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NullDC / PCSX2 WIP PS3 Ports in Development

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238w ago - Today PuppetMaster reports that drk||Raziel has just announced he is working on porting NullDC and PCSX2 to Sony's PS3 entertainment system.

For those unaware, NullDC is a DreamCast emulator and PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator, with the official news update below, to quote:

"Well, sometimes you just can't get free from your projects as easily as you want to. So, seeing as there wasn't much interest in nulldc's source I started to work at it again ! (And yes, of course it will remain open source).

So, I'm officially again working on nullDC! There's a bank of ideas on the wiki on what I plan to do. We're also planning to get the project side back up and stuff.

Leaving that aside, I'd also like to ask for donations. The project hasn't really asked for donations so far (except specific cases, like the Pandora port that required hardware to be brought). As I'm running quite low on money I'll open up donations for the project.

Donated money will be used for: Getting a ps3, porting/working on nullDC/pcsx2 for ps3, getting a jtag'd xbox to port stuff to it, and finally to pay for server/misc hardware fees."

NullDC / PCSX2 WIP PS3 Ports in Development

NullDC / PCSX2 WIP PS3 Ports in Development

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#30 - bigdave898 - 237w ago
bigdave898's Avatar
Those screenshots do look amazing!!

Would it be possible for the emulator to address framerate issues such as those present in Shadow of the Colossus?

#29 - Dragonball98312 - 237w ago
Dragonball98312's Avatar
wow those screen shots look great!

#28 - zant - 237w ago
zant's Avatar
looking forward to it! Imagine DC, GC, Wii, and PS2, all on 1 system!

#27 - SwordOfWar - 237w ago
SwordOfWar's Avatar
PCSX2 screenshots look VASTLY superior. I hope you get the emulator running that great on the PS3 port.

#26 - General Plot - 237w ago
General Plot's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by lowskill
i love dreamcast and the great dreamcast games, hope nulldc will work properly.

Once it's ported and optimized for the architecture, I can't see why it wouldn't. I've tested builds on my old Core2 at 300%+ speeds.
Quote Originally Posted by imtoodvs
the most amazing port, if possible, would be Dolphin. what would trully make it the ultimate ps3 app, is support for the move.

i still own a dreamcast, and i have a 60gb ps3, so the ports are great, but of no use to me.

Once you've seen Dreamcast and PS2 in high res, you may change your mind. I've shown this comparision before, but have a look at the screenshots I've attached to get an idea of the quality of improvement.
Quote Originally Posted by drLipton
Will we be able to emulate the ps2 and dc and be able to get full speed out of it on a ps3? I'm not really sure about that...

I will be happy if we can play n64 at full speed

The PS3 is more powerful than you may think, and thanks to new caching techniques being implemented on our emulatior, the memory requirement is considerably lower than it used to be.
Quote Originally Posted by manolis13
pcsx2 might be difficult, because there is no chip in newer ps3 revisions..

Even if these chip(s) were available, we wouldn't use them. Our emulator is much better as pure software than Sony's ever was when it was using original hardware (not to mention that you don't get true HD resolutions using the GS hardware).

#25 - dragonsan - 237w ago
dragonsan's Avatar
but we are not talking about sony's ps3 ps2 emulation.

this is a different emulator which uses different hardwares and different program coding.

#24 - manolis13 - 237w ago
manolis13's Avatar
pcsx2 might be difficult, because there is no chip in newer ps3 revisions..

#23 - whinis - 237w ago
whinis's Avatar
I think we can get fully speed if written correctly, The ps3's cell processor is a lot more powerful than most game developers have made it seem, However it requires coding very different than what we are used to today as the processor does physics and graphics.

It would be interesting to see if the pcsx team could get power out of it that even sony seems to fail at getting.

#22 - drLipton - 237w ago
drLipton's Avatar
Will we be able to emulate the ps2 and dc and be able to get full speed out of it on a ps3? I'm not really sure about that...

I will be happy if we can play n64 at full speed

#21 - ragnar - 237w ago
ragnar's Avatar
finally no need to hunt down old 60gb ps3s for exhorbinant prices!


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