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January 18, 2009 // 2:05 am - Today gourangaman656 let us know of a PlayStation 3 Development Kit DECR-1000 A (TOOL) that has hit eBay HERE!

The seller is haly20, and at the time of this writing the current bid is only US $1,125.00.

Needless to say, if the auction doesn't get pulled over the next 10 days the price is likely to exceed $10,000.00 but still quite interesting as they are extremely rare to find!

What is so good about a PS3 TOOL over a PS3 Debug/Test console? Among other things, this unit can dump/debug the PS3 Hypervisor and Kernel... meaning PS3 Devs and hackers would LOVE to get their hands on one!

To quote: This auction is for a PlayStation 3 Development Kit, MSRP $10,250. It has been opened for photographing and that is all. BRAND NEW IN BOX. The console is sold as-is, with all accessories and manuals in English.

The system appears to have two slots for HDD's with HDD's already inserted, along with a Blu-ray slot. All photos are original and if the part you are looking for is not in the description, it is not included.

I will ship in the box that it came in. This thing is incredibly heavy shipping is as you see on the calculator. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Specifications (All info pulled from the manual)

Dimensions: 16.6" X 3.4" X 23.4"
Weight: 39 lbs
Cell Processor: 3.2GHz
Main Memory: 512MB
External Interfaces and Accessories:
- Blu-Ray Disc Drive X 1
- HDD X 2
- USB Connector X 4
- Extension Connector X 2
- Memory Stick Slot X 1
- CF Slot X 1
- SD Memory Card Slot X 1
- Foot Switch Connector X 1
- Antenna Connector X 1
- Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g Bluetooth Ver2.0 + EDR LAN Connector for development X 1
- LAN Connector for Playstation 3 X 1
- Extension Connector X 2
- Digital Out Optical X 1
- HDMI OUT Connector X 1
- Extension Connector X 1
- AV MULTI OUT Connector X 1
- Monitor (VGA) Out Connector X 1
- Analog audio output Connector X 4
- Instruction Manual X 1
- AC Power Cords for: Oceania, Europe, Korea, UK, USA & Canada AC Power Cord Clamp X 3
- Foot Switch X 1
- Antenna X 1
- Vertical Stand X 1
- Rack Mount Kit X 1
- RFI Filter X 4

Update: Some pictures of the PCB's are now available (via from Gerd59 (aka Strike Venom) alongside some direct-download links below.

Download: DECR-1000A.rar (87.13 MB) / DECR-1000A.rar (Mirror)

The DECR-1000A PCB's:

BMD-001: Blu-ray drive controller board
TAM-520: Analog 4-ch. audio output
TAV-520: Analog AV out
TBP-520: Backplane for 2x HDD + SATA BD
TCP-520: Communication Processor board
TEJ-520: HDD Activity/Eject board
TFL-520: Front Panel (GPI/GPO/Reset/Start...)
TMR-520: CP-helper board
TMU-520: Mainboard
TMW-520: Bt/Wifi board
TSA-520: BD PATA->SATA adapter
TUU-520: Front I/O (Foot-Sw/USB/CardReader)

PlayStation 3 Development Kit DECR-1000 A (TOOL) Hits eBay!

PlayStation 3 Development Kit DECR-1000 A (TOOL) Hits eBay!

PlayStation 3 Development Kit DECR-1000 A (TOOL) Hits eBay!

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#27 - lilmetal - January 19, 2009 // 12:10 am
lilmetal's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by shummyr View Post
If they do, its not a good thing!

Heh, it'd be good for the seller.

#26 - shummyr - January 18, 2009 // 10:49 pm
shummyr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by BentleyGT View Post
Damn never thought of that, I hope not

If they do, its not a good thing!

#25 - BentleyGT - January 18, 2009 // 10:32 pm
BentleyGT's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by patholi View Post
Well, i think, sony will bid, too, because they know, that this unit can help to hack the ps3...

Damn never thought of that, I hope not

#24 - patholi - January 18, 2009 // 10:09 pm
patholi's Avatar
Well, i think, sony will bid, too, because they know, that this unit can help to hack the ps3...

#23 - shummyr - January 18, 2009 // 10:07 pm
shummyr's Avatar
We need to see if we can get a hold of a couple of these units..

#22 - Dreamcatcher - January 18, 2009 // 9:20 pm
Dreamcatcher's Avatar
How do these tool systems end up in circulation, kinda makes you wonder if sony is doing it just to boost sales of ps3!

Whenever a system gets hacked, everyone purchases one! Would love to grab one but too rich for my blood!

thats a few months morgage for that price!

#21 - marcosilver2000 - January 18, 2009 // 9:18 pm
marcosilver2000's Avatar
Let's make donation!! With that PS3 TOOL in right hands we can have hack on the ps3 in less than one month!!

#20 - BentleyGT - January 18, 2009 // 6:19 pm
BentleyGT's Avatar
Yes lawd, the devs need this indeed to hopefully make some magic happen

#19 - saviour07 - January 18, 2009 // 4:47 pm
saviour07's Avatar
i think more than enough ppl on here are willing to donate to the cause of getting one of them for the local devs. if gourangaman656 is mates with the guy selling then ask him to hold one back for a couple weeks (i doubt it would take longer than a month to raise the funds for this!)

get a decent fixed price off him and set the target for us all to donate towards

#18 - Lesiroth - January 18, 2009 // 2:51 pm
Lesiroth's Avatar
Might I suggest we start a fundraiser to buy one of these for one of the PS3 devs who might make the most progress with something like this?

And how the hell did he get 14 units of these?