend the official PS JailBreak site (linked above) has resurfaced after being down with a warning to avoid clone PS3 ModChips, and they have provided an Authorized Dealer List to help potential buyers purchase their PS JailBreak.

According to their banner, imitators and cheap Chinese knockoffs are already a threat to their PS JailBreak sales.

While we won't condone purchasing a PS JailBreak PS3 ModChip (official or clone) as we feel waiting a few weeks for a FREE PS3 scene solution is the smarter way to go, below is their list of current resellers around the globe for those interested along with the official distribution pricing.

It's interesting to note they intend to remove any reseller who sells below the guidelines provided. Additionally, reports that Dave at confirmed this price fixing and went on to state the minimum order is $22,000.00.

OZ Mods -
Quantronics -
Modsupplier -

Modchip Central -
Canada Mods -
Foundmy -

Fox Chip -
Arcalide -
Siliteo -

Bluebytestore -

Console Pro -
ConsoleService -
Dynamodz -

Disco Azul -
Chips Spain -
Alechip -
Todo Consolas -
Sat Kit -

Manzzon -
Rejoy -
Wechip -

Shop PS Jailbreak -

PS JailBreak Warns of Clone PS3 ModChips, Offers Dealer Listing

PS JailBreak Warns of Clone PS3 ModChips, Offers Dealer Listing

PS JailBreak Warns of Clone PS3 ModChips, Offers Dealer Listing

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#2 - proskopina - August 22, 2010 // 11:26 am
proskopina's Avatar
well i can say that if you have never bought from DiscoAzul or chipspain, they are trustworthy, i have bought several items from them, and have nothing bad to say about them so if you want to add this to your initial post go ahead devinger.

#1 - viewtonic - August 22, 2010 // 9:58 am
viewtonic's Avatar
C'mon why do they always ignore us 3rd world guys!! Then they ask us not to be cheap chinese knockoffs...