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March 23, 2011 // 11:29 pm - Today wuepe at Spanish site has updated the PS3 backup game manager to Open Manager v2.1 Rev J-2 for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users along with sharing an OM 2.1I-2 PS3 XMB Game Launcher mod.

Download: OM 2.1J-2 OMAN46756 3.41/3.55 / OM 2.1J-2 OMAN01234 3.41/3.55 / OM 2.1J-2 NPWR01247 - Call Of Duty B.O. 3.41/3.55 (Stealth) / OM 2.1J-2 NPWR00826 - F1 2010 3.41/3.55 (Stealth) / OM 2.1J-2 Source Code / OM 2.1I-2 PS3 XMB Game Launcher

To quote from French site PS3-Addict (linked above), roughly translated: This mod is a bit special, he is a manager that can launch a single game at a time. It will display the games directly in the XMB as in the picture above. This mod also manages the settings for each version as patch management or automatic execution. It is therefore a function similar to MagicPKG or to eboot tool offered by deank.

In the archive you can find 30 times the same manager but with a different gameid, history does not end up blocking.

Changes in revision J-2 include the following, roughly translated:

  • Signed eboot REV I-2 to run on CFW of waninkoko (Rev J)
  • Fixed always ask where to install the games on the internal disk to start the program, now set the first time you install the OM.
  • Patching the FTP deactivated, the eboot to be encrypted and not possible to change directly from now on will be Full FTP, all units being watched.
  • Include both PKG, both signed to 3.55 GeoHot as Debug mode for CFW 3.41 and 3.55 with dongle Waninkoko
  • Now if we set the external drive as a data unit of play, restart the OM longer asks to set the installation path for backup (only 3.41 and hermes dongle v3 / 4)

Open Manager v2.1 Rev J-2 PS3 Backup Manager is Released

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#9 - Jes03 - October 21, 2010 // 12:56 am
Jes03's Avatar
Does anyone have an English open installer or a English background for it?

#8 - Figgzor - October 21, 2010 // 12:52 am
Figgzor's Avatar
Can anyone confirm if they overwrite each other or use same install/game folder? i'm using the 2.1.A. Also does this mean we don't need to edit param and replace eboot for 3.42 games?

#7 - Krisdog - October 20, 2010 // 11:48 pm
Krisdog's Avatar
Now that was a very useful opmgr, that you for your hard work!!!

#6 - Wolverin0 - October 20, 2010 // 11:45 pm
Wolverin0's Avatar
Roughly translated by me (wolvie):

I've modified the Open Manager source, developing a new function, to copy the game install folder in a easier way, between the internal and external HDD, like erase or copy just the param file

X: Exit app
Circle: Copy the whole install folder from one device to another
Square: Copy PARAM.SFO and ICON0.PNG to another device
Triangle: Erase installed game

Case 1: I've already installed the game in the internal HDD

Open "Open copy install" and search for the game, or in your case the installed game data, they can be many, and press circle to copy game data from internal HDD to external device

When its done, repeat for the rest of the data, like profiles, etc..

In the end choose every data in the internal HDD (Check below to see if its from the internal or external device) and delete with Triangle

Once deleted from internal, create param and icon0. Choose one by one from the internal HDD and press square to copy those files.

Ready, now the game appears as installed on the internal disk, but its actually in the external one.

Case 2: The game is not installed @ internal HDD

Open "Open Manager 2.1", choose the game to install and press Select (this will use the external device as install path) press X to accept.

Depending on the game it may ask for a disc to work, then we start the game, and wait to install as normal, to finish exit the game.

Install "Open copy install" and open it, this automatically resets the internal HDD to normal mode
Search for the installed game on the external device, press Square to copy param and icon0 files to internal drive
X to exit

Ready, theres nothing else to do, the game's now installed on the external device, and appears as installed @ internal.

#5 - PS4 News - October 20, 2010 // 11:33 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jurai2 View Post
once again: not sure why something like that is news worthy
Yea, I explained that HERE yesterday in case you missed it... can't bother to again though so from now on I will just link to that post.

#4 - bitsbubba - October 20, 2010 // 11:22 pm
bitsbubba's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jurai2 View Post
Looks like they based off Gaia and added one line of code to change the BG path based on region.

hey your name was mentioned this time.

#3 - Jurai2 - October 20, 2010 // 11:06 pm
Jurai2's Avatar
Looks like they based off Gaia and added one line of code to change the BG path based on region.

once again: not sure why something like that is news worthy

#2 - PS4 News - October 20, 2010 // 11:01 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks for the submission Wolverin0, and although the Open Manager v2.1D seems to be a few days old on ELO already nobody here posted on the Open Copy Install v1.0 app so hopefully it is of some use.

#1 - Wolverin0 - October 20, 2010 // 10:46 pm
Wolverin0's Avatar
Similar to LS Cover Manager and other Open Backup Managers based on Jurai2 Mods, Open Manager v2.1D along with several newer revisions HERE are now available along with an Open Copy Install v1.0 and Open Copy Install v1.1 application (with source code) for PS3 JailBreak users from wuepe at

Download: Open Manager v2.1D (Original) / Open Manager v2.1D (OMAN01234)

To quote, roughly translated courtesy of maverick83: With the release of v2.1D, there is an introduction of a new tool, which is Open Copy Install.

The tool is an utility that allows checking games installed on internal/external drive, deleting, copying from one drive to another drive and patching installations on internal drive. It is very useful if you want to do it on the fly for your JailBroken PS3.

Open Manager v2.1D Changes:

- Added Menu Language English, now detects the region if it is Spanish, Spanish shows BG3.png, if you build a BGX where x is the region of the menu display language of their region, but in this 3 and 1 English, if not is the default file will English.
- Added automatic patching to add the improvements of the last payloads (OM Opening the patches automatically, do not press anything special)

Now both PSGroove v1, Hermes v1, v2 and PL3 Kakaroto add these features.

- Added able to play games that require v3.42 modified before the moor.
- Added more patches to prevent update errors. (To be confirmed if left unpatched memory PL)


X: Runs a game
START: Runs a game directly, without having to access XMB (select game and press START instead of X)
O: Copies from internal HDD, external HDD or BluRay
^: Deletes a game
L3: Checks files
R3: Corrects file access permissions
L1: Enables/Disables controller/saves patch i.e. F1 (hermes v1)
R1: Enables/Disables FTP
R2: Switches between GAME/HOMEBREW modes
SELECT: Enables/Disables Loading game data fron external drive

Proper use of game installation (install game data) on external drive:

Note: if the game is already installed on internal drive, delete it using Game Data Utility in XMB.

1. Run Open Manager v2.1x
2. Select the game to be installed on the external drive and press SELECT to mount the external drive
3. Press X and launch the game from the disk icon or app_home/ps3_game icon
4. Follow game's installation steps and quit the game using PS when installation completes
5. Run Open Copy Install, select the installed game and press [] to mark on internal drive that the game as installed (if this step is omitted, installation will be requested again every time PS3 is reset)
6. All steps done

To launch the game, always run OP 2.1x, select the game and notice that configuration for using external drive was saved. Press X and launch the game as usual.

Open Manager v2.1D and Open Copy Install v1.0 for PS3 Arrive

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