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PS JailBreak PS3 Game Dumps Hit the Internet, Not All Working?

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236w ago - Update: PS3 Jailbreak Info Centre has confirmed reports from Manzzon that all games do work with PS Jailbreak when using an internal PS3 hard drive, as was suspected.

According to users on IRC, PS JailBreak PS3 game dumps are now hitting the Internet, however, according to PS3JailBreak.com a Sweedish Web site reports that not all PS3 game backups are working currently.

To quote: "Its been well known that games that feature files over 4gb will not work on external hard drive (due to fat32 limitations). So it's quite possible thats why these games don't work. We'll keep you posted."

PS JailBreak PS3 Game Compatibility List:

PS3 Games Reported as Working with PS JailBreak:

• Race Driver Grid
• Fight Night Round 3
• Skate 2
• FIFA 08
• FIFA 09
• Resistance Fall Of Man
• Mirrors Edge
• Motorstorm
• MX vs ATV Reflex
• Wall-E
• Need For Speed ProStreet
• inFamous

PS3 Games Reported as Not Working with PS JailBreak:

• Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (black screen on startup)
• FIFA 10 (hangs before startup)
• NHL 10 (hangs before startup)
• UFC 2010 Undisputed (hangs before startup)

Although unconfirmed (Edit: now it appears to be confirmed), according to the OzMod Wiki it states the 4GB size limit issue arises only if you're dumping the PlayStation 3 game to external HDD, and on internal PS3 HDD's all should work.

Finally, another two PS JailBreak videos are available below for those interested!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#193 - ldh888 - 234w ago
ldh888's Avatar
I guess its COPY the files to the hd and have fun... not install LOL

#192 - Yngwiedis - 234w ago
Yngwiedis's Avatar
I think Ironie make the first scene release, and the second, and the third.

So this is the fourth scene release

#191 - GohanX - 234w ago
GohanX's Avatar
It's a real scene release... whether it gets nuked or not is a different question, but yes, its legit.

#190 - wws - 234w ago
wws's Avatar
first scene release : Ratchet_And_Clank_Quest_For_Booty_NTSC_JB_PS3-3DS

3 Dimention Soldier presents...

Release Date..: 03/09/2010
Platform......: PS3
Filename......: 3ds-racqfb.rxx
Files.........: 44x50MB

Install the files to the HDD and have fun!

#189 - kornwood - 234w ago
kornwood's Avatar


#188 - Yngwiedis - 234w ago
Yngwiedis's Avatar
There are already some old ISO releases for PS3 on TBP. Maybe is better to name the new section PS3 Jailbreak Dumps or something similar. First PSJailbreak dump uploaded at TPB !!!

TPB have deleted the torrent

#187 - Mbb - 234w ago
Mbb's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Yngwiedis View Post

Back to the topic now...

Is there anyway to find some PSJB game dumps in torrent sites anytime soon ?

Im asking mods on suprbay (the forum of the Pirate Bay), to make a PS3 section on TPB and make it easier for uploaders to upload ps3 games and for us to find them, come and help me and asking here: http://forum.suprbay.org/showthread.php?tid=71977

#186 - Yngwiedis - 234w ago
Yngwiedis's Avatar

Back to the topic now...

Is there anyway to find some PSJB game dumps in torrent sites anytime soon ?

#185 - tremendazo - 234w ago
tremendazo's Avatar
K thank you. I tried GTA 4 and its working!

#184 - Mbb - 234w ago
Mbb's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Yngwiedis View Post
Modern Warfare 2 is not compatible with PSJB.

Don't bother to dump it again.

Mayby when there is NTFS support.


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