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172w ago - I want to give everyone the heads-up on my Dual Boot PS3 (2 NOR Flashes with Switch for Brick Recovery) project and try and get some feedback...

For the last few days I've been busy unbricking/downgrading etc. The spare time I've had has gone into designing my own Dual NOR expansion board for the PS3

Basics are this: It allows you to install 2 firmwares - one on either NOR which can be easily enabled/disabled via switch on the mod board. Initially the NOR expansion will need flashing (Dump NOR 1 & flash NOR 2 with the image)

Could be used as a "Brick Backup" if for any reason you brick your onboard NOR, you have a second image on the expansion.
Primary use is of course to Dual Boot firmware without needing to use your programmer all the time - initial program would be a one-off.

Can be quite useful, hence the reason for designing it. I am quite aware of the fact there are other products available which function the same. This is my own design which is a fair bit cheaper than the current Dual setups.

Once final thing, please bear in mind this is a VERY early prototype atm and still in testing. More than likely there will be a few changes along the way, but updates will be regular (finally got my head round Cadsoft)

I've attached a 3D sample picture... please share your comments!

Project: Dual Boot PS3 - 2 NOR Flashes with Switch for Brick Recovery

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#51 - Djmatrix32 - 150w ago
Djmatrix32's Avatar
I would really like to see this thing working. It could be alot of good to the Ps3 community.

#50 - edokassiah - 150w ago
edokassiah's Avatar
any new updates mushy?

#49 - racer0018 - 153w ago
racer0018's Avatar
Looks good. If looking for some testers I will help out with this. Thanks

#48 - edokassiah - 153w ago
edokassiah's Avatar
can't wait for something to be released. i didn't even know there was rumors floating around lol just by the time i found this thread there wasnt any updates on the thread.

let us know if you need help with anything i will def be getting some of these if and when you decide to sell them.

#47 - mushy409 - 154w ago
mushy409's Avatar
Long awaited update... the project IS NOT DEAD like the rumours around the web are saying. This is a one-man band doing all the design & developing myself...

Latest prototype board revision in the works - Now compatible with the Progskeet 50 pin ZIF connector - enjoy!

#46 - gawen - 156w ago
gawen's Avatar
Instead of an external switch board, would it be possible to use one of the buttons on the PS3? For example you could use the Power button to start the PS3 with OFW, and the Eject button to start the PS3 with CFW? Or use the PS3 controller to start the PS3 with CFW?

#45 - edokassiah - 156w ago
edokassiah's Avatar
Please don't tell the project is dead will help in anyway possible

#44 - atlask2 - 159w ago
atlask2's Avatar
what's news Mushy ?

#43 - banny - 169w ago
banny's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mushy409 View Post
Currently I'm using 4 switches to keep the signals seperate. I'll have some more free time this week to carry on with the project so keep checking!

I keep passing by, waiting for news, seems i'm not getting email alerts to updates

All I can do is hope you get the results your looking for soon. I have a fat ps3, if you need a beta tester for one of those

Only joking, well half joking anyway, just waiting for a price and a date

#42 - nino7050 - 169w ago
nino7050's Avatar
I asked because I thought to tell you to use a multi switch (no need to change whenever you move one of the other 4, 5 switches) Of course, multiple switch must be of high quality)

Remain alert to your masterpiece of art, please continue, do not get beat.