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April 15, 2011 // 5:47 pm - Today Portal 2 has been confirmed as the first PS3 3.60 Firmware encrypted game, however, as it spreads on torrent sites PlayStation 3 hackers are already examining potential work-arounds to get the game running for PS3 Custom Firmware users.

To quote: We all knew this day would be coming, just like before with the v3.50!

Yep, all the rumors were right! -- Portal 2 would be the first game that was pressed using the currently unreleased APP v3.60 keys!

If you are looking to enjoy the sequel to the acclaimed Valve's puzzle-action hybrid, the Portal 2, then you need to learn to setup your own portal, because playing it on a 3.55 CFW console right now is not possible.

You are looking at different sets of method being tested such as the famous PARAM.SFO editing, EBOOT decrypting, it's just useless without the 3.60 keys. To say that the upcoming L.A. Noire is on the same ride will be my heartbreaking May moment.

So, I hope someone will find the solution for this or just roll on the 3.60 CFW already! But remember to eat some cheese with all that wine!

Something always unfolds in the scene, to get you back into the 'gaming'!

Portal 2 Confirmed as First PS3 3.60 Firmware Encrypted Game

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#14 - SebbeG - May 28, 2011 // 2:46 pm
SebbeG's Avatar
well that it certainly is. the guy who messed with the eboot appearently got the game to install the data but it wouldn't play due to needing the update to 3.60 to run. guess we'll have to be very patient and wait for someone to actually crack the 3.60 and put it up for the public and not just use it for themselves. it's not like there aren't other games that can be played in the meantime

i wish i knew how to do stuff like this so that i could give it a shot but sadly i can not...

#13 - HeyManHRU - May 28, 2011 // 7:03 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
It's a start I suppose.

#12 - SebbeG - May 28, 2011 // 6:59 am
SebbeG's Avatar
tried it on a european version and got the same thing...

anyway, went back and followed the link and got the answer i needed. won't work...

#11 - elser1 - May 19, 2011 // 9:57 am
elser1's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by rdurbin View Post
it does load but freezes at installing required game data, but I do not have rebug dex selector. using US version on 3.55 cfw

i get the same on 3.41 i ran the 3.55 eboot thru eboot fix but still the same..freezes 100% at the pooint where it will install game data to hdd..
Quote Originally Posted by DAXGr View Post
Hours??? seriously what happened?

sorry i had to unrar then copy to ext hdd ,i thought it was already on my ext hdd.. LOL and i had to have my dinner in between..

doesn't work but i also don't have rebug.. i guess it may be 1 step closer.. would like to hear from someone trying this on the rebug.. maybe will work, maybe not?

#10 - rdurbin - May 19, 2011 // 8:34 am
rdurbin's Avatar
it does load but freezes at installing required game data, but I do not have rebug dex selector. using US version on 3.55 cfw

#9 - DAXGr - May 19, 2011 // 8:01 am
DAXGr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
i have the us will report back in a few..

Hours??? seriously what happened?

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#8 - elser1 - May 19, 2011 // 7:36 am
elser1's Avatar
i have the us will report back in a few..

#7 - DAXGr - May 19, 2011 // 7:17 am
DAXGr's Avatar
Hey guys while surfing i found this and thought i would post it. If anyone has the blus version of portal 2 then test and report back!

From Mateo Godlike at:
PS3 Portal 2 Eboot Fix to Run on CFW 3.55

I have been working on getting Portal 2 to work on CFW 3.55 since their has been NO release of a newer CFW.

Because I do not have a EUR/JAP Copy of the game

Download Here Eboot.Bin

Its a Work in Progress and I need some testers for the Final Product.
If it chokes on Installing Game try using Rebug DEX Selector.

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#6 - Siggy12 - April 18, 2011 // 3:39 pm
Siggy12's Avatar
Well, we all know about this, is amazing to see how the ps3 is always a challenge for the hackers, maybe this Will open the road for a 3.60 cfw.

#5 - nawzad40 - April 16, 2011 // 1:57 pm
nawzad40's Avatar
Have anyone test this :-

1- in pc open CODServer.exe
2- Without Spoof 3.60 go to signin
3- Boom messege update to 3.60 ofw
4- Go to pc and you will see all keys on CODServer.exe was downloaded