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February 9, 2012 // 12:20 am - I want to give everyone the heads-up on my Dual Boot PS3 (2 NOR Flashes with Switch for Brick Recovery) project and try and get some feedback...

For the last few days I've been busy unbricking/downgrading etc. The spare time I've had has gone into designing my own Dual NOR expansion board for the PS3

Basics are this: It allows you to install 2 firmwares - one on either NOR which can be easily enabled/disabled via switch on the mod board. Initially the NOR expansion will need flashing (Dump NOR 1 & flash NOR 2 with the image)

Could be used as a "Brick Backup" if for any reason you brick your onboard NOR, you have a second image on the expansion.
Primary use is of course to Dual Boot firmware without needing to use your programmer all the time - initial program would be a one-off.

Can be quite useful, hence the reason for designing it. I am quite aware of the fact there are other products available which function the same. This is my own design which is a fair bit cheaper than the current Dual setups.

Once final thing, please bear in mind this is a VERY early prototype atm and still in testing. More than likely there will be a few changes along the way, but updates will be regular (finally got my head round Cadsoft)

I've attached a 3D sample picture... please share your comments!

Project: Dual Boot PS3 - 2 NOR Flashes with Switch for Brick Recovery

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#31 - mushy409 - February 13, 2012 // 10:06 am
mushy409's Avatar
Only a small update guys... been fairly busy with customer jobs for the last day or 3.

Second stage of protoyping is underway and v1.0b should be ready for testing later today. Also an external switch PCB & USB connection (for internal programmer) is well in development!

Will be prototyping v1.1 hopefully tomorrow if my parts turn up. This design has a combined NOR flasher as well as external PCB for USB & NOR switching etc.

Pictures coming later today! (camera is charging!!)

#30 - banny - February 13, 2012 // 6:56 am
banny's Avatar
I thought i'd lost this, damn windows reinstall gone badly wrong and for some reason wasn't in my bookmarks. Its back in there now, this looks like something even someone clumsy handed like me could use

#29 - banny - February 12, 2012 // 4:39 am
banny's Avatar
A nice piece of equipment, i'm looking forward to the official release, and an installation video would be nice too

#28 - mushy409 - February 11, 2012 // 9:53 am
mushy409's Avatar
Just a quicky before I get some sleep- connected the pcb to my progskeet, dumping and flashing works a treat! More to follow!

#27 - mushy409 - February 11, 2012 // 4:50 am
mushy409's Avatar
Right guys & girls... few pics of progress!

I've developed the first 2 prototypes & have etched the PCBs. I've soldered (by hand) the SMD parts and TSOP56 NOR flash, and I'm now ready to test it out!!!

Thanks to everyone who's given me some more ideas to work with, I've something "Special" planned for you's lot

Will update with progress (after a sleep)


#26 - Liloolil - February 10, 2012 // 4:48 pm
Liloolil's Avatar
Hi. Awesome project. Keep up the good work

Instead of an external switch board, would it be possible to use one of the buttons on the PS3? For example you could use the Power button to start the PS3 with OFW, and the Eject button to start the PS3 with CFW? Or use the PS3 controller to start the PS3 with CFW?


#25 - GrandpaHomer - February 10, 2012 // 8:50 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by DemonoidMaster View Post
but... will it blend ? that is the question.. JK JK, no my real question is

What if i wanted to have my current 4.10 OFW on one side and have a 3.xx CFW on the other... would it be possible ?? to just switch over to CFW when i wanna watch MKV videos or play some roms... and then to just go back to 4.10 with a flip of a button.

Well that's the idea indeed but I doubt it wowuld be possible (at least any time soon) without swapping the hard drives as well (or at least having the external enclosure with dual hard drive and semi-automatic switching between them) - either way - no sharing of the (internal) hard drive data between both FWs.

#24 - moja - February 10, 2012 // 3:58 am
moja's Avatar
Awesome mushy, thanks for your development! I love promising soldering projects, especially nand/nor tools! Are you using an acid-etched prototype? +rep!

#23 - shummyr - February 10, 2012 // 3:54 am
shummyr's Avatar
Very Nice job, I love it, I cant wait to see the end result and will be happy to help where I can

#22 - mushy409 - February 9, 2012 // 11:28 pm
mushy409's Avatar
That's the main point of the design - easy switching between firmwares. Will be updating pretty soon... Need a coffee first tho