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248w ago - Today the PS JailBreak team have confirmed via xiaNaix (linked above) that an updated version 1.1 of the Backup Manager is coming soon which will include new features and tweaks.

Previously it was reported that the PS JailBreak delay was due to a component shortage, however, this was also clarified today, to quote:

"They would also like to clarify that the launch delay was not caused by a parts shortage as originally reported. They are finishing their retail packaging and finalizing the new software."

Finally, the PS JaiLBreak team are assisting Australian resellers who were recently a victim of an injunction by Sony, as follows:

"With the recent injunction in Australia, they have decided to stand behind their dealers and distributors with financial support. They have made a sizable donation to both OzMods and Quantronics to help support the cause!"

PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 Incoming and More!

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#25 - GrandpaHomer - 248w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ModderFokker View Post
*no disk in drive PLEASE !!!!

got a spare ps3 lying around with a broken bluray drive..

Yeah - that's exactly what I was hoping for - to get some cheap PS3 of ebay with broken BD drive and use it just offline for jailbraked games

#24 - ModderFokker - 248w ago
ModderFokker's Avatar
*no disk in drive PLEASE !!!!

got a spare ps3 lying around with a broken bluray drive..

#23 - GrandpaHomer - 248w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
[QUOTE=Progeria;299972]at least its better than fat32[../QUOTE]
If you by "better" mean that it can store larger files than FAT32 then maybe but otherwise not really.

#22 - lundman - 248w ago
lundman's Avatar
I do agree NTFS is terrible, and not easy to add at all. In fact, they would be better off to do simple largerfile.001 and .002 for files larger than 4GB in fat32.

But really, adding network would be even better, so you can copy images to remote storage where filesystem does not matter.

#21 - Progeria - 248w ago
Progeria's Avatar
at least its better than fat32..

#20 - enohand - 248w ago
enohand's Avatar
why does everyone want NTFS? its like the WORST filesystem....

i can tell all the non-knowledgeable people in here...they are all the people screaming for NTFS!

the best option would be to format a drive in UFS2, then make a windows/linux app that can read & write to that file system

#19 - GrandpaHomer - 248w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
NTFS specifically might not be as easy but support for ANY other FS capable storing files larger than 4 GBs would be great, even formating external drive in some "custom" or PS3 format as long as there will be a SW tool for PC side to access the drive. EXT3 or 4 will do fine as well

#18 - proskopina - 248w ago
proskopina's Avatar
NTFS support sounds good, I was building linux kernel for about 14 hours, only to enable UFS write support. And test UFS support on ps3, but unfortunately I can't format it to UFS, (failed to open disk for writing). But what about cheaper alternatives. They shall support backup manager v1.1 as well, shall not they?

#17 - oVERSoLDiER - 248w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Takavach View Post
i hope this update have transfer iso from pc lan to ps3 and then we can see many ps3 iso in net for download . ^_^

I should can do iSO images 3 years before. Hope, it will be able to play game, which we downloaded.

#16 - semitope - 248w ago
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by avojps24 View Post
obfuscation for what?

So sony won't know you hacked the console I guess.