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241w ago - Today dimmudroid has announced news of what is currently being developed as Project PS3P on PSX-Scene, which aims to offer PSP game emulation on Sony's PS3 entertainment system!

To quote: "I'd like to announce a project i've been working on, PS3P. Basically it's the ability to load PSP games on PS3.

As you may know, the PS3 can play PSP Minis, which are installed just like any other package. And most PSP games have nearly identical structures and files as PS3 games.

Thus far I've been able to achieve a few steps in the right direction, but I'm not ready to share my work just yet. I've been working on this in my free time (aka outside of work and family) and it will be done when it's done.

If you'd like to know more, or keep on the up and up, feel free to find me on

I may need a few alpha testers soon, I'll post requirements and such later today."

Project PS3P Announced, PSP Emulation on PS3 in Development

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#4 - tjay17 - 241w ago
tjay17's Avatar
This sounds nice I would love to play some psp games on the big screen.

#3 - tonybologna - 241w ago
tonybologna's Avatar
The next thing you know we'll be able to port over to an ATARI! Now, that would be OLD SCHOOL!

#2 - xxnogamerxx - 241w ago
xxnogamerxx's Avatar
This would be great, hope everything goes well!

#1 - ramx2 - 241w ago
ramx2's Avatar
Hearing always good news, we're waiting to port it