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September 2, 2011 // 9:02 pm - Today the Spanish PlayStation 3 developer dospiedras1973 who recently revealed both the PS3 Firmware 3.6x Downgrade via Infectus and PS3 3.7x Downgrade for Slims and Fats with NOR Flash has discovered what he believes may be a new PS3 METLDR revision in a CECH-2504 console (shipped with 3.60 Firmware) that blocks downgrading.

Below are his findings, roughly translated: New revision of blocks metldr downgrade for that guys, I found a console factory cech2504 with fw 3.60 and I found this:

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In Plaintext:
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The console in question was a cech2504 with Datecode 1B. I guess that's where that will forward all Datecode and not downgrade for the moment

Lookin through the notice and the toil of extracting the rules and be 6 hours trying the downgrade in different ways

New PS3 METLDR Revision in CECH-2504 May Block Downgrading

New PS3 METLDR Revision in CECH-2504 May Block Downgrading

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#4 - shummyr - September 3, 2011 // 6:15 am
shummyr's Avatar
All that they are doing is giving a minimum version that you can downgrade to.

#3 - HeyManHRU - September 3, 2011 // 5:08 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Ok Thanks.

#2 - Ezio - September 3, 2011 // 5:06 am
Ezio's Avatar
Sure, you can downgrade only in accordance with minimum supported firmware of your ps3.

#1 - HeyManHRU - September 3, 2011 // 3:58 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
So does this mean the E3 flasher will not work on these new consoles?

Anyways, I hope dospiedras1973 can find a way past this.