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236w ago - Today I share with everyone what I call nXMB, it allows you to patch Dev_Flash for PS1 games and PS2 games if your PS3 is backwards-compatible (has 4 USB ports) in PS3 JailBreak Mode!

Download: nXMB Dev_Flash Patch for PS3

What is nXMB?

nXMB is a tool that patches your dev_flash to play PS1 Games (PS2 games also work if you have a bc-console) in JB Mode.

How to use nXMB? And What are its requirements?


• PS3 that is JailBroken
• DEV_FLASH from your PS3
• JaiCraB's Firm Loader v0.3

Step 1: Connect via FTP and get your dev_flash
Step 2: Move your dev_flash and the nXMB into a new folder (NOT THE CONTENTS, BUT THE DEV_FLASH ITSELF).
Step 3: Open nXMB and let it patch your dev_flash
Step 4: Copy the contents of that dev_flash to your USB Flash Disk
Step 5: Launch USB Firm Loader

The PS3 will mount your USB flash disk as dev_flash

You will NOT see "Install Package Files" but instead of that you will be able to boot PS1/PS2 games and you will have access to your memory cards!

If you wish to view my old thread that led to this app it is located HERE. Currently trying to make 'Install Package Files' also appear in nXMB!

Have Fun!

nXMB: Patch Dev Flash for PS1/PS2 Games in PS3 JailBreak Mode

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#46 - bLackftw1989 - 236w ago
bLackftw1989's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bLackftw1989 View Post
nXMB won't start or show up with anything. Is that correct? I dont know what or if the program is doing anything. I don't get an error either.

Now I get a error "SetCryptin not working anymore"

#45 - Steve301187 - 236w ago
Steve301187's Avatar
Just ten minutes for Luckluka to wait to get the US version of the PSone Classic Street Fighter Alpha. Next I'll send the PAL version of Crash Team Racing. Its game ID is NPEE00026

#44 - bLackftw1989 - 236w ago
bLackftw1989's Avatar
nXMB won't start or show up with anything. Is that correct? I don't know what or if the program is doing anything. I don't get an error either.

#43 - Steve301187 - 236w ago
Steve301187's Avatar
Street Fighter Alpha (NTSC US) will be soon in your inbox Luckluka

#42 - francesco0664 - 236w ago
francesco0664's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Luckluka View Post
Thanks Boss.

0.2 Coming tommorow! Bringing Incredible Features like more debug settings and stuff!

Think you can send the ps3 in factory mode and then install the firmware 3:41 debug?

#41 - jackpollack - 236w ago
jackpollack's Avatar
All the installed PS1 Classics have a similar format. Each has a directory in /hdd0/games named as NPUJxxxxx where xxxxx = the original SLUS release number for the game. (Example: NPUJ00707 = SLUS00707 = Silent Hill NTSC)

At the top level of this directory is the PARAM.SFO, PS3LOGO.DAT, the game's icon and descriptions for both HD and SD screens (as .png files).

There is also a subdirectory USRDIR. Entering that, we have an ISO.BIN.EDAT file, typically 1meg. Also two subdirectories CONTENT and SAVEDATA. The first one contains DOCUMENT.DAT (the game manual) and EBOOT.PBP (the actual game).

Alas, all the classics i have are 200+ megs, so there is no way to attach one. I could put one on megaupload if you thought it would be helpful.

#40 - Art2Fly - 236w ago
Art2Fly's Avatar
WOOT, where did you hear that the PCSX2 team was working on a build for PS3?

#39 - Steve301187 - 236w ago
Steve301187's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Luckluka View Post

Listen Up, Can you FTP into your Hard Drive, and find one of the "PSOne Classics" and upload it here?! Might help me do the backup thing!

I'll make it when I reach a savepoint in Castlevania. Do you know how to recognize each game? I got a lot of them, all PAL versions except 2 NTSC (US), so I can upload on of each type.

#38 - Luckluka - 236w ago
Luckluka's Avatar
Thats weird! I compiled the app on a windows 7 64bit, but its a 32bit executable, i think you had to run it as admin

#37 - iLLNESS - 236w ago
iLLNESS's Avatar
well i can confirm it works, had to install an xp VM and install .net3.5 then run it there.

this app doesnt seem to like my win7 for some reason.


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