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October 20, 2010 // 6:30 pm - Just over a week ago testing commenced on the official PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 for PS3, and today Smeemi reports that it is now available from the PSJailBreak Team.

Download: PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1

While the file on their official downloads page ( is still named "manager.pkg" as the old version at the moment, it does display v1.1 on the screen and offers discless booting (press SQUARE when booting a game) and reportedly features improved PS3 game compatibility.

To quote: "Time will tell very shortly what is true and what is not, here is an earlier chat with them:

[16:21:07] Smeemi: Hi there!
[16:21:15] Smeemi: What are your promotions?
[16:25:16] Smeemi: and is the backup manager 1.1 coming out today?
[16:26:04] PS Jailbreak Sales: Yes
[16:26:11] Smeemi: What time?
[16:26:12] PS Jailbreak Sales: It will be on our site in 30
[16:26:15] Smeemi: 30 minutes?
[16:26:57] PS Jailbreak Sales: Yes
[16:26:59] Smeemi: Thanks
[16:27:09] PS Jailbreak Sales: Your welcome
[16:27:52] Smeemi: Any good features ?
[16:28:55] PS Jailbreak Sales: Compatibility with more game and ability to play with no game in disc drive
[16:29:09] PS Jailbreak Sales: We have been working more on updates fo 3.42 and 3.5
[16:29:15] Smeemi: Ok, great!
[16:29:16] PS Jailbreak Sales: That is more important for our dealers and users
[16:29:36] Smeemi: Compatibility wise.. do games like Modern Warfare 1/2 work now
[16:29:36] Smeemi: ?
[16:31:35] PS Jailbreak Sales: Yes
[16:31:53] Smeemi: Thanks"

PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 Arrives from PSJailBreak Team

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#2 - 51N15T3R - October 21, 2010 // 1:45 am
51N15T3R's Avatar
I'm wondering if the PSJailbreak team do end up supporting 3.42-3.50 how can they prevent others from using that code and giving it out for free? The PSJailbreak was already reversed once so it can be done again. Sorry $100+ is still too much for 3.42-3.50 support, I'll just be patient and wait for it to be free for all. After seeing the lame update for the PSJailbreak team's backup manager I have little faith in them being able to support 3.42-3.50

#1 - PS4 News - October 21, 2010 // 1:35 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I approved this despite thinking it's asinine, since the file is not labeled on their own site properly with many speculating it's moreso 1.01 vs 1.1 but oh well.. +Rep for the news FireSokar. I think we all know open-source BM's are far superior anyway.