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September 8, 2010 // 10:33 am - Previously we reported that the PS JailBreak Backup Manager was incoming with some of the rumored features, and today the official PS JailBreak site (linked above) has been updated stating the PS3 USB modchips are shipping and offering some update details.

To quote: "Firstly we would like to apologize for the shipping delay. Our product is now officially shipping, and we have eliminated delay for future orders. All future orders will be shipped within 24 hours of payment.

As this is a big project we needed to make sure that everything would be perfect for both the present and the future. Let us tell you the wait is well worth it as we have made our product even better then we thought possible.

We have several new things to announce. Our Backup Manager v1.1 will be released on or before the 15th of September with a very valuable feature as well as increased reliability and expandability. We have received many emails asking about updates, we have a solution in the works (unlike all copy cat clone makers).

Our solution will be released within 7 days as well and will only work with original units. As well we receive many inquiries as to price and competition. It is very important for all dealers and end users to understand that you get what you pay for.

It costs a lot of money to support and provide new features. Clone makers/ Free versions do not have our associated costs for research or production , but when you buy cheap you receive an inferior quality product that will not be able to have any updates or support.

Remember everybody you get exactly what you pay for. Some might say our product is priced to high , but we have to say if you want something that will continue to work then the money is well worth it! Thank you from the PS JailBreak Team."

PS JailBreak PS3 ModChip Shipping, Update Details Available

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#31 - efciem420 - September 15, 2010 // 1:02 pm
efciem420's Avatar
I dont think releasing the new BM that is locked to run only on their JB device would do anyone any good since no one has one of their JB devices.. lol no rush on that release till we actually get a PSJB shipped out successfully.

#30 - Senaxx - September 15, 2010 // 12:55 pm
Senaxx's Avatar
Btw are they releasing an updated BM today? I thought i had read something about an updated BM on or before september the 15th?

#29 - efciem420 - September 15, 2010 // 12:44 pm
efciem420's Avatar
Seems to me that the resellers at the very least could just send updates to inform of delays or problems, offer alternatives etc...

seeing as most of the resellers are now listing dev USB AVR devices etc...

but nope, nothing... just a dead end.

#28 - GohanX - September 15, 2010 // 5:54 am
GohanX's Avatar
I haven't been able to contact their sales team or anyone representing PSJailbreak in the past few days. It's like just disappeared...

#27 - patholi - September 15, 2010 // 12:17 am
patholi's Avatar
Well, i ordered mine from discoazul (for 99€. Today they apologized for the delay by giving me a 10€ voucher for my next order.

but i still didn't get my dongle

#26 - efciem420 - September 15, 2010 // 12:06 am
efciem420's Avatar
has anyone actually received their psJB usb stick yet ? (the real one, not some clone)

My reseller i ordered from has gone unresponsive...

I am dissapointed in this whole lack luster customer service experience from a mod chip provider that has done so well in the past.

#25 - Wile E - September 10, 2010 // 1:58 am
Wile E's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Pcsx2006 View Post
If they want to compete in the market full of clones they have to lower their prices around 50$ and people will definately buy it.

If they only charged $50, and guaranteed it to work with updates, I would buy it, even with the free options on the market. Less hassels is worth some money. It is not worth $160 tho.

#24 - Pcsx2006 - September 9, 2010 // 2:55 pm
Pcsx2006's Avatar
If they want to compete in the market full of clones they have to lower their prices around 50$ and people will definately buy it.

#23 - GohanX - September 9, 2010 // 1:13 pm
GohanX's Avatar
If true, then these prices just means they're aware that they can't stop other people copying their dongles a la psgroove. It also probably means they know their backup manager is going to be cracked to be used with any dongle, or that it won't be able to tell the difference between their dongle and any other one.

#22 - SLADER141 - September 9, 2010 // 12:26 pm
SLADER141's Avatar
UPDATE: I have received word on psjailbreak’s NEW lower wholesale price breakdown, expect lower prices at your favorite mod retailer soon.

50pcs USD 29.50
100pcs USD 29.00
250pcs USD 28.50
500pcs USD 27.50
1000pcs USD 26.50