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May 8, 2009 // 5:23 pm - A few weeks back we reported news on PS3 Remote Play being reverse-engineered with a Portable API in the works.

Today Dashhacker has released Open Remote Play v1.0 BETA (for Mac OS X), with a Windows version still in the works.

Download: Open Remote Play v1.0 BETA (for Mac OS X)

You will need access to a hacked PSP to export the remote play settings. All that's included in the download package.

ORP Howto:

1. If you have not done so already, register your PSP with your PS3 for Remote Play.
2. Copy the ORP_Export folder (it's included) to your PSP under /PSP/GAME
3. Run Open Remote Play Export on your PSP. This will create a file on the memory stick called export.orp. Copy this file to your PC.
4. Run the ORP GUI and click on Import, locate and import export.orp. You will have to manually change the IP address of your PS3, by default it will be set to I keep two profiles, one for local LAN and another for when I'm connecting from the Internet. You can create multiple profiles by simply changing the Name field and clicking Save.
5. Click Import again, this time locate and import "keys.orp." You only have to do this once for a new installation, or if there is a key update.
6. Select a profile, cross your fingers, and click Launch!

Finally, the API and Windows player will be available within a week.

Open Remote Play v1.0 BETA (for Mac OS X) Released!

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#20 - PS4 News - May 16, 2009 // 5:08 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Continue discussion in the ORP v1.1 release thread:

#19 - Transient - May 14, 2009 // 7:01 am
Transient's Avatar
Wow, that's pretty cool. In addition to a 360 version of the client, I'd like to see a PS2 version. Imagine the fun you could have showing your friends that you upgraded your PS2 to a PS3? Yes, I'm sick.

#18 - imtoodvs - May 13, 2009 // 10:42 am
imtoodvs's Avatar
all we need now is a working psp emulator, & its over for the psp. $ony's next revision of the psp would be " PSP GONE!" .

excellent work Dashhacker

#17 - gtxboyracer - May 13, 2009 // 3:43 am
gtxboyracer's Avatar
This is just awesome stuff!!

Can't wait for the Windows Build

#16 - PS4 News - May 13, 2009 // 2:21 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Dashhacker posted another update on the Windows build today as follows:
First, I'm sure most of you want an update on the Windows release. I set-up a VMware server which runs my old WinXP hard-drive through a USB adaptor. Today I spent a long time setting up my development environment. Then, during a build of libSDL the drive started making nasty clicking noises and VMware hung. I can still boot XP, but there is massive file-system corruption and now I simply don't trust the drive. frak.

So now I need to set-up another XP installation on another (working) drive, and start over. Sounds worse than it really is. I was hoping to beat my ETA for a windows release and surprise those who are eager for a BETA by posting a release tomorrow, but now Friday is looking more realistic.

It's not all bad news. I'm happy to report that game launching is working. Tested Zuma, PixelJunk Eden and Monsters, and several PSOne games... all working! Also implemented full-screen mode and normal, medium, and large window scaling modes. Below is an updated TODO list, bolded entries are new.

- PSP homebrew application written to extract Remote Play keys.
- Authentication reverse-engineered and implemented in API.
- Audio and video stream decryption implemented in API.
- Audio decoding (AAC using libfaad2) implemented in API.
- Video decoding (H.264 ES libavcodec) implemented in API.
- Event system implemented, keyboard support working.
- Design simple GUI to manage and launch configuration profiles.
- BETA release binary for Mac OSX
- Added support for M4V video and AT3 audio (for games).
- Added support for application/game launching.
- Added normal (480x272), medium (720x408), and large (960x544) window scaling
- Added full-screen support.
- Added UDP search protocol used to search for and wait on the PS3.

- BETA release binary build for Windows.
- Add joystick support with a default SIXAXIS/DS3 button map.
- Add proper audio+video synchronization (added a quick hack for now).
- Add ability to set/manage buffering and bit-rate profiles.
- Add error messages to the player instead of just bailing silently.
- Implement power-on support.
- Clean-up and document API.
- Release source code.

#15 - GrandpaHomer - May 12, 2009 // 12:03 pm
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ultrachez View Post
So, will we be able to play ps3 games that have remote play capabilities or all games?

You can do ONLY what could be done via "original" Remote Play on PSP indeed ...

#14 - ultrachez - May 10, 2009 // 4:25 am
ultrachez's Avatar
So, will we be able to play ps3 games that have remote play capabilities or all games?

#13 - ssneeky10 - May 9, 2009 // 11:33 pm
ssneeky10's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
Someone I know mentioned the other day he'd like to do some XBox 360 code for it when time permits, mainly just for the fun of having a "PS3 Emulator" on the XBox 360.

ya that idea popped into my head too, via xna of course.

#12 - PS4 News - May 9, 2009 // 8:35 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is a video of PS3 Open Remote Play on MacBook Air for those curious...

One more, a Vidcast of PS3 Open Remote Play in action:

#11 - JeffJ - May 9, 2009 // 5:13 pm
JeffJ's Avatar
i knew there was a reason i decided to put os-x on my laptop and dual boot it with windows 7.