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February 2, 2012 // 10:29 pm - Last year a PS3Jig v1.00 PS3 Factory / Service Mode Jig dongle for Sony PSP was released by Brandon Wilson, and today I have made available a PS3Jig modification that attempts to support all PSP models followed by Test 4.0 for those interested in experimenting and sharing your results here.

Download: PS3Jig Modified by Nabnab / PS3Jig Modified by Nabnab (Test 4.0)

I need people who have a PSP (even PSPGo or PSPStreet) it suppose to work on every PSP now, i use a dongle ID = 4444

Also I need you to post your result (even if it doesn't work for you, please let me know, it's important)

This is a test to boot your PS3 into service mode with the help of a PSP. Like i said all the PSP is compatible and all the PS3 users can test it:

1- I need result from every version of PS3 (SLIM/Fat)
2- You can test with the first firmware of the PS3 to the latest one (need the result)
3- Post your result with the revision of your PS3

Just need to transfer the path PS3JIG (including the files) to your path PSP/Game, launch your CFW or LCFW and boot PS3 JIG from the XMB game of the PSP.

Oh yes for the PS3 Slim, you need to unplug the alimentation cable and plug in and press fast power on/off button and eject button (because when you plug the PS3 slim, the PS3 slim turn on alone without pressing the power button)

That's all for now

Project: PS3Jig v1.00 PS3 Factory / Service Mode Jig Modifications

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#9 - Xplic1T - February 6, 2011 // 4:29 pm
Xplic1T's Avatar
I thought if you have 3.55 or is it 3.56 you can't get out of service mode. Can anybody confirm this ?

#8 - joshwaaa1 - February 6, 2011 // 4:15 pm
joshwaaa1's Avatar
yeh how do you use it because i want to downgrade my ps3 slim 3.55 120gig..

#7 - Bishoff - February 6, 2011 // 4:05 pm
Bishoff's Avatar
nice! hopefully this will help some users who unfortunately bricked their ps3's.

#6 - DeViL303 - February 6, 2011 // 3:41 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by shummyr View Post
this is great, I'm now curious if we can use this to flash debug firmware.

It is just the same as using any usb dongle method except the psp is emulating the jig, it wont add any new features but it is nice way for people without dongles. It would be even better if this can be developed into a full psgroove, Hacking one sony console with another! I wonder what the limitation is stopping psgroove but allowing psgrade?
Quote Originally Posted by kaos42ze View Post
can anyone do instructions on how to unbrick PS3s with this ?

Just follow any unbricking via service mode tutorial but replace the dongle with a psp running this application, you will still need the lv2diag.self files and ps3 firmware update, PSjailbreaks modifed 3.41 pup or lower.

#5 - shummyr - February 6, 2011 // 3:28 pm
shummyr's Avatar
this is great, I'm now curious if we can use this to flash debug firmware.

#4 - CREP183 - February 6, 2011 // 3:10 pm
CREP183's Avatar
Yes, can some one post any sucesful attempts on unbricking a ps3 fat 60gig please.

Thank you

#3 - kaos42ze - February 6, 2011 // 3:05 pm
kaos42ze's Avatar
can anyone do instructions on how to unbrick PS3s with this ?

#2 - gtxboyracer - February 6, 2011 // 2:34 pm
gtxboyracer's Avatar
wicked - I would love to try and put mine into service mode - and see that famous red box appear - ... apparently it enabled ps2 playback too? Thats what I want. More enhanced functionality.

#1 - PS4 News - February 6, 2011 // 2:15 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
On this Super Bowl Sunday Brandon Wilson has released PS3Jig v1.0, which is a PS3 Factory / Service Mode Jig Dongle downgrader for the Sony PSP handheld.

He has confirmed the PS3 downgrader / Service Mode Jig PSP port can be used for