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August 30, 2010 // 12:43 pm - Over the weekend the PS3 modchip known as PS JailBreak was examined, and today Mathieulh has made several Tweets (linked above) confirming that his PS3 hacker team have successfully cloned the PS JailBreak USB device.

Essentially this means the PS3 hack used to run PlayStation 3 game backups on a retail PS3 console was itself hacked, and according to Mathieulh details on the exploit used will be publically documented and available as soon as next week.

Those interested in acquiring the necessary hardware, specifically a Teensy ++ board or an AT90USBKEY, may want to check HERE for some handy links.

Below are some quotes from his recent Tweets, as follows:

"Someone from our group just successfully cloned the psjailbreak dongle. Going to improve the shell code soon.

We are not releasing anything, we didn't just rip things off, we know how it works, the clone is just a POC, we plan on documenting.

The exploit will be documented on the ps3wiki as soon as possible (we need to write up the whole article, will take a bit)

Buy an AT90USBKEY or Teensy board now and we'll have good news soon.

Right now as far as I know the (original clone) code has been ported to the Teensy ++ There is no ETA as to any other devices so far."

Teensy Key Features:

• USB can be any type of device
• AVR processor, 16 MHz
• Single pushbutton programming
• Easy to use Teensy Loader application
• Free software development tools
• Works with Mac OS X, Linux & Windows
• Tiny size, perfect for many projects
• Available with pins for solderless breadboard
• Very low cost & low cost shipping options

PS JailBreak Successfully Cloned by Mathieulh's PS3 Hacker Team

PS JailBreak Successfully Cloned by Mathieulh's PS3 Hacker Team

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#99 - schmake - August 31, 2010 // 10:41 am
schmake's Avatar
I'm perplexed at the amount of people who are purchasing these USB Dev boards on spec alone. I'm not saying that it is a bad thing, or that announcements earlier today will not come to fruition. However reading through the comments here most people are waiting for a spoon fed solution. I'm hoping for their sake that it comes sooner than the flood of cheap clones that will inevitably hit.

Me personally I am in a good position as I have patience, the ability to program IC and make my own PCB should the information ever get released. Impatience or rushing head first never leads to anything good.

At least the companies that are selling these USB microcontroller dev boards are making a killing

#98 - BwE - August 31, 2010 // 10:21 am
BwE's Avatar
lol who cares in the end everything will work out

#97 - chomps268 - August 31, 2010 // 10:18 am
chomps268's Avatar
Let's not continue down the same path the PSP users did. Instead, lets wait patiently and quietly to see what ends up happening. Try to be a bit more appreciative aswell, if possible. These guys are taking time out of their lives to do this.

Just sayin'... But PSP users were straight mean to devs in every psp community I was a part of. The more easy-going and relaxed everyone is, the more friendly/less stressed out devs will be.

#96 - tripellex - August 31, 2010 // 10:12 am
tripellex's Avatar
I personally am going to wait it out till something else comes along. No sense wasting the money until something concrete comes out. And as NinjaOptimus pointed out, Math hasn't always been reliable in the information sharing department, and likes to sensationalize things via Twitter.

But, in the end, its your money of course.

#95 - BwE - August 31, 2010 // 10:03 am
BwE's Avatar
yeah i'm sure if some kids from france can clone the psjb into a teensy++ i'm sure others can.

i'm on the teensy bandwagon

i feel so stupid for ordering the psjailbreak - but yeah hope ill get my $ back

either way i hope to work out a way to make this inbuilt into the ps3 via infectus or similar.

#94 - xantra - August 31, 2010 // 9:52 am
xantra's Avatar
I'm ordering a teensy and teensy ++. One for the PS3 and one for play. It's great their system development without programmator.

#93 - NinjaOptimus - August 31, 2010 // 9:47 am
NinjaOptimus's Avatar
I'm very suspicious about Mathieulh's promises. They didn't release any useless information for the community. All this time they kept their lv2 dumps secrets, and kept tweeting just to sensationalize the 'end users' who were excited about the progress. Thankfully They got owned by an unkown hack group.

Now they're continuing on by using the work of that unknown hack group, and still they're holding on to the dumps of the PSJB communication/sniffing. Its pretty mean, and again it shows they're still very firm about their attitude and don't give a damn about the end users.

Tweeting info like 'we've done this, we've done that' is useless to us, albeit good for their e-peen. i'd rather buy a clone if they kept continuing this attitude.

Just release the complete sniffed information. If you think you and your team have the talent, just release the information, and then we'll see if your team or some other individual can use that information to do something better, i'm sure in that case your team will lose again, just like it did in using geohot's exploit.

#92 - Karl69 - August 31, 2010 // 9:44 am
Karl69's Avatar
Here are the AT90USBKEY specs:

#91 - chomps268 - August 31, 2010 // 8:55 am
chomps268's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
i made my order on the 19th - nearly 3 weeks

no offense or anything but... where did you learn math?

31 - 19 = 12. therefore, you haven't even been waiting 2 weeks yet lol.

#90 - BwE - August 31, 2010 // 8:43 am
BwE's Avatar
i made my order on the 19th - nearly 3 weeks