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Open Manager v2.1 Rev J-2 PS3 Backup Manager is Released

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206w ago - Today wuepe at Spanish site Elotrolado.net has updated the PS3 backup game manager to Open Manager v2.1 Rev J-2 for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users along with sharing an OM 2.1I-2 PS3 XMB Game Launcher mod.

Download: OM 2.1J-2 OMAN46756 3.41/3.55 / OM 2.1J-2 OMAN01234 3.41/3.55 / OM 2.1J-2 NPWR01247 - Call Of Duty B.O. 3.41/3.55 (Stealth) / OM 2.1J-2 NPWR00826 - F1 2010 3.41/3.55 (Stealth) / OM 2.1J-2 Source Code / OM 2.1I-2 PS3 XMB Game Launcher

To quote from French site PS3-Addict (linked above), roughly translated: This mod is a bit special, he is a manager that can launch a single game at a time. It will display the games directly in the XMB as in the picture above. This mod also manages the settings for each version as patch management or automatic execution. It is therefore a function similar to MagicPKG or to eboot tool offered by deank.

In the archive you can find 30 times the same manager but with a different gameid, history does not end up blocking.

Changes in revision J-2 include the following, roughly translated:

  • Signed eboot REV I-2 to run on CFW of waninkoko (Rev J)
  • Fixed always ask where to install the games on the internal disk to start the program, now set the first time you install the OM.
  • Patching the FTP deactivated, the eboot to be encrypted and not possible to change directly from now on will be Full FTP, all units being watched.
  • Include both PKG, both signed to 3.55 GeoHot as Debug mode for CFW 3.41 and 3.55 with dongle Waninkoko
  • Now if we set the external drive as a data unit of play, restart the OM longer asks to set the installation path for backup (only 3.41 and hermes dongle v3 / 4)

Open Manager v2.1 Rev J-2 PS3 Backup Manager is Released

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#39 - akodinito - 228w ago
akodinito's Avatar
I only have an 80gb internal hdd on my ps3 and I would like to have the game install data on my 320 gb external hdd. However when pressing Select for games in my external hdd it says "unsupported payload" and for games in my internal hdd it says "only external disk games".

I have a phat PS3 using an iPod touch 1G jailbroken with the latest PL3. OM2.1g and OCI1.1b installed.

Is there anything wrong with my setup or what I am doing?

#38 - red8316 - 228w ago
red8316's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by greenoli View Post
does it work on ps3 v3.50?

Firmware 3.41 or lower on a Jail Broken PS3 only.

#37 - greenoli - 228w ago
greenoli's Avatar
does it work on ps3 v3.50?

#36 - daydreamer33 - 228w ago
daydreamer33's Avatar
tested ps3 unzip / unrar the OM2.1G.rar file you will find some *.txt with instructions like english, german etc.

#35 - testedps3 - 228w ago
testedps3's Avatar
Just wondering where I would find a tutorial on using Open Manager 2.1G? Like stating the questions "Do you wish to install game LANU1234 or OMAN12345? Sorry if I have missed it somewhere on the fourm.


#34 - PS4 News - 228w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by daydreamer33 View Post
now you can renew the headline of this post to OM 2.1G and OC 1.1B

Updated the first post with it now and +Rep daydreamer33!

#33 - izz - 228w ago
izz's Avatar
how do you update open manager from an older version to a new one? do you have to delete the old version then install the new or can you just install the new version?

#32 - daydreamer33 - 228w ago
daydreamer33's Avatar
now you can renew the headline of this post to OM 2.1G and OC 1.1B
REV G changes:

- Added two new languages, Polish and German
- Added support for games that require firmware higher than 3.01 for Fw3.01 users, such as Mafia 2 (external disk backup)
- Added hide buttons, leaving only the X button, On / Off by combining Arrow Right + START (the settings are saved)
- Changed combination of R1 + Start + Left Arrow START, it is recalled, which is a temporary change in pursuit of internal disk games, to go back to the folder defined during the first run of the program.
- Fixed bug in the Rev F, caused by the payload v1, which enabled after L1, was not allowed to recognize the version of the system and wanted to patch to version 00.0000 param
- Now we can select the root folder GAMEZ internal hard disk, we need to not ignore, to see that we ask for: / dev_hdd0/GAMEZ
- Now when we as Homebrew (R2), refresh the list of games from the internal disk, if we play some FTP, to refresh.
- Added in the background version of OM, as the background image by selecting the icon on the XMB.

#31 - tjay17 - 228w ago
tjay17's Avatar
Does this work with other payloads than hermes v4 like pl3?

#30 - djtom1 - 228w ago
djtom1's Avatar
translation OM 2.1f to polish (40 million people )

x launch = Zaladuj gre
[] launch direct = Zaladuj od razu
o copy = Kopiuj gre
˄ delete = Usun gre
R3 fix permissions = Sprawdz uprawnienia (i dont known what it is)
L3 test files = Sprawdz pliki
L1 patch = Patchuj gre
L2 patch >3.41 = Patchuj grę >3.42
R1 ftp server = Serwer FTP
R2 Mode OM = Tryb OM (i dont known what it is)
select hdd int > hdd ext = Kopiuj na dysk zew.
start require br-disc = Wymaga dysku BR

Open copy install 1.1a

x exit = Wyjscie
[] copy param/icon = Kopiuj Param/Icon (i dont known what it is)
o copy = Kopiuj gre
˄ delete = Usun
select hdd int >hdd ext = Kopiuj na dysk zew.

i change background screen from source to polish, ":" singns position is untouched, capslock is used because in poland we have small tv's, sa small letters in unreadable

please add my language to this awesome program, add me in the credits too, if you can

best regards from Poland, viva Real Madrid XD


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