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October 24, 2010 // 10:58 pm - Today we received word from bleedevil001 that the P3Go GT Break Clone PS3 ModChip with switch (for the PlayStation 3 Slim) is incoming.

The official site is linked above with a few pictures and details below, as follows:

P3Go GT Break Clone PS3 ModChip Features:

1. Has all function features of the first generation.
2. Brand new second generation configuration, support upgrade without keys, plug and upgrade.
3. Use SLC NANDFLASH, up to 128MB and compatible with larger firmware.
4. Luxury materal, bilateral protecting circuit to support plug-and-play function and protect your lovely device.
5. Includes high-speed CPU, high-speed SDRAM, high-capacity SLCNAND in order to upgrade firmware and extend system life as long as possible.
6. Supports starting games by micro SD in console, includes new extension function upgrading firmware by cheats, a real timesaver.
7. Firmware which is designed professionally, attentively and targeted to ensure your PS3 game console starts quickly and successfully.

P3Go GT Break Clone PS3 ModChip G-Switch:

Function features (only support Slim console):

1. Professional module design and is attractive and portable.
2. Uses fireproof, high pressure resistent original material and it is very safe and reliable.
3. Favorable price, easy to use, quick power on or off.
4. Embed high quanlity power switch, matching P3Go electronic dongle to easily turn on or off and guide console.

P3Go GT Break Clone PS3 ModChip with Switch is Incoming

P3Go GT Break Clone PS3 ModChip with Switch is Incoming

P3Go GT Break Clone PS3 ModChip with Switch is Incoming

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#30 - PS4 News - November 19, 2010 // 8:21 am
PS4 News's Avatar
A P3Go FAQ and Usage Guide from
How to boot P3GO ?


PS3 Console (fat or slim)
Consule (firmware) version 3.41 only
Remove all discs from the drive
Do not connect any devices to the console via USB
IMPORTANT: The console must be completely switched off before using p3go. For fat versions, use the switch at the rear. For slim versions, If you have a "G-Switch", it will be more conbinient to operate as the thick one. This is extremely important for theprocess to work correctly when you start the console.

1. Cut off the power of your PS3. Thick one should press the power off button on theback, while the Slim one should pull up the power line. If you have a "G-Switch", it will be more conbinient to operate as the thick one.
2. If you want to apply the "GMAN" system, please plug your P3GO into the first USB slotcounted from the left (Slim one). If not, any slot is possible.
3. Turn on your PS3 again, and press Enject button very quick (most important).
4. While booting P3GO, its light in blue and red will flash, and come with black screenscene in 2 -- 3 seconds. When the blue light is on instead of flash, it means booting progress is over and sucess .

How to install software into PS3 ?

5. After booting, you can enter GAME section in PS3 XMB and select "Install Package Files", you may find two files named GMAN74113.pkg and ftpserver_12.pkg, install them now.
6. You can see a new icon in GAME section named GAME MANGAER, enter it then you will see GAME MANGAER and BLACKBOX FTP V1.2.
7. Shortcut for GAME MANGAER:←/→ + X : select and launch game (after launch game, you will return to XMB, move to /APP_HOME/PS3_GAME/ to enter game)
△ : quit
○ : copy game to int or ext HDD
□ : delete game

How to upload game to PS3 int HDD ?

1. Make your PS3 connect to PC (lan or wireless), launch BLACKBOX FTP, record the ip
address on screen.
2. Use FTP software such as CuteFTP\FlashFXP in PC, create a connect section to PS3 use
info below:
user : FTPD12345
pass : any
ip: the ip address on screen
port : 21
3. Connect to your PS3, you will see files,folders list on it, now you can transfer any games folder as "BLJM60168" to PS3 HDD (dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/).
4. When uploading is over, quit BLACKBOX FTP and launch GAME MANGAER, enjoy yourself !


Q1: How to install the GT-P3GO?
A1: GT-P3GO does not need any installation, it already internally installed: Hermes V4b+KaKaRoTo, dual-firmware, it is Plug
and Play, in the TF condition, the KaKaRoTo firmware starts.

Q2: Does it permanently modify my console?
A2: Certainly not, once the GT-P3GO is removed, it is completely disabled.

Q3: What is the warranty?
A3: GT-P3GO is sold with a 1 year warranty. Our distributors and retailers will take care of all warranty issues.

Q4: Why it is said an unknow USB device was found in the menu when I connect the GT-P3GO with PS3.
A4: Refering to this message, it means the dongle doesn’t work normally. You need to check the following operations:

1. All external USB devices should be removed(including the USB cable to the controller) from the PS3 machine before the PS3 is started up.
2. Ensure the disc drive of the PS3 is empty
3. Ensure the PS3 system firmware is V3.41

4. On the precondition as the above mentioned. Do as following:
(1) It’s important to make sure the power was cut off.
(2) Insert the GT-P3GO dongle to the PS3 device.
(3) connect the power jack with PS3 device to enter its ready mode.
(4) Power on the console and press the Eject button very quick. The green light of the dongle will be flashing shortly after
a sound beep from the console
(5) Once the sytem menu is appeared on the screen, the green light will switch on, which indicating the dongle works well. If not, you need to repeat this process.

Q5: why the “manager.pkg ” file wasn’t appeared when I executed Install Package Files in the menu ?
A5: Refering to this problem, please sovle it as the following steps:

1. Ensure the dongle green light is switched on. If not, please refer to Q4.
2. To ensure a copy of Backup Manager (manager.pkg) file in FAT32 format is copied on it. And it’s stored in the root volumn
of the external USB storage. Otherwise, It will be failure.
3. With the above 2 conditions are fulfilled, intert the external USB storage, choose “Install Package Files”, the manager pkg” will come up,then choose and execute it.

Q6: When I came back to the Games menu, to choose “Backup Manager”, the joystick of the controller refused to work, and
cannot choose the files in the menu ?
A6: After you choosing “Backup Manager” ,you may choose the games, delete some files or backup files,etc by using the
cross-shaped control keys on the left of the joystick

Q7: After I finished the backup of the file, I chose the game in “Backup Manager”menu, and execute “load”, an error message appeared, “please insert the original BD game disc”. Why ?
A7: To load up the game, a leading disc is needed for loading the PS3 games by inserting any original BD game disc into the drive of the PS3

Q8: When I loaded the created backup game, it was back to Games menu, the game what I wanted hasn’t been loaded. What’s the reason ?
A8: It’s normal, When you came back to Games menu, you may find the just created backup games was above the icon of “Backup Manager”. Choose and execute it.

Q9: What is “manager.pkg”? What's it for ? Why I cannot open “Manager.pkg” on my PC ?
A9: Manager.pkg is a homebrew firmware for PS3 system,and it can be run with PS3 system only, which cannot be indentified by PC. The method of manager.pkg setup, please refer to Q4

In addition to Open P3Go (, the official site has now posted the P3Go GT Break source code:
Update 22:26 2010-11-18

After you update the “20101118-update.rar” firmware, then you do not need use TF mode to make update. When you want to update, you only need to save the “update.bin” into the built-in U disk of P3GO.

sorry, we made a mistake. there are some problems in “20101116-update-.rar”, some users can not update from nand (TF is normal). If you have met this problem, please download “20101118-update.rar” to restore. After update, all the functions and update methods are the same as before, we suggest all customers update to this version.

☆Since this version, the firmware version NO. will be showed on the “USB Device”, for example, “P3GO USBDISK VO8”, the “08” is version NO.
☆“20101118-update-dev.rar” is the matched update files for the open-p3go, the normal users do need to download

1. The maximum free memory space for the program is up to 5M Byte, if needs, it still can be expanded which can make you do not subject to the limitation of the memory.
2. More than 15M Byte SLC Nand Flash memory space for your usage, and it still can be expanded.
3. Reach up to 500M RISC CPU with SIMD
4. USB2.0 High Speed
5. Support MMC/SD read-write

Another update (20101126-update.rar) is also attached below, which allows users to load any hex file to the P3Go.
Thanksgiving Day Special Core

1. Support the Hex files of all versions AVR/PIC electronic dog, and collect the payload to load automatically.
2. Support hermes and kakaroto version and other customized version
3. Do not need to upload the firmware, to help the users obtain the support of the newest functional payload conveniently
4. If there are errors, just delete the ¡°psgroove.hex¡±, it will not influence the built-in firmware, it is safe and reliable.

Use method
Copy the hex files to the root of U disk, and change to psgroove.hex. Do not insert TF card when use this function.

Support list:

Minimus 32
Minimus v1
Teensy 1.0
Teensy 2.0
Teensy++ 1.0
Teensy++ 2.0



Other manufactures

Update 2010.11.29 usbboot.rar - This tool is only provided to those customers whose P3GO cores have soft faults due to the regular update.

After you update the “20101118-update.rar” firmware, then you do not need use TF mode to make update. When you want to update, you only need to save the “update.bin” into the built-in U disk of P3GO.

#29 - tobazm - October 26, 2010 // 5:52 pm
tobazm's Avatar
Very good find, I was thinking it might be from the Ingenic family as their processors have wide range of peripherals right from the chip and it's used in many embedded products out of China so you just confirmed that for sure with your find. It's a nice processor for embedded products CPU & VPU run 360mhz-400mhz.

But It might not be the Jz4755 but a 4750 or 4740 as the 4755 would be over kill for a USB device with USB power specifications max limit 500mA and that is for Hi-Power USB device and while you first connect to USB that limit is only 100mA and this CPU would be in the Hi-Power range for sure.

I heard that for USA customers this thing is only $17.99 and for other countries it's up to $29 so price is right for sure.
Quote Originally Posted by moretex View Post
I had a look in the update.bin and there was some interesting strings there. Prepare to Download MINIOS Ingenic Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Loader Version V1.0.

Is it a Jz4755?

I just reviewed all the data sheets for the CPU and I can now confirm Moretex you guessed 100% that is a Jz4755 as it's the only one that has the LQFP176 package.

#28 - nunracer - October 26, 2010 // 1:05 pm
nunracer's Avatar
I just brought 2 ^^ V4B in flash and the pl3 on micro sd need unplug the mirco sd to use v4b

V4B - red and blue light

PL3 - blue lightx2

sorry for my bad english

#27 - moretex - October 26, 2010 // 8:42 am
moretex's Avatar
I had a look in the update.bin and there was some interesting strings there. Prepare to Download MINIOS Ingenic Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Loader Version V1.0.

Is it a Jz4755?

#26 - tobazm - October 26, 2010 // 5:38 am
tobazm's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by lucifernkk View Post
I am using it. Its just like any other device for now, till the developer deliver what they promised.

What did they promised? Do you know what chip is this based on? how do you support the dual boot? one payload in flash and the other on micro sd?

If the developers open the linux side of this device then I'll get one if not the it's going to be another one psjb chip with no updates and support like many others and full or promises

if they open this up to the community it could potentially be the only psjb device anyone would need for long time since the 32bit RISC micro in it and good price $29, Guess time will tell.

#25 - michaelstone - October 26, 2010 // 3:26 am
michaelstone's Avatar
hex's are all good? i've been dying to order something, just wanted to make sure it had enough memory for future possibly bigger stuff...

#24 - lucifernkk - October 26, 2010 // 2:01 am
lucifernkk's Avatar
I am using it. Its just like any other device for now, till the developer deliver what they promised.

#23 - tigereye - October 26, 2010 // 12:19 am
tigereye's Avatar
hmm.. look really interesting... on the homepage they got update and info:

1. Suport booting in Hermes V4B+KaKaRoTo Firmware in PS3 3.41 (First JailBreak Hardware can boot in 2 firmware in the world).
2. When in KaKaRoTo firmware, you must update your OpenManger or GaiaManager to the last version.
3. GameManager in P3GO costum/modified version cannot work in KaKaRoTo firmware.
4. Hermes V4B may boot from PS3 itself, KaKaRoTo must boot from TF Storage in P3GO.

#22 - Krisdog - October 25, 2010 // 10:29 pm
Krisdog's Avatar
I can finally start a bomb fire next to my PS3! And I thought my dreams would never come true.

Seriously though, I made a on? off switch with a spare power strip.

I am interested in the higher cpu and NAND features, if anything. We will see if this dog is barking or biting!!

#21 - solrac1974 - October 25, 2010 // 9:24 pm
solrac1974's Avatar
Looks great and price is good, but will buy a P3Hub1 instead, more USB ports are always welcome!